Introducing No-IP’s Newest Product…Managed Access

What is Managed Access?

The Managed Access platform provides remote access via Dynamic DNS on your custom domain.  There is no hardware required as No-IP is already integrated in most internet connected devices. We make security installations easy by streamlining hostname setup and providing your on-site technicians with Dynamic DNS and Port Forwarding support. You can provide your clients with the remote access they need, under your own branded portal, all powered by one of the world leaders in Dynamic DNS.

Purchase three levels of access…

The Admin Panel  is the home-base of Managed Access. Designed specifically to make the management of DDNS easy for manufacturers, dealers,  distributors and their administrators. Here you can create, edit, or delete hostnames. You can also update your IP address, reset a password, or send yourself an email with credentials for each hostname you are managing, all on demand.

The Client Panel provides your customer a branded web portal to create a custom hostname for their device under your own domain. With a customizable welcome page, success notification and credential verification there is no better way to promote your company and increase customer loyalty.

The Installer Panel allows you to create limited access for your installers; enabling them to create a hostname for a client without giving them access to any other accounts or master credentials. Once they add a hostname, they receive a notification saying it was created successfully. Combined with the added security of unique credentials you can protect the privacy of your account and your clients information.

Unprecedented Support Options

With Managed Access you can add installation support to your account allowing you, or an installer, to call one of our support technicians while on site. They can help with Port Forwarding and DDNS set-up, or take over remotely and complete the DDNS set up for you or your installers.

How does Managed Access Work?

Managed Access gives you the ability to quickly create a custom hostname for your client with their own unique credentials. No-IP’s trusted network supports your own domain with a branded portal for your clients to access their devices remotely; giving your company the edge in customer service and brand recognition.

From small to large, the industries leading companies rely on our platform to give customers remote access to their devices worldwide.

Ready to provide top tier services for your clients? Learn more about Managed Access or ready to contact us? Give us a call, +1 775-360-2259, or email us at

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