D-Link router woes

Recently No-IP has disabled all dns updates from D-Link routers to our main website www.no-ip.com. Over the past 3 years No-IP has supported the ability of these routers to perform updates to our dynupdate.no-ip.com host. We also allowed updates for people that incorrectly configured their router to point at www.no-ip.com. Unfortunately, traffic from these routers constitutes 50% of the requests our website receives and actions must be taken to reduce the impact from these misconfigured routers.

If you are using a D-Link router as your update client, please verify that your “Server Address” is dynupdate.no-ip.com and NOT www.no-ip.com. Also take the time to verify you still have the correct email address for the username and correct password and are running the most recent version of firmware for your router.

Users currently performing updates through www.no-ip.com will receive a “too many updates” error response. Adding salt to the wound, older D-Link routers do not listen to response codes (hence the insane amount of traffic) so at some point in the future we may begin blocking these at the connection level.

More information on configuring your D-Link router can be found over here.

  1. Gregory Maxwell

    I have a D Link router DI-524. would this router do the updates or is this router an older model than the DI-604 router?

  2. Hi, I have a dlink router – The router is a 640DSL and it comes with a no-ip client. I installed the v2.00 Au firmware which is one of the latest.

    The problem is that amongst the DNS servers I find three options:

    1) Disable ddsn
    2) http://www.no-ip.com
    3) http://www.dyndns.org

    I see that option 2 is the one that I currently use. So the firmware presents a page that differs on the one that you offer on your article. Is this the one that also bothers you ? If this is the case than advise better on the question.


  3. DI-604 f/w version 3.51 , 22 Nov 2004 works well, the later version 3.52 does not work at all with no-ip dyn update.

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