No-IP, Not Just a Dynamic DNS Provider

In 1999, No-IP started out as a dynamic DNS provider, working to bring you the best DNS in the world. Over the years, it has branched out into other areas, while continuing to make Dynamic DNS its biggest focus. Not only does No-IP offer the world’s best free Dynamic DNS, but it has an array of other products that can be used along with its DDNS. What are they? Read on to find out.

Domain Registration

No-IP is an iCANN accredited domain registrar, and offers domain names for as low as $15 a year. Currently, you can create domains using the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .tv, .cc, .ws, .us, .mobi, .me and .co Top Level Domains. Domain names allow you to create personalized websites, hostnames for your Dynamic DNS account and email addresses. To see if the domain you want is available for purchase click here. To use Dynamic DNS with your domain you will need to purchase No-IP’s Plus Managed DNS

Email Services

Email is an essential part of interacting in today’s Internet enabled community. Having your own domain name for your email not only sets you apart from the masses, but fills your friends and customers with a sense of reassurance in your technical abilities. No-IP’s POP3 /IMAP has all the features you need for useful and reliable email service for your domain. POP3/IMAP email includes virus and spam filtering, webmail access when you’re on the go, up to 2GB of storage space and 500 accounts.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates show your customers that your website is safe to input their credit card information and other personal data. With a Geotrust SSL from No-IP you can make sure you, and everyone who comes to your website has peace of mind. No-IP offers three different SSL certificates. A Geotrust Quick SSL is ideal for any website, intranet or extranet conducting low volume, or low dollar value secure online transactions, while a Geotrust Premium SSL works for those who conduct a medium to high volume of sales online. You can also purchase a Wildcard SSL if you need unlimited hostnames attached to your domain. 


No-IP offers two monitoring options, Basic Monitoring and Advanced Monitoring. Basic monitoring checks up to 10 services every 15 minutes and notifies you if the service is down. Advanced Monitoring checks up to 20 services every five minutes and notifies you if the service is down. Advanced Monitoring is compatible with our Plus Managed DNS service for fail over support; automatically failing over to a preset IP, web redirect or offline page.

From Domain Registration to Monitoring, No-IP offers services to help your business create a safe and professional online presence. What services do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Your email subject is <March Newsletter +SAVE $4 On Any Service" but I find no coupon code and when I tried to order an upgrade and went to checkout, it asks for a coupon code — no automatic discount. Did you forget something or did I completely miss it?


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