Appeals Court Upholds Net Neutrality in 2-1 Vote

net neutrality

Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals voted in a 2-1 margin to uphold Net Neutrality, making Internet service a utility. This new ruling will help prevent Internet Service Providers from slowing down or blocking Internet content to consumers.

“After a decade of debate and legal battles, today’s ruling affirms the commission’s ability to enforce the strongest possible Internet protections — both on fixed and mobile networks — that will ensure the Internet remains open, now and in the future,” F.C.C. chairman, Tom Wheeler said.

The ruling comes after a lengthy battle between the government and certain broadband companies who believe the F.C.C. was overstepping its boundaries and in turn harming their business.

We have been very vocal at No-IP about our support for an open Internet.

The Internet is the core of our business. Without equal access we cannot continue to provide the best service possible to our users,” Marketing Manager Natalie Goguen said. “We believe today’s ruling is a positive step in the fight to give all Americans equal access to Internet content.”

What Does This Ruling Mean?

This ruling reclassifies broadband under Title II of the Communications Act. Under Title II, broadband will be regulated similarly to utilities like water and power. Broadband will now be recognized as a telecommunications service, which gives the F.C.C. the right to prevent companies from creating Internet fast and slow lanes. This means ISPs are not allowed to charge certain companies more money in order to deliver content to their users. 

“Today’s ruling…ensures the internet remains a platform for unparalleled innovation, free expression, and economic growth,” Wheeler said. 

We celebrate this victory and the appeals court’s decision to keep the Internet free and open.

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  1. Joe Goddard

    A great move to stop those who did not create and do own the internet from expropriating it for their own profit.

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