Happy Birthday No-IP!


That’s right, it is our birthday today, lucky number 13! We want to celebrate with all of our users who have helped us get here by offering a giveaway! Just answer the following question for a chance to win. The first 20 users to answer will win a No-IP t-shirt!

Tell us how long you have been using No-IP and what you use us for.

The winners are as follows:

Claudio Antonelli
Karl Håkansson
Ivan Tomovic
Robert Hedell
Jimmy Utterström
David T Connolly
Charles Farence
Ezzine Karim
Andrey Z
Erik Vonderscheer
Grant W
Pedro Chavez Gomez
Sebastian M
Cleber Medina

Congrats! If you are one of the winners, please email ngoguen-giveaway[at]no-ip[dot]com with your T-Shirt size and mailing address.

  1. I use NO-IP from 2003 and I use for create a personal FTP space (a prehistorical cloud computing) 🙂

  2. I’ve been using NO-IP for over 3 years, and I use to hide my IP, but mostly get a static IP, as I don’t pay for one.

    I love No-IP and I will continue to use this amazing service!

    Thanks for everything you guys have done!

  3. Ivan Tomovic

    I use you for 3 years now and i use it to have access to my NAS from the Internet.

  4. Robert Hedell

    4 years

  5. Robert Hedell

    4 years and I mainly use it to be able to contact my server when on the road 🙂



  7. Jimmy Utterström

    I’ve been using No-ip actively for about 1 year now and I will definately continue to use your services! 🙂

  8. Jimmy Utterström

    I’ve been using No-ip actively for about 1 year now and I will definately continue to use your services! 🙂
    And I’m mainly using you for hosting a personal domain of mine 🙂

  9. I have use NO-IP for about two years.
    I use for create my FTP,HFS,HTTP,mail,Proxy and Minecraft server. =)

    It is very convenient !

  10. I’ve been using no-ip’s services for years and have started using them for domain registration as well. Adios godaddy!

  11. I have five months using no-ip and I really like what use to be domains. Com. Net etc etc and Services The hosting offer to my clients and domains.

  12. Over 2 years now. Use it to host exchange server, and apache webserver. Plus gain remote access to my servers.

  13. Sotirios

    Using for years to contact my DVR on the road!

  14. Jason

    about a month for Minecraft servers and an apache2 webserver

  15. Ezzine Karim

    Over 3 years now i use no-ip , it help me to do many project , so i want to say thanks all no-ip team

  16. Andrey Z

    I use No-IP 2 years. Excellent service, not what DynDNS, which drifted into full commercialization.

  17. 9 years, since 2003! I use No-IP for domain registration and redirection. Thanks.

  18. Grant W

    I’ve been using No-IP for 2 or 3 years now, to access files, a subversion server and an apache server from my home PC. Thanks for providing such a great service!

  19. jack

    I’ve been using No-ip for about 2 years.
    I use it to access to my FTP server.

  20. We use, to connect to all offices around Peru of own company… It really works!!!

  21. Sebastian M

    I have used No-IP for about two years now, I mostly use it for my Minecraft servers.

  22. I use no-ip since 2002, in many clients that doesnt have a fixed ip and I aways use the enchanced version. Thanks.

  23. Paolo

    I use no-ip for 1 year! I’m using it for personal space for my project! ^_^ happy birthday! ^_^

  24. steve warner

    I use no-ip to have the url for a civ mp gave I host and also it simplifies the sharing of files between two computers in a personal home network by using host file.

  25. I lost my account and this is the message I received today when I tried to log in:

    “Your account has been disabled for violating the No-IP Terms of Service.”

    This acc is 9 years old. It has domain in it, which I registered. It’s disabled now (registered, but redirects to nowhere), and locked, i think, in that acc..?

    What needs to be done to bring back this acc? How to “unban” it?

    And maybe there’s an option to buy that domain?

    Please answer…

    Thank you.

  26. You can check out our Terms of Service here: http://www.no-ip.com/legal/tos.php. If you feel that you have done nothing to break our TOS, please open a support ticket to dispute the ban. Thanks!

  27. Catalin Mircescu

    Same problem like @jurgis
    After many years of use No-IP now I receive this when I try to login “Your account has been disabled for violating the No-IP Terms of Service. ”
    I dont do nothing, same setting like years ago.

    What happening ?
    I mail to support but no answer.

    I use free account for access my ftp server.

    Please answer


  28. I have use NO-IP for about 1 years.
    I use for create my FTP,HFS, and Minecraft server

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