No-IP Announces Uptime Innovations in the Wake of Recent Events

At No-IP, our biggest concern has always been providing the best, most reliable service possible. Over the years we have worked hard to mitigate the numerous risks posed by malicious actors on the internet, from collocating multiple DNS nodes throughout the world to purchasing advanced server technology to guard against threats.

We work hard to protect our 100% uptime record, and our DNS servers have never been down or unable to serve DNS traffic. However on June 30th 2014, we learned about a new type of threat from a direction we had not anticipated.

In response, we are proud to announce initiatives that will help to ensure our customer’s service will remain uninterrupted regardless of the outside influence of a single government or corporation.

We have recently released a series of European top level domain’s to our free domain name infrastructure. Users can not only enjoy the security of knowing that their hostname is on the largest and most stable Dynamic DNS infrastructure, but under a governmental authority of their own choosing.

In addition, we have also diversified nameservers, which allows us to spread the risk of a single registry/national breakdown to have less impact on the system as a whole.

Should we ever experience an outage for a domain, we have instituted a method whereby appending 7 characters to the end of an existing domain will allow that hostname to resolve, regardless of the status of the original domain. For example if were to stop resolving, adding to the end of the host ( would then allow it to resolve to the original location.

Additionally, No-IP has become involved in the legislation development process around cyber crime and malware as it moves through the United States Congress.

No-IP would sincerely like to once again thank all of you, our loyal customers. We hope we have been able to address any concerns you may have moving forward. Please reach out with your comments and suggestions on how we can better serve you.