Common Router Setup Guides

We recently added a few more common router setup guides to our support section. These new guides cover the task of setting up port forwarding on your home cable/dsl common router. For a lot of people, setting up port forwarding can be a daunting task if they have never done it before. With our new guides, you can easily walk yourself through the setup process with easy to follow screen shots and instructions.

We currently have a guide certain common routers including DLink, Linksys and NetGear routers. View the router tips in our Tips & Guides section.

Check back soon as we will be adding many more common routers to the port forwarding guide!

  1. Great blog entry, just what I was looking for, how to set up No-IP with a Netgear Router.

    Shame all we get is a 404!


  2. JCL

    this entry brings up – error 404! Page not found
    but there are some other too


  3. ddurrer

    Old, article… this has been updated.. sorry about that..

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