Get Treated not Tricked this Holiday Season!

It’s Halloween, which means you and your little goblins are prepping for a night of fun filled tricks, treats and maybe even a little scare!

You scoured website after website looking for decorations, treats and a costume you weren’t sure existed, because your daughter wanted to be a scuba diver this year. You finally found the perfect site and filled your cart to the brim because “TODAY and Today Only Every Item is 50% Off”. You paid, selected your shipping method and clicked purchase…but you never received a confirmation email. You go back to the site the next day and it is gone. You were scammed.

This is a scenario many people experience, especially over the holiday season. We all are looking for the best deals, fastest deliveries and the least amount of hassle possible during the holidays and scammers are ready and waiting to cash in by of offering out of this world savings! So how can you avoid getting tricked this holiday season? Check out these tips for avoiding scams!

Always Shop with Reputable Companies: Do your research. Is this a company you have heard of and trust? If not chances are it is a pop up store hoping to prey are your frugal nature. These, here to day and gone tomorrow businesses are growing in popularity especially during Halloween and other consumer holidays. Stick to stores you know, websites you have visited before and companies you trust. You may pay a little more in the end, but you can be rest assured you are getting the items you purchased.

Check the Website’s Internet Security: Before you buy something from a website make sure they have the proper HTTPS security setting. This means that the website is more secure because and extra layer of encrypted data exists and is used for authentication purposes.

Watch for Phishing: Theses types of scams are created for the sole purpose of stealing your money. The scammer can use these types of emails, pop-up windows or links to install malignant software on your computer or to make you submit personal information to them. Remember if it  seems too good to be true, it probably is. Never give your information over to someone under the pretense of getting something from them later and NEVER click on links sent from email addresses or people you don’t know. Tip: Hover over links sent to you via email, this will reveal where that link truly being sent. If the links do not match then chance are it’s a scam.

Be Prepared: The best way to avoid holiday scams is to plan ahead and make sure you are staying up to date on the latest reported scams. You can find a list of current scams by simply going to the Federal Trade Commission’s Scam Alerts Page. Scams can and will happen to everyone but by following these simple tips you are much less likely to fall victim to them.

From all of us at No-IP Have a Happy Halloween and a wonderful holiday season!