Free Subdomain / Hostname with Our Free Dynamic DNS

Did you know that with No-IP Free Dynamic DNS, you don’t need to worry about your annoying dynamic IP address anymore?

Our Free DDNS points a free subdomain (hostname) to your dynamic IP address. This means you don’t need to remember your IP address or worry about it changing when you are leaving the house. It also means that you don’t need to give your IP address out in order for people outside your network to access your network, you simply give them your free subdomain / hostname and that’s that.

Our free Dynamic Update Client (DUC) is a small piece of software that you run on your computer to keep your hostname/subdomain updated with your current IP address. Our free Dynamic Update Client is an awesome solution for users of devices that do not have No-IP as an integrated dynamic DNS solution.

Many of our users use their Free Dynamic DNS to access their computers remotely, run a FTP server at homemonitor an IP camera on the go and so many other cool uses. Are you currently a user of our Free Dynamic DNS service? What is your favorite thing about No-IP? What would you change about our Free Dynamic DNS?


  1. This is a very nice service, but am I the only one having trouble on where to go to update your DDNS? I havent seen the feature anywhere.

  2. Have you downloaded our Dynamic Update Client?

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