Eight Keyboard Shortcuts To Work More Efficiently


If you aren’t using keyboard shortcuts, you should start now.

At first, shortcuts can seem like more work, but once you get the hang of them, they will save you so much time you will wonder why you haven’t always used them. The following are the top keyboard shortcuts that everyone should use, every day.

Control + C [Command + C on Mac]
Copy. This is the easiest way to copy text, an image, or file on your computer. Simply highlight what you would like to copy and hit the shortcut.

Control + X [Command + X]
Cut. After copying text, or to simply delete an entire sentence quickly, use this command.

Control + V [Command + V]
Paste. This shortcut will quickly paste the text, image, or file that you just copied.

Control + F [Command + F]
Find. If you are searching for a particular phrase or word within a document, web page, email, etc, you can easily use the find shortcut. This shortcut will bring up a small search box. Enter in what you are searching for and it will return all matches and highlight them within your document.

Control + T [Command + T]
Tab. Tabs are pretty much the bane of my existence on a web browser, mostly because I always have at least 30 of them open by noon, nonetheless, they are really useful. If you want to easily open a new tab, use this command.

Control + N [Command + N]
New Window. Instead of opening just a new tab, it will open an entirely new browser. In other applications such as word processor, or email it will open a new document, a new email, image, etc.

Control + S [Command + S]
Save. Saving a document couldn’t be easier. Use this command often to save yourself that “oh shoot!!” moment.

Control + A [Command + A]
Select All. After writing about the last command, I decided I should most definitely stop writing this post from within WordPress. [Something terrible always happens, and I have to start all over. An all too common “oh shoot” moment for me] So, I quickly hit Command + A and then pasted the text into a word processor application with Command + V. Crisis quickly averted.

I use all of these shortcuts constantly. What are your favorite and most useful keyboard shortcuts?


  1. Bealeki

    Control + Enter
    Adds ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ to any word typed into the browser address bar. Must save me a thousand keystrokes a day!

  2. Geoff Os

    Ctrl + Home
    Jump to the top of the page

    Ctrl + End
    Jump to the end of the page

    Ctrl + Tab
    Switch between tabs

  3. B

    Ctrl + Z

  4. lawrence

    Selects tabs in order that they are on screen.

  5. JJ

    Ctrl+P to open print dialog

  6. Windows key+d button will show the desktop.
    Verry helpfull

  7. Kurt

    Top of the list: Alt + Tab to cycle through open windows. Use it cosntantly.

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