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We will be giving away No-IP Gear including,  t-shirts, No-IP Enhanced, free domain registrations and a bunch of sweet No-IP stickers randomly. We will announce the 10 winners here, on our blog, Wednesday morning.

Enjoy and Viel Glück! (Good Luck!)

  1. Sultan Mustafijul Hoque

    The services are simply awesome . . . !!

  2. Without no-ip i wouldn’t be able to find my computer again 🙂

  3. NO-IP es muy genial y efectivo ya que te redirecciona muy rápido a mi sitio web con una IP dinamica y lo mas importante es que es gratis

  4. Benedict Acosta

    simple service with unlimited possibilities. . that’s what No-IP can provide. .

  5. Soufyane Bouchaala

    no-ip services are nowhere else!

  6. no-ip is awesome! I can access my entire computer from anywhere in the world at any time, hassle free. If I had some sweet no-ip gear/services, I would tell all my friends about why they have to use no-ip too! 🙂

  7. Mohit

    I really love no-ip because it provides me with the best service..Its like i don’t have a static I.P n I have it 🙂 Hats off to the team behind providing us with such an awesome service Hi5!

  8. Been using no-ip for many years, i’ve yet to have a single problem with it. Works Awesome!

  9. Zach truong

    No-ip is simply awesome. I used no-ip for personal and a client with helping her with her business solution. Ease of use and i dont think i will use anything else to replace no-ip.

  10. David Z

    Very useful and easy to use! Thanks!

  11. Absolutely the best! I’ve been using it every day and never had any problems!

  12. Charles Farence

    NO-IP is simple to use and it works perfectly. Without it I wouldn’t be able to find my servers. If I had some gear it would be easier to tell other about the awesome service no-ip has.

  13. Ahmad Razi

    NO-IP helps me access my files remotely quickly and easily!

  14. Josh Sigstad

    No-IP works great for free domain redirection!

  15. James

    No-IP is fast and no hassle.

  16. Rechu

    I have been using NO-IP for years without any problems. Linux client noip2 is really simple to use on my home server – everything works great.

  17. Roger

    NO-IP Rules! Best DNS provider that i ever tryed!

  18. I have been using No-IP for years to run my websites…

  19. great service and very easy to setup. I’m able to route my own VPN server using NO-IP.org redirecting service. Now I’m able to serve the web securely in public wifi like Starbucks. They have free ip redirect service but even the yearly fee is not that high. I just sign up a 2 years enhanced upgrade for $15. Great deal!

  20. i love no-ip can use it for some meany things from games to RDP nameserver and loads more keep up the good work i wish i could make a system like yours its so gr8

  21. alejandro muñoz

    No ip is a great service, thanks to no-ip

  22. No-ip is a great service. I started using free DNS service and then decided to register a domain name using No-ip. I have yet to have a problem connecting to my server even thought it’s behind a dynamic IP. As far as I can tell No-IP is the best bang for the buck!

  23. Kjetil

    No-IP is the best way to find home in the waste space called “the internet”.

  24. Andrey

    very high quality service!

  25. Easy way to build a private cloud!

  26. Rajat

    The services provided by no-ip are just too good.

  27. Sal

    The fastest and easiest service. Ever.

  28. If you want a “static” IP address! Just install the NO-IP client software and book your free domain ending with no-ip.org 🙂 And access your network from anywhere and anytime 🙂
    P.S: Don’t forget to make the proper port forwarding configuration 😉

  29. Joe

    Been with u since 2005 and referred many ppl. Great site and very much needed!

  30. Johan

    When you just something to Work ™ look no further

  31. Haitam

    Simply the best solution to have
    a static address for your machines.

  32. I love the simplicity of the services that No-Ip offer. My website is always available & I have backup mail redundancy….. Simply Awesome. Thanks No-Ip.

  33. Vlad Barabas

    We are special! Your services it’s very easy to use and all the time UP!

  34. Rob Rix

    What can I say, I have used a few other alternative sites, none as easy nor as clear in their help. I made the free option but I want the full paid for option as I can see so many possibilities. Already I have 2 other clients who want the services.

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