No-IP’s Advanced API Now Featured in NETGEAR Routers

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RENO, NV — November 1, 2013 — No-IP, the world’s largest free dynamic DNS provider, has teamed up with NETGEAR®, Inc. to release the next generation of integrated dynamic DNS.

No-IP’s new integrated dynamic DNS feature provides instant remote access to a local network, camera, game server, website, home automation, and more via a friendly, easy to remember hostname.

“Dynamic DNS has been around for over 15 years, but it still can be a confusing process for the end user,” said Dan Durrer, Chief Technical Officer of No-IP. “The integration of the advanced API is the natural progression for internet connected devices. It makes the Dynamic DNS process easier and more streamlined, since the entire process is configured from within the device itself. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner for our initial release than NETGEAR, it was a seamless cooperation from beginning to end.”

Traditional dynamic DNS solutions require the user to register an account at an external website, choose a hostname and then input those credentials into their network device or software client. With No-IP’s latest IDDNS release the client never leaves their device, except to verify their email address, saving time and reducing errors. Dynamic DNS gives you the advantages of a static IP address even if your IP is dynamic. With No-IP, you create an easy to remember hostname. This hostname is what you type into your browser to connect to your devices remotely.

“We are excited to be selected by NETGEAR as their preferred DDNS provider. Users have been requesting these features for a long time and we expect the response from to be very positive,” said Durrer. “Although we offer users our Dynamic Update software for free, users always prefer to use us as an integrated option. We know they will like how easy it is to manage and create new hostnames and the fact that users can have a hostname on the domain will be an added bonus.”

The newly released R7000 is NETGEAR’s new flagship router, and will be the first to feature No-IP’s next generation advanced dynamic DNS functionality. No-IP will be included in future releases of NETGEAR routers and firmware releases as well.

More Information

Learn more about No-IP integrated dynamic DNS for routers and other devices. Check out the NETGEAR R7000 router. Learn more about No-IP dynamic DNS or managed DNS services. Also, download our OEM Partners White Paper to learn more.

About No-IP

For over 14 years, No-IP has been offering the best and most affordable Dynamic and Managed DNS solutions. Our robust Anycast Network with points of presence in 11 different world class facilities across the globe guarantees our 100% Uptime, because let’s face it, there are no upsides to downtime. No-IP is the preferred choice for users on the Internet for dynamic DNS compared to smaller, less reliable alternatives. Our DNS Experts will ensure that your website is fast, reliable and always available, guaranteed.

  1. GzyOnline

    I’m new to I have a Netgear router.. I previously used a different dynamic DNS service.. with that prior service, I was able to simply select the service provider in my router’s settings and save my user/pass, to keep my IP updated. Now with, they want me to install a client (DUC for Windows).. I’d like to know if I can simply input my user/pass as I did before? However, in my router’s settings, noip is not available to select as a service provider…?

  2. If your Netgear router supports No-IP you would just select us in the drop down and input your credentials. This will keep your hostname updated and removes the need to download our Dynamic Update Client.

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