15 Million Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS Users

15 million usersWe are proud to announce that just this morning we hit 15 million users of our free dynamic DNS and managed DNS! We are the industry leaders in free dynamic DNS and one of the very few left. We pride ourselves in our company culture and our amazing and awesome support, when you call us, we answer!

Since 1999, our users have been spreading the word about No-IP and our awesome services that we offer. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for all of you, so thank you! Thank you for choosing No-IP as your dynamic DNS and managed DNS provider!


  1. Roger

    i Use No-Ip for private secure Mail

  2. Jake Sutherland

    I use No-IP for giving out links to clients/friends to show off my web design work from my local server. No-IP is great because of its simplicity. Congrats on the 15 million, that’s awesome! πŸ™‚

  3. Shafic

    Though am not fully registered,i use no ip site for reserch n school purposes.

  4. Alex Elkins

    Am I in?! πŸ™‚

  5. Alex Elkins

    Also, I love no-ip because it allows me to host a website on my server at home!

  6. Awesome! I remember when that number was single millions πŸ™‚ Glad you’re all still doing well.


  7. Jan Inge TrΓΈmborg

    I use no-ip for VPN and FTP. A lot easier to remember a static dns than a dynamic ip πŸ™‚

  8. I use it to access my remote cameras at home. πŸ™‚

  9. I love you no-ip! You make chaos manageable.

  10. I use no-ip for my Minecraft server!

  11. Rich W.

    Love no-ip since it allows me to run my own web server and have my mail redirected to a different port, plus it stores the mail for me if my server is down for a bit. Thanks!

  12. You opened up a new world for me, baby!

  13. For Blue Iris for now… my own cloud later. πŸ˜€

  14. From begining i want to say Congrats for your 15 millions of users… I love No-IP for so many reasons. I use it for a test webserver, testing client’s websites and giving them demos right from my computer, I know some who use it for game servers, ventrilo servers and teamspeak etc. Never have issues with extra lag when I’m gaming, and it doesn’t even make a connection when it’s not updating, so it’s not like it will eat up your bandwidth. W8 for that Shirt !! Thx

  15. I have been using NoIP for over three years and I have never had one problem. NoIp has let me host my websites without the need to worry about a static address. I started with the free plan and loved it so much I registered my first domain using NoIP.

  16. The easier fastest and economic way to manage all my clients and supervise their servers without interruption

  17. mainly use it for private stuff, sshing into my server for irc sessions etc. as well as simplifying the IP for gameservers i’m running. Keep up the good work all, <3.

  18. Andrey Z

    My ISP does not provide a “white” ip, and NO-IP – this is the best, in addition, a free service DDNS!

  19. sam

    Fast and reliable and easy to setup. A fan and customer for life.

  20. No-Ip has allowed me to have an alternative that is free to use with pay-options to upgrade when funds allow. I run my own server for college work (student webspace is only allowed 50 MB storage space and is unstable) but I also use it for blogging, game-related content, and for a personal music storage system. I’m glad I found No-IP when other free hosting sites have deleted my account for “no activity” or “not enough activity.” I’m not switching and the service is better than DynDNS. I have been recommending No-IP to friends and classmates.

  21. Chris

    I use it for personal connection to my home PC so I can access anything, anywhere. It’s a very dependable service.

  22. Matt Drown

    I use no-ip for my RAT (Remote Administration Tool) so that I can help people with their computer problems for free!

  23. Marc

    I have use NoIp for the past 4-5 and have been relying on their superb service since. I love their simple and easy to use interface for managing hosts and and the overall look and feel.

  24. Tom

    I use no-ip.com for all my websites. Am I too late for a t-shirt? Any chance of a second press run?

  25. Kevin

    You guys rock, that’s just a fact! I recommend you any chance I get. Congrats on 15 million users!

  26. Henry

    I use it to host a minecraft server so I can play with my kids.

  27. yolanda

    Good job guys! You helped me (many many times), and helped so many others!

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