A Message From Our CEO – Dan Durrer

A message from our CEO
As you certainly know by now, on Monday control of our most popular domain names were seized. As a result, millions of hostnames have gone dark and millions of our users have been put out of service.

We have been throwing everything we have at getting you back online with the least possible delay. For legal reasons, we have been restricted from reaching out to you, but we simply cannot stay quiet any longer. We are very close to a resolution and we will update you with more information as soon as we can.

We hear your overwhelming support on social media and would like you to know that we share your frustration. Thank you so much for your support! #FreeNoIP

Dan Durrer
Owner and CEO

Why is this happening?
You can also read our formal response on our blog to comment and share on Facebook and Twitter.

If you do not want to wait for the domains to come back online, you can use this solution to resolve the issues. You can create a new hostname on a domain that has not been seized by Microsoft. The following domains are free and working:


To create a new hostname, login to your No-IP account and click on the Hosts/Redirects tab. Click “Add a Host”. Type in your hostname and choose one of the working domains.

Have any questions or comments? Please do not hesitate to open a Support Ticket or give us a call at 775.853.1883, but please understand that we are under heavy call/ticket volume and it may take more time than usual to get back to you.

  1. Kyle

    let users noip alone and the microsoft fix their products.

  2. michelle

    It would seem to me an online petition is in order to restrict microsofts control over the courts.

  3. Dena

    I have a paid no-ip account because I don’t use the account very often and updating it every month was a pain and sometimes hard to do. Hopefully you will get the domains back soon but in any case I am sticking with you so do what you can. You should consider suing Microsoft for interfering with your operations and not following standard procedure in contacting you for assistance.
    I use Apple products but I have just spent a week finding a problem in Microsoft’s backup system. This is a problem that existed in XP and from what I can see, still exist today. I am not impressed with Microsoft but I am impressed with no-ip.
    Keep us posted with updates as somebody who is informed will be more likely to wait out a fix than somebody who has no knowledge of what’s going on.

  4. Jim

    My site is up and working again as of July 3.

  5. I agree with Dena, it has been over 24 hours since the last update and I have been constantly checking the blog.
    Wishing they would post and eta, this is greatly affecting statistics and traffic to my site.

  6. Sue those bastards! This is corporatist fascism!

  7. Rob

    Hard to sue when it was a judge who gave Microsoft the OK to do so.

    The simplest way to retaliate would to be find an equally pliable judge and return the favor to MS by seizing hotmail/outlook/live citing how it is Windows with its security vulnerabilities that allows viruses to spread.

    Sadly the chances of that happening are about zilch.

  8. All domains up and running here now. Hope you throw the book at them!

  9. Marc

    Rob, in all likelihood the settlement precludes the possibility of a countersuit. But if it didn’t, and if the proposed takedown procedure that MS presented to the judge was as stated by Natalie, i.e. to only disable offending hostnames, then NoIP would have a pretty viable case for loss of revenues / impugnment of image. Of course it’s doubtful that NoIP would spend large sums of money to recoup these. It’s better to let somebody with deeper pockets carry the torch (of whom there are likely to be many more to come).

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