Update: Details on Microsoft Takeover

Earlier today, we released a joint statement with Microsoft announcing the settlement of the unprecedented and overreaching seizure of 23 of our domains. We are thrilled to announce the settlement of this dispute and are excited to return to work connecting our 18 million users to their website and devices.

How did this happen?
On Monday, June 30, 2014, Microsoft obtained a US court order to take control of our most popular domain names used by both our Free and Enhanced Dynamic DNS services. As a result, nearly 5 million hostnames went dark and 1.8 million customer websites and devices became unreachable.

Why did this happen?
Microsoft suspected some of our customers were abusing our service for malicious purposes. However, instead of reporting the malicious activity to our abuse department or law enforcement, Microsoft decided to secretly sue us in civil court.

By filing an ex parte temporary restraining order (TRO), No-IP was prevented from having any knowledge of the case or offering any support in stopping malicious activity. Had Microsoft submitted evidence of abuse at any time, No-IP would have taken swift action to validate the claims and ban any accounts that were proven to be malicious. Instead, Microsoft wasted many months while malicious activity continued.

To state this as emphatically as possible — this entire situation could have been avoided if only Microsoft had followed industry standards. A quick email or call to the No-IP abuse team would have removed the abusive hostnames from the No-IP network.

Microsoft cited 22,000 hostnames that were abusive. Out of those 22,000 seized hostnames, the No-IP abuse department found only a fraction of the hostnames to still be active, which means that many had already been banned through our existing abuse procedures.

Microsoft promised the judge they would only block the hostnames alleged to be malicious and would forward all the remaining traffic for the non-abusive hostnames on to No-IP. This did not happen. The Microsoft DNS servers were misconfigured and failed to respond to our usual volume of billions of queries a day.

On July 1 at 6:00 AM, Microsoft claimed to resolve this error and reported that all domains were fully operational.

As depicted below, their claim was false.

Domains begin to be restored
On July 2, immediately after being contacted by No-IP and its attorneys, Microsoft agreed to contact the domain registries and have them return control of the domains to us before the court ordered them to do so. On that day, 22 of the domains were returned to No-IP. On July 3rd, the last domain was returned as well. Service returned to normal for our users within 24 hours of the domains being pointed back at our nameservers. The delay was due to the time it takes for DNS to propagate worldwide.

While we are extremely pleased with the settlement terms, we are outraged by Microsoft’s tactics and that we were not able to completely and immediately restore services to the majority of our valuable customers that had been affected.

At No-IP, we are firm believers that the Internet should be free and open. We will continue to fight for the rights of our users and our business. Moving forward, we have provisioned a solution that will reduce the risk of domain seizures. We will talk more in-depth about this in the coming days.

A Million…Actually, Many More…Thank Yous
Since 1999, our users have been spreading the word about No-IP and the helpful services that we offer.
From the entire team at No-IP we would like to send a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us throughout this crazy journey. Thank you for sticking with us, tweeting/commenting your support and pledging your support to us in the future. We wouldn’t be here today without you!
We would also like to give a big shout out to our amazing attorneys; Ron Green, our local counsel, from Randazza Legal Group and Mark Del Bianco, our attorney, from the Law Office of Mark Del Bianco. Thank you so much!

We hope that Microsoft learned a lesson from this debacle and that in the future they will not seize other companies domains and will use appropriate channels to report abuse.


Press Contact
Natalie Goguen • Marketing Manager

Media Requests
Dianne Gleason • Press Representative
+1 720-244-5546

  1. Thank you SO much for your service and support!

    I run a tiny website on my computer that gathers player ranking data from an online game I play and displays that info in an easy to read format with traceable history.
    Makes it super easy to find in game level hackers. See their level spike, report them.

    Without no-ip I would have to be giving out my ever changing dynamic IP over and over again so people who play the game could check my site for the player ranking data they want.

    You guys make it SUPER easy and best of all free to link my dynamic IP to an actual static website address. Without you, my website would not exist. So one million times thank you to you too!

    No-IP is the BEST!

  2. So Microsoft play “man in the middle” with millions of hostnames thanks to an American judge who didn’t care about privacy?
    Am I missing something or this is the creepiest thing?

  3. stu

    Dearest no-ip.
    Apart from a webserver and ssh access to my home server, my most important use for a dynamic ip address is the ip cameras I use to monitor my aging mother. She is physically and mentally infirm whilst living alone close by, the cameras help me make sure she is ok without intruding too much. You can imagine how upset we were when M$ rattled our cages.
    We have been using an enhanced service from you for the past 10 years and found you to be very consistent and reliable, up until last week, however I hardly blame you guys. Thank you for the quick response in alternative domain names during the “debacle” as you call it helping us maintain contact, and also for this update in the story.


  4. Jeremy James

    Guys, thank you for the great service you’ve been offering over the years. I felt very sorry for you, not only because i and some of my customers were affected by this mess, no i felt so sorry for you because again this was a case of a huge bullyish company acting in a unbelievable way against a small company, which would never ever have the financial ressources to fight against something like that. That is what makes me so sad: given enough financial power you can more or less ruin any smaller company if you throw enough lawyers at them and simply keep them busy defending themselves.

    i hope that you guys do not have too much financial loss caused by this shit. i will continue to be a paying customer for your services!
    best regards from germany

  5. dikitinduar@gmail.com

    i love noip

  6. pless active my host

  7. Until now i still cant log in to my server, i just want to know , when it can be open back to normal, its a very serious case … My company can even operated without this domain … Please help … Please help … Im lossing my money everyday … Why microsoft do this kind of thing ???!!!

  8. Alex

    Absolutely fantastic! Well done guys! Amazing how swiftly you were able to restore service whilst up against a giant like Microsoft.

    Whist I do have some hostnames on the free domains I mainly use your paid services, and didn’t experience any outage, had I been using only the free ones, I would have had a real problem.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. An0nYm0uS

    A settlement was made between you and them, how exactly does this help the customers that lost money due to the down time caused by them? Any helpfully insight on what affected customers should do? Should we have our lawyer contact no-ip or microsoft?

  10. David Davies

    I am in America and I use noip to view my property back home in uk and I was shocked that my cameras went down however it turns out it’s my noip that has failed bad practice

  11. Roger

    Glad it’s over, and thank you for the prompt response. While I’m glad that Microsoft seems to have seen the error of their ways, that does little to redress the harm they caused to my little business. I hold U.S. District Chief Judge Gloria Navarro ultimately responsible for issuing the temporary restraining order without understanding the impact and (apparently) not pushing back on the attorneys who filed the ex parte motion. If a company such as Microsoft can just walk into a courtroom and convince a judge to disrupt service to millions of customers, the entire system is broken.

  12. houssamjoker

    Thanx No-IP

  13. J

    Sue them!!! They would….

  14. marble5

    What a horrible, horrible lapse in judgement on the part of MS. How can this even happen? This must have gone through several groups and departments, through several levels of management, and nobody stopped it and said hey, maybe this is not the best way? It blows my mind. How can MS be made to pay? I would cry if I lost my noip hosts, because I always prefer using noip over any other provider, and I have no plans of moving away from noip, ever.

  15. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it,
    you’re a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog
    and may come back at some point. I want to encourage continue your great work,
    have a nice day!

  16. rajiv

    You guys rock!! been with you for years and have no plans what so ever to go anywhere. Thank you so much for all your amazing services and diligent customer support.

  17. More than 10 years working with you dynamic DNS service! help to keep me own multiple home locations under full monitor IP cams and share services between those locations.
    Again. Thanks No-IP.

  18. Thank you for the update.
    I use no-ip.org to aid my hobby that of amateur radio
    Without your service folk around the world could not log into my page
    Thank you.
    Keith Lloyd.

  19. Tom

    Sounds like you guys took a beating. :/

  20. I am probably not the first to think this–this action by Microsoft and its disruption of legitimate service to millions of hard working Americans and citizens around the world, beg for a class action lawsuite against them. Microsoft should pay for their abuse. It is like driving drunk, you knew or should have known and you pay the consequences.

  21. I hope

    I hope that microsoft will pay compensation to the victims. And the work of the no-ip makes “to hide” microsoft vulnerabilities..

  22. Michael Illingby.

    Just two words…

    You rock!


  23. Michael Souris

    “and it’s attorneys” should read “and its attorneys”
    Also graph should be labelled something like “failed queries by node” otherwise it is meaningless.
    You don’t describe the nature of the settlement – did Microsoft pay NO-IP, and are you able to disclose details?

  24. eli

    We have been using NO-IP for quite a long time on a number of remotely located machines. NO-IP had made access to these machines simple and hassle-free, despite the constantly changing IP addresses of these machines. We were devastated when suddenly we lost access! As we could not afford to wait, we switched the DNS names as you had suggested. Although this entailed a tremendous amount of work to update all of the machines (both the remote ones and the ones accessing the remote ones), the joy was that we were up and running again. We are very happy that NO-IP was successful against Microsoft, and we wish you tremendous continued success. And again, a huge (and well-deserved) thank you to you!

  25. Michael

    Thank you for providing an excellent service and for the regular updates regarding this issue.
    Will there be any legal actions taken against Micro$oft for failing to live up to their agreement of continued uptime for legit customers?

  26. Brad

    Agreed! Love no-ip and just learned I live a few blocks from the company headquarters, time to brush up my resume and see if they are hiring, maybe in the false fraud reporting department. Way shoot your own foot Microsoft.

  27. dannyv

    As a long time subscriber of no-ip who uses the service for private access to my ftp server and to remote desktop into my PC’s as an occupational tool. I found the actions of Microsoft to be ill thought out and unjustified which is the way they usually operate. I’m happy this got sorted out and I remain a loyal subscriber of NO-IP.

  28. Hello,

    IT security experts, including the neutral Kaspersky Lab, said Microsoft was right and they have shown No-IP just didn’t care whoever used the service, turning a blind eye to widespread cybercrime and cyber espionage activity. Lassez-fairez and anonymity cannot work in the global e-crime, e-spy and and e-terror era and Microsoft was right to impose order against anarchy! It was No-IP owners’ fault to try to maximize profits by running the shop with just ~14 employees, when 100+ would be needed to credibly screen the users, so the place does not become a bonanza for cybercrime and espionage that threatens the Free World.

  29. Chalz

    How ironic is it that I can migrate all our servers and desktops to Linux, but Microsoft STILL has control over everything? Besides no longer supporting them financially and supporting companies like yours that stand up to their tyranny, what can we do?

    Thanks for all the good work, No-IP!

  30. I think microsoft should leave alone the No-IP, considered one of the best Free dns services despite offering only 3 subdomains and not offer dns Own Domain (free) I still consider the best.

  31. Congratulations guys. Thanks for standing up for internet freedom and all your loyal customers like myself. I know the ordeal had to be costly and hope NOIP comes out of this stronger than ever. Keep up the great work!

  32. Marti

    Hopefully this a victory against the potential tyrants who try to usurp net neutrality. It definitely should establish some additional precedence to defeat those who really don’t understand Internet Security such as M$. Congrats again.

  33. anouar

    i still have “account has been disabled”
    how can i returned my account

  34. Jason

    As an IT consultant, we have many clients who use the NO-IP service for remote access. The reason we only recommend NO-IP is that it simply works without any issues EVER. It’s unfortunate the issue with Microsoft happened, however the fact that you guys take the time to constantly communicate whats happening with your customers is excellent. Thank you for the wonderful service, i have always been very happy with NO-IP and i don’t believe i will ever use another service similar to yours.

  35. Cronos

    And the settlement was? Did you get some compensation of Microsoft abuse? Or Microsoft saying sorry was enough?

    If there is going to be a lawsuit please let us know, I would join gladly.

  36. BigHead50

    I too really believe in a FREE and OPEN internet, Keep up the Great Work…

  37. Stefan

    “if only Microsoft had followed industry standards” … just must be kidding right?

  38. Michael Kennedy

    Please sue Microsoft over this. I was forced to move to another service and reconfigure a number of machines that were in service and difficult to gain access to. I won’t be able to use your service again until I’m able to migrate those PCs back and that won’t happen unless I can migrate them all at once. If a class action by your clients comes to happen I’d be happy to write up what Microsoft’s moves cost me in time and money.

  39. Using no-ip for my clients with dynamic addresses, I appreciate the timely work to resolve this issue. Microsoft may have ‘fixed’ things on their end but I would give it the usual 24-48 hour period to fully propagate. As with anything, reading between the lines goes much further than listening to both sides and never getting the full truth. I switched all my client hosts to another no-ip domain and have no intention to switching them back – I can only charge my clients once for this 😐

  40. Ross

    So glad everything has now returned to normal, and I really admire you guys for sticking up for yourselves.

    Microsoft abused its power, for sure here. The way they went about everything was totally wrong – they are the abusers in this case! I hope individuals and companies sue Microsoft for damages, as I don’t think they have a leg to stand on.

  41. I use NO-IP to get back to my computer if I am away from it for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, I didn’t need to do so whilst Microsoft followed the rules, played the game and went about their business in an orderly fashion, within the spirit of the law. Hold on a mo, my mistake… whilst Microsoft took out the twelve bore and once again, shot themselves squarely in the foot. People of the future will look back at the originals of computing and read about Microsoft and the analogy that they will use? Microsoft are akin to the Dinosaurs. Anyway, whinge over, good it see it all back in order and well done guys.

  42. David

    Well i really like No-IP and my modem also works with it 🙂
    And it’s also sad that Microsoft done such wrong thing i am really disappointed at them.

  43. Karl

    I think microsoft should pay damages to NoIP and it’s users. A class action lawsuit should be put in place.

  44. I host just a few pages, a few programs, but most importantly a page of xdelta patches which are downloaded through one of the programs. (no-ip hard-coded into EXE)
    I let M$ know my disgust with their tactics and the permanent scar they have tarnished me with.
    This ‘event’ means LOTS to me & it’s impact will echo for years.
    My full support guys, thanks SO much for the humble service you provide so many.
    Browsers have malicious page warnings – as do AV – Safe Browsing/ Anti / Spyware Malware programs/plugins, etc etc etc. So why, why, why ?
    To attack no-ip, outrageous, it’s beyond belief they even got away with it.
    I can only imagine 1% of the anguish this must have caused you all 🙁
    Keep up the great work !
    THANKS !

  45. vberna

    Gracias por compartir fantastico poder alojar algun archivo y poder disponer de el.
    Muchas gracias.Saludos y sean felices.

  46. very happy

  47. Mario Gloria

    En horabuena, es una lastima que una compañia que se dice grande con Microsoft se comporte como un vil ladron, en fin gracias a NO-IP por no ceder a caprichos de estas pobres grandes empresas

    un abrazo

  48. Fred Gruner

    You guys always provide a high level of service. I’m not shocked at Microsoft’s heavy handed tactics. They’ve always done this and it’s part of their corporate culture. I’m still upset that they were not broken up the way they should be have been after the DOJ ruling in the early 2000s.

  49. BigBrother

    When you talk about “settlement” can we be assured that Microsoft got hit with some sort of MAJOR financial penalty – as to dissuade them and anyone else from ever attempting to pull this sort of BS ever again? – I’d feel a LOT better about this knowing that Microsoft got hit for something like $10 per day, per domain/customer that was disabled – and then of course those funds should be in part shared back with US, your customers – if nothing else, in the form of service credits for the disruption to service and aggravation as a result of this.


  50. noonnee

    Aren`t you going after Microsoft for damages? I, personally, don`t expect to receive compensation for the downtime, but I`d like to know if you do (and then revert some of it to benefits for us, yours costumers)

  51. I am interested in pursuing the possibility of a lawsuit against Microsoft. Has No-IP considered this approach? Would No-IP support such a lawsuit?

    Clearly, there were thousands of people materially damaged by Microsoft’s actions. It seems to me that a class-action lawsuit my be fruitful.

  52. I’m still trying to figure out when Microsoft became part of the government. Cooperating with law enforcement is generally a good thing and something any citizen should do (unless, of course, some sort of abuse or corruption is involved, but that’s not what we’re talking about here). However, by going this route, they are just being the bully on the block.

    My needs just aren’t that great. I just want to connect to my camera when I’m not around. You guys make it possible without breaking the bank.

  53. No-IP is the best. I use two dynamic host names through No-IP to direct telnet traffic to my servers. The static IP address assigned with the host name URL’s is superb! I also use host name URL redirects to access security cams at my client’s businesses. All these solutions work with great success. Thanks No-IP for your dynamic host service!

  54. IYFTech

    Microsoft. The very word makes me want to wretch.

    What were they thinking? Why? Who do they think they are?

    A classic case of “How to lose friends & alienate people”.


  55. Fellipe Weno

    They can`t handle that volume of traffic I guess!

  56. We use no-ip.com for our website and we couldn’t recommend you guys more. Glad things finally got sorted out in the end.
    – Orange Amps Web guys

  57. George

    and what about a compensation from MelkoSoft?)

  58. m eyre

    I am a small company with a local in house pbx server that uses no-ip to make the connection between me and my voice gateway. My customers could not get access to my pbx or its services for the last few days so thanks Microsoft ! Thanks for all your help at no-ip

  59. Martin

    I think Microsoft should compensate the users of NO-IP for their expenses and losses that resulted from Microsofts actions.

  60. big

    all our security cmaeras went black! …

    I dont have more to say i guess

  61. Pathgeek

    Glad you’re tribulations have resolved. Glad when David (when in the right) beats Goliath.

  62. Thank you for all your effort.

  63. Anon

    You guys are the best.

    Micro$oft are pathetic sissies

  64. Sergio Gonzalez

    Sue Microsoft back for interrumpting the service without notice!

  65. Midller Rios

    Gosto muito dessa empresa e desses profissionais, sou Programador em Redes aqui no Brasil, e as empresas que dou suporte sempre indico a eles utilizarem o serviço desses profissionais que oferecem claramente e perfeitamente um bom serviço de ddns, muitos clientes não gostam de IPs fixo e preferem utilizar o Dinâmico e não fosse por vocês e o excelente trabalho que realizam não estaria a utilizar a mais de 8 anos os serviços indicando a eles pagarem também pelos serviços de vocês para terem mais proteção e segurança.

    Abraço a todos a equipe

  66. You quite simply make it possible for me to access security cameras around my business in the French Pyrenees – easily and effortlessly. Amazing service for which I’m really grateful – shame on Microsoft!

  67. Danny

    I am just a simple person uses your free service so I don’t know to what extent the benefits are of having a constant IP address. When you talk about “abuses” of your services, what type of abuses are meaning? Please reply with a brief description.

    Although I hadn’t heard anything about the actions of Microsoft through any update that you emailed out I am happy to hear that you overcame the obstacle they placed in your way.

    They have lousy support and the “We know best attitude”. Steve Ballmer was an idiot from day1.


  68. essi

    IMO you should counter sue MS for monetary damages, if their $$ is not affected, they will have no chance of learning a lesson

  69. As of 10-July-2014, the case “US-DIS-NVD 2:14cv987” shows as OPEN status. For some reason, documents 34-36 which were entered with no indication that they were sealed, are unavailable for download. It would be great if you could comment on the contents of the stipulated order and what machinations Micro$haft is performing with the Smith declarations (filings 35 & 36).

    You certainly do seem to have hit a nerve with M$ going public with a plea for others to involve themselves in the fight against cyberperfidy. Sadly, this episode has caused some columnists to characterize No-ip as “sketchy.” Although M$ may escape defamation claims from their court filings, I hope you nail them for libel for their press releases.

  70. gus

    Oh go on, tell us the terms of the settlement! MS must be mortally embarrassed. Bullies they are..

  71. Raj Phangureh

    Though this is not your fault, you lost me as a free user and potential customer when this happened. I ended up registering for a different dynamic dns service and re configured everything. It’s too bad. If you need a list of people you have lost as users, i hope you can get this info from people that no longer click the link to renew their service every 30 days. Microsoft should pay for your loss of active users.

  72. Andrós

    Good news that all is up and running noipers!

    But I’m afraid idiotic giants like Google, Microsoft and Google will just get more power over the internet as a whole – blocking and cheating in any way that suits them.
    Just like decentralization of power offline – this is a very firm warning that we’re desperately in need of decentralization of power online as well!!

  73. krikido

    Thank you SO much for your service and support!

  74. Bel

    Your service has been more of an opportunity for me to experiment and host a website from my home computer. It has been personally gratifying to do this and enjoyable to learn the process. When Microsoft took you down, they took me down as well. I asked myself how could this possibly happen. What did I do wrong. Hackers or no hackers, the internet must remain free. I felt personally violated by this act from Microsoft. Therefore I hope you are able to file a counter-suit against Microsoft and ram a big dick up their assholes. If someone doesn’t sue there ass and make them pay for damages, they will try to F**K us again and again.

  75. Cody

    While I agree Microsoft was out of line in not contacting No-IP first, No-IP should have been much swifter in shutting down malware distribution. Had No-IP been monitoring properly, Microsoft wouldn’t have needed to act. I’m actually glad to see that a large corporation like Microsoft took such aggressive action to protect it’s customers, but unfortunate that it hit legit No-IP users as well.

  76. Part of our business deals with being able to access our clients’ systems remotely. Thanks to you guys it is possible and easy.

    I am really disappointed to see Microsoft, the one who I’m sure that most of us business owners use, would react that way. Come on Microsoft, without us you would be nothing. Face it.

    Anyway keep up the good work you guys at no-ip!!!!!! I think we all need to say a million thank yous for your dedication and the hard work.

  77. JAD

    Thankyou very much all the hard work you put in on our behalf behind closed doors. Although it caused rather a hiccup it was handled by yourselves very quickly and courteously. I have to thank you as well for the regular updates keeping us all in the loop and for quickly pointing us to some alternative free domain names for the outage period. Caused a headache at the time for me but the users of my hobby forum are as eternally greatful as I am.

    Thankyou No-IP.

  78. Gilles

    Congratulations for surviving an attack from a multi-headed, bullying monster. You have shown honesty, strength, and restraint, all at the same time. Others, much bigger than you, were not so successful in the past.

    Microsoft behaves like many russian oligarchs, so it’s even dangerous to talk against them. I’ll stop here.

  79. Per

    Why don’t you sue M$?

  80. Leonel Gómez

    Thank you, you are the best. I´m very happy with your services and support, i knew you could handle this problem.

  81. Dick Rubbins

    The name of the judge that signed off on the garbage order should be publicized. What an embarrassment to the legal system as no due diligence was done. The judge and court system should be sued and penalized.

  82. Cody, you are glad to see a large corporation take aggressive action regardless of its effects to innocent bystanders. What happens when a large company decides to serve its best interests but its not just internet based. What happens when its more serious and lives are effected. This event probably cost businesses a couple million dollars but who cares if I am a serving the best interest of my company. This event is more than just “unfortunate”. This event provides a template for what is tolerated by large business, and what is acceptable legally in our country. You should move to a more communist country. You world view may be more accepted there.

  83. Kevin

    Glad to see a favorable resolution. I hope that settlement includes a significant financial component from Microsoft. They probably thought there would be no fight from a low cash company such as No-IP. I’m glad they were wrong.

  84. no-ip is a fighter for freedom and open-digital-accessibility.

    Thank you for struggeling so much against the billion-weight company “microsoft”. Which every release of their software “windows” the amount of code, which PREVENT users from doing something, increases. Hurting our free information rights – only for making much more money. It is so simple to prevent spamming – if they implement things like tls in imap for “windows live mail” or they decide to accept signing via gpg. But they want to go teir own way – and I think it’s the way to oblivion 🙂

    Ican give you a 100% “go” for getting positive results in the future! Be a partner of freedom – and the futur will be yours…


  85. anon

    I find it very strange that NO-IP seems to be putting all the blame with Microsoft. It seems that the blame lies primarily with the courts and judges that authorized Microsoft to temporarily steal the domains. Yeah, Microsoft was wrong. But Microsoft just said, “We want to take these domains; can we do it?” It was the judges who said, “Yes.”

  86. Gerald

    Why is the list of those 23 domains such a secret?
    I chose my domain amongst the hundreds that were available and you never gave me any chance to check if I even was affected by this because the 23 domains were never listed…

  87. Thanks for your support. Happy to keep using your services.

  88. MS is working really hard to be Apple. Thank goodness for Ubuntu and BlackBerry.

  89. George BOYD RATCLIFF

    Since when have Microsoft been the police of the internet? Their arrogance never ceases to amaze me! In an Ex Parte injunction you still have to go back to court to prove what you’ve done. And if you’ve not been correct in your claims the other party can get compensation – roast them!

  90. Alex

    Do you plan to “counter-sue” Microsoft? They made false claims (not to interfere with legit uses) and then did affect thousands of innocent users, harming your business.

  91. Jeff Smith

    Why does anyone even give Microsoft power to vaguely sieze that many domains like that? We (humans) rely too much on money and nonsense that might make money.

    Thanks No-IP for working to figure things out.

  92. Alldraku

    Thank you for your services! Information must be free! Shame on Microsoft!

  93. David Perry

    I think it’s scary that Microsoft was able to get a court order to redirect the traffic to their servers to try and handle the load. What were they doing? Spying on the traffic? Seems kinda shady to me.

    They should have gone to you guys FIRST. And then if you didn’t respond THEN take the path they did.

    All this crap of taking down entire chunks of domains is NOT right. ICE, Microsoft should be ashamed of their poor business practice in taking down millions of INNOCENT customers to get at a small handful!

    They should be sued for damage to your reputation, loss of business and reputation to the millions of affected websites.

  94. Timo

    perhaps my english is too bad. But i can’t understand how it is possible that one company can takeover for legal a lot of domains from another company without hearing or asking the hitted company like you. – so in a nearer future every big company can stop others and take over the domains?

  95. Your outage encouraged us to upgrade NO-IP… not find an alternative. We purchased our own domain name, and now manage our own sub-domains using NO-IP. This has proved a better solution for many reasons… so the silver lining of all this was that it triggered that action.
    PS. We use NO-IP to quickly load balance between 2 data centres, which both have static IP’s. So NO-IP isn’t just for the small user with a dynamic IP.

  96. It’s all well and good that things are back to normal, but what really happened. What domains were malicious and what were they doing?

  97. Pedro

    Cody, you sound like a shill. Instead of being outraged as you should be, you say that you’re glad to be protected by the good folks at Microsoft.
    Microsoft did not need to act as they did, and deliberately acted improperly. This is not the first time such egregious actions have been undertaken by the Microsoft. Such aggressive actions are routine in countries like China, North Korea, Iraq and other areas of tyranny or lawlessness. It is completely inappropriate and uncalled for in the Western world. Your comments suggest that you are either deliberately unaware or ignorant. In either case, you miss the point. Please review the statement made above:
    Microsoft lied about the existence of abuse and the actions they undertook.
    No-IP was already monitoring and acting accordingly.

  98. Q

    Congratulations for surviving an attack from a multi-headed, bullying monster. You have shown honesty, strength, and restraint, all at the same time. Others, much bigger than you, were not so successful in the past.

    Thankyou No-IP.

  99. Dan

    So you are in favor of someone coming in and taking control over your business without any prior notice? Those are the actions of a hostile take over. Not to mention they had no right to perform that action and the judge responsible for allowing it should be disbarred. I agree with No-IP, if Microsoft did not want to contact them directly, they should have filed a complaint with law enforcement. Hopefully the settlement was a large payment to No-IP.

  100. Mark

    Please, please, please, tell us that you folks are not simply going to sit back and let Microsoft get away with this or the court system? I certainly hope your team of lawyers is working on some sort of suit against Microsoft and the courts for some type of wrongful seizure. The whole situation for you all was completely absurd.

  101. You Guys really should put it to Microsoft they should not be allowed to do this after all it is “Windows” that is being compromised they are blaming your guys for there operating systems failure and Microsoft need to be tought not to pull this crap. Microsoft is a company they are not Police as they have there own personal Money making agenda they have there own DNS services correct? so that conflicted in this case with NO-IPs and pretty much shutting you down making people thinking it is your fault. What if Linux Took over Windows because there Windows Operating System was compromised? that basically what happen and this crap needs to end. But after the XBOX One incident and DMR and Microsoft blaming everyone else but themselves who made the thing and can un make it I have very lil respect for Microsoft trying to bully everyone. They Need to fix there Operating system not blame other people for there failures.

  102. hello and thanks for returning service . i have kittens and operate a webcam on the kittens so i can check on them , my daughter and granddaughter can check on them in another state alot of fun for them and educational for them both . kittens are doing fine . thanks for the good service no-ip . this is what most of your customers are doing microsoft is a bully and why should they punish so many just to cause problems for a few . this is not the way our country is suppose to operate . innocent until proven guilty . punish everyone so that one guilty does not go free . microsoft is a bunch of idiots so far from our countrys ideals and doesn’t have a clue of how far they are from them or what they are . the kittens love no-ip so i can check on their food dishes anytime and make sure they have full tummies , the kittens are not happy with microsoft . thanks no-ip .

  103. You guys are Great!
    Thanks for taking on Goliath 🙂

  104. Juan

    Sorry, I prefer write in Spanish.
    Microsoft está perdido.
    De cagada en cagada.
    Se le escapa todo y de ir los primeros, van a la cola de todo intentando sacar productos que otras empresas tienen más que experimentados y trillados (ya no pueden comprar todo lo que quieren y ser monopolizadores)
    Y tratan así a otras compañías (con alevosía):
    “By filing an ex parte temporary restraining order (TRO), No-IP was prevented from having any knowledge of the case or offering any support in stopping malicious activity”

    Lástima de Compañía.
    Esta buena h0stia en toda la cara, no es la primera ni será la última.
    Veremos a ver en qué quedan en unos años, veremos

  105. Kevin Richmond

    I’m 100% behind No-IP on this, having been a very satisfied user for 6-7 years with great service.

    It’s shameful that Microsoft waste time on bullying and dirty actions like this instead of assigning its resources to develop an operating system that actually gives users what they want instead of what Microsoft wants.

    Get well soon No-IP and good luck for the future 🙂

  106. smbarbour

    What would you propose? That no-ip aggressively port scan every IP it knows about? That would be like a phone directory company tapping your phone to ensure that no wrongdoing is occurring. The only thing they can do is monitor the volume of requests per host, and if nothing seems out of the ordinary (as a well-distributed malware distribution network would appear), no automated flags would get raised. Some of the hostnames were undoubtedly questionable, but Microsoft was clearly in the wrong for failing to address it with no-ip directly.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t use Windows, the malware only targets Windows, but the takedown affected me anyway. This situation is akin to “If someone calls your phone and presses these buttons, your house will burn down” and Microsoft’s solution, instead of fixing the problem, was to destroy all the phone books.

  107. Darren

    This won’t keep Micro$oft from sliding eventually into the rubbish bin…

  108. SS

    Amazing the level of power the government has ceded to a private company, since when is a private company allowed to secretly seize assets with the “evidence” of “We say so” then with no notification or opportunity to respond or fix the ALLEGED allegations and the government hands them your property?

    I’m assuming they used some provision of Digital Millennium Copyright Act aka Privatized Patriot Act to commit multiple violations of your constitutional rights?

    Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures..

    Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution
    In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved..

    And throw in the 6th since violations of the DMCA carry prison terms “First time offenders may be fined up to $500,000, imprisoned for five years, or both”

    Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution
    The right to a speedy and public trial
    The right to trial by an impartial jury
    The right to be informed of criminal charges
    The right to confront witnesses
    The right to compel witnesses to appear in court

  109. If you have an abuse department, why didn’t your company catch the malicious activity first?

  110. Happy user

    M$ guys never miss a chance to demonstrate the world thy are such a group f axxholes…

  111. Cancelor

    It would be much better if microsoft spent it’s time and money making more robust systems.

  112. Abel

    I don’t have any service running at the moment, so I was not impacted, but I do hope you sue MS and make them pay for their bullying tactics.

  113. VOTE WITH YOUR FEET = Move away from Microsoft and their products and underhanded way of being part of the internet community. Cheers Henrik

  114. Cancelor


  115. Thank you No-ip for your service.
    MICROSOFT! Shame on you.
    Fix your windows so it isn’t vulnerable! Don’t blame your problems on other people.

  116. Robin

    Sigh… I should probably be more surprised to hear Microsoft dealing with legal issues in such a way, but I’m just NOT.
    I’m never surprised to hear them pull crap like this anymore anymore…

  117. Jack

    Happy that Internet terrorisme from MS has not been successful. Keep up the good fight No-IP!

  118. Unity Oladehinde

    Good job you ha e done here. Weldone.

  119. I like no-ip and thanks for yours hard work to put all domain to work …..

  120. Name

    “Out of those 22,000 seized hostnames, the No-IP abuse department found only a fraction of the hostnames to still be active, which means that many had already been banned through our existing abuse procedures.”

    I know there’s no timeframe mentioned, but it looks like they *did* stop malicious domains.

  121. molham

    Thank you SO much for your service and support!

  122. Thanks! Events like this is the reason that I am moving all of my systems to Linux!

  123. Leo

    Thank you very very much for all you do. I know it’s a free service, but your diligence is great. It is sad to see what a large corporation can do to small businesses. But, maybe a larger issue was resolved at least no-ip.org had the guts to stand up to them. I will now look to purchase a service from no-ip and think twice about Microsoft as my interest in open source solutions is higher now.

  124. Derek Harding

    I appreciate both the service you provide and the prompt response you made to keep us up to date and fully informed. It saddens me that any wealthy company can resort so easily to bullying tactics – you’re not the only smaller company targetted in various negative ways. Thanks for your stand and well done.

  125. Andy

    Remember that No-IP doesn’t actually see the traffic going to their customers – they just see the DNS request. (I think. Due to caching, they may often not even see that.) There is no way for No-IP to identify which servers are transmitting/receiving malware, because they can’t see the traffic.

    Microsoft shut down No-IP for ‘not responding fast enough to the malware problem’ – by going through a months-long legal process, instead of simply notifying No-IP on day 1 and having the abused hostnames shut down that very day. No-IP is not at fault for ANY of this – Microsoft is!

  126. R

    Microsoft continues to act like a bully.
    What goes around comes around — Likes of Google and Apple will take care of Microsoft’s arrogance in due time.

  127. Techman

    I am amazed at all the attacks on Microsoft. IF they had not reacted and IF ANY of you would have been infected by malware AND you found out Microsoft knew but didn’t do anything about it, then you would all be OH MY GOD Microsoft, What the hell, you didn’t help us… UNGRATEFUL, every one of us!!!! The comment about without us(the computer users) there’d be no Microsoft, its a 2 way street, if they shut everyone down right now, every server, every computer, they revoked all windows licenses and all software they intellectually own, how productive would your life or business be??? Think before commenting and thank you NO-IP and Microsoft for trying to make our internet life easier and safer… We need both companies and the sooner we come to grips with that the sooner we can all play nice on the playground…

  128. retetito

    thank you very much!!!

  129. Damon

    Why doesn’t Microsoft focus its energy on making a secure operating system and let No-IP protect their own users.

    I’m sure that Microsoft had the best of intentions in protecting vulnerable end-users (read as Windows users), but as this affair displays, they know nothing about industry standards, be it in an OS, a web browser, or in dealing with other corporate entities.

    If there is a class-action lawsuit, I want to be a part of it, as Microsoft’s overzealousness has adversely affected me.

  130. ranmaruhibikiya

    I’m glad that this issue doesn’t go worst.
    I’ll not talk about M$, ppl already know them.
    I want say thank you so much for the great service that no-ip gives to us, without it I can’t done all the projects I have on my little-home-server.
    Maybe later (when I understand well) pay for some of yours services.
    Again, thanks a lot and keep the good work!

  131. Ryan P

    Congrats guys!

    I honestly can’t believe this happened to you. I truly hope that you sue the pants off of MS for the business interruption you(and we) experienced. Its unacceptable that they did this and they should be punished.

    Thank you for your service – I know I echo others in saying thank you and keep up the great work.

  132. Dominick

    No-IP helps me run my small home server to I can remotely access my work email and business documents while I’m on the road. While it is good that Microsoft took steps to try and eliminate malware the way they want about it was a complete fail.

    Take down 5 million host names to stop 22,000? That’s not even 0.5%! And do it secretly so No-IP couldn’t work with them to avoid affecting all the legitimate customers? Microsoft failed in this on so many levels.

    Without No-IP my current business system would not work. Keep up the good work No-IP and we will continue to stand behind you!

  133. rod

    So, that means that No-IP will finally stop spamming users to click a button to keep domains alive? Guess not. No-IP been great for several years, but since this lust for money began it’s becoming harder to cope with No-IP’s marketing geniuses.

  134. Ray

    Hi, I am a long term customer of No-Ip and I am a big fan of their service. I have enjoyed years of trouble free service and I have been free to host my own servers, mail and otherwise. I have been in and around IT since 1983 both professionally and as a user. Over those many years I have to support PC / Windows based systems and because of this experience came to the conclusion that monopolies are bullies. Companies and people invest time and money into their IT systems and become tied to their investments and therefore cannot back away. Monopolies know this and invest huge sums to snag their customers through marketing and targeted selling knowing that if sucessful they have a revenue stream regardless of the quality of product. You know it’s bad when patches and fixes are accepted as the norm rather than the exception. To secretly sue someone is disgusting and cowardly. I enjoy being independent (No-ip, VPN, MAC) and I hope that in the long run Microsoft ends up where it belongs…………..I will leave you to fill in the blanks!

  135. Easier said that done 🙂 I’m sure they did their best but there isn’t like a magical program that can get 100% of all malware in a network.

  136. Hi,
    I run a private cloud to sync my tablets and phones via OWNCLOUD, running on a NAs-box and I rely on NO-IP for dynamic DNS. After MS’s Takeover I was not able to sync my data anymore and I am very happy that no-ip.org is back online.

    Attempts to reach MS were unsuccessful and difficult. Since I am using a free version of DDNS resolving at no-ip I could not even claim real damages so I refrained from addressing MS’s legal dept. MS’s actions were a real pain in the you-know-what. I hope they will learn from the bad reps they have created for themselves but I am not optimistic.

    Holger Skok

  137. It is actions like this with Microsoft that are causing the company that I work for to migrate as quickly as possible to alternative solutions (Open Source). As a longtime user, a sincere Thank You to the group at No-IP

  138. Robert

    Hmmm, yet more sham, underhand tactics by a lumbering behemoth that, quite frankly, is on it’s way down/ out…
    Well done to the No-IP folks for keeping your cool!! Especially after your core business was attacked by these jokers.

  139. Elvin

    Thank you so much for your service and support!

    vi är mycket nöjda med no.ip och jag är mycket glad att ni har visat dem att ni är bästa.

    Thank you

    no-ip the best

  140. Elvin

    Thank you so much for your service and support!

    we are very pleased with no.ip and I am very pleased that you have shown them that you are the best.

    Thank you

    no-ip the best

  141. Absolutely outrageous! Big bully tactics of huge corporates….. I certainly hope you sue their arses off! And make them pay big time.

  142. Kenneth

    Thanks NO-IP for providing such a great service. I have been using NO-IP for many years now and I find it really reliable.

    I’m not a fan of Microsoft and their actions shows that big companies will use whatever tactics they can to ruin others.

  143. Johanes

    Thank you NO-IP for providing a great service and fighting for our rights. Keep up the good work.

  144. David Gordon

    Congratulations! And great work. I know how stressful the experience was, but you seemed to mobilize quickly.

  145. David G

    You offer a great service and I wish you had a knowledgeable, competent, and aggressive attorney to counter-sue for the disruption of a collective millions of hours of downtime.
    You are an immense help to help me live stream monitor my property with 3 Foscam cameras.
    Thank you and hope you stay strong.

  146. Dennis

    Muchas gracias por existir. Adelante NOIP y no se dejen doblegar por nadie.

  147. Allowing a big corporate to seize the DNs records of a third party business is wrong – end of story. This is the first step in erroding the democracy which is the internet. The internet runs on trust – DNS is run by collaborative agreement with no one owning control of the DNS. To have a large corporate like Microsoft arbitrarily take DNS records off a third party is an incredibly dangerous precedent. Had they succeeded then it would allow other large corporates to do the same effectively handing control of the internet to corporate businesses who have the most clout.
    As stated – Microsoft did not contact No-IP aobut the issues and did not follow process but acted in an arbitrary fashion – in effect proclaiming themselves the sword of right and might. this was a unilateral vigilante action taken by a large organisation without proper cause and with incomplete / incorrect data. Sound familiar? think GWB / gulf2 and WMD scare mongering.
    Microsoft has a moralobligation to work co-operatively with others on the net. the only reason they got away with this is that they are large and influential.
    As a reverse anology. hotmail and Microsofts live mail systems are some of the largest sources of spam for us. Their users are regulalry hacked nad sending crud. what is more micreosofts technology has allowed he propogation of spyware / malware and viruses in ways that are incomparable with all the other operating systems put together. does that mean we should arbitrarily take control of microsoft and shut down hotmail, live, msn etc? After all they spread more spyware nad malicious software than No-ip ever did.
    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander but unfortunately might = right in the United States Court system.

  148. no-ip is something i once setup in a long distant past, Even though, i now have a static ip. i still prefer to use no-ip.

    All my domains are pointed to that address, and all my websites were running fine…

    anyway, i am still using the service, but must say, i would like to abandon all microsoft shit as soon as i can. too bad i still need 1 computer with windows on it ( darn creative…)

    anyway, to make a long story even longer… I’m happy you survived, and in particular i would like to thank you for keeping us up to date.

    With kind regards,
    Peter , The Netherlands

  149. Todd

    Hey Magnus, just a question. Since you say you’re IP is dynamic, I’m assuming you’re running from a non-corporate server? Doesn’t your IP block port 80? How are you able to run a website from there? Thanks!

  150. Question – how can it be, in the US of A, that a company can be sued, judged guilty and have its assets seived without ever knowing it is being accused, judged and found guilty?

    As a non-Us citizen I understood that the bill Of rights of the USA held true that:
    You are innocent until proven guilty.
    You have the right to defend yourself in a court of law
    you have the right to know what charges have been brought against you and the evidence for those charges.
    You have the freedom to defend yourself, up to and including the use of firearms, should someone try to take your property or freedom.

    Surely Microsoft is in breach of the Bill Of Rights and in danger of having someone legally put a bullet into them while defending their property.

    The last statement is inflamatory – sure – and I’m not inciting violence – guns dont solve problems, but I am pointing out just how badly, from my understanding, Microsoft flouted the Bill Of Rights. Has the united states taken another step towards the open facism its courts have headed towards since suspension of the rights of prisonors of war under the terrorism act and is not extending that facism towards its own citizens at a corporat elevel?

    Truely the USA is no longer a democracy but has entered an age of Emperialist Capitalist Facism..

  151. Jason Wong

    In my country, applicants for an ex parte injunction are required to give an undertaking as to damages in the event that the injunction is oppressive, unnecessary or is an abuse of process.

    Thank you for all the hard work, No-ip. You have my support. Perhaps it is time to start collecting evidence from your company and from your customers on damages and sue Microsoft.

  152. Brandon

    Since microsoft sued no-ip because of malicious activity. So, does that mean that I can sue microsoft because my computer got a virus?

  153. Gee

    How could they possibly do that with 100% accuracy? These malware domains could have employed some type of encryption that makes their traffic indistinguishable from normal traffic. To shut down these malware domains require reporting, if no-one reports then action cannot be taken, how would no-ip possible know malware is being distributed via their service? Microsofts actions were inexcusable!!

  154. Dave

    I’m trying to understand how Microsoft managed to sieze control of domains that No-IP owns… The only way I can see this happening is if Microsoft somehow controls the service that hosts those domains; otherwise, how would Microsft even get the ability to change the DNS pointers on those domains????

  155. Dom

    While Microsoft started the process and I am really annoyed at them. Obviously Microsoft think they are the “web” police, which they are not!
    I am more in shock at the American legal system and the way your government is trying to restrict a free internet. Not only did they just take Microsofts “word”, they did not even inform you about it.
    This would never happen in a true democracy. It certainly wouldn’t happen in Australia or the EU.
    I want to thank No-Ip for their switch action to resolve this.

  156. Gustavo

    Haven’t seen this on the news. I think you should blow some whistles about it.

  157. Michal Sokolowski

    I’d like thank to everyone and each one of you who was responsible for so fast resolution of the problem.

  158. peter bell

    we use your service to remotely monitor our business 24/7 . …………… this is necessary due to its location and the fact that in these interesting times I choose to work alone. My wife receives re-assurance from her periodic inspection of the work place that all is OK with me.
    We cannot thank you enough for the service that you provide and will continue to spread the word.
    Thanks also for the manner in which you dealt with the situation and how you kept us all informed – it some times seems the larger a company becomes the more impersonal it becomes and looses sight of the fact that the single numbers added together make the larger numbers and so without the little individuals the millions of users don’t happen. All support to you NO-IP from little people.

  159. Ray

    Are u really that stupid cody microsoft should instead have patched Their operating systems instead they take Dow millions oh harmless peoples websites

  160. I still can’t get my mind around how Microsoft has the ability to shut down and take control of somebody else DNS? What is the legal precedent? I have dealt with the blacklisting and other issues, but to seize total control of another company’s legal property can’t be legal… I am glad MS is being proactive, but what is the rationale behind the “SWAT” tactics? Other than sensationalism, why was that deemed necessary?????

  161. Tom

    I disagree. The legal system should have never allowed something like this – no matter what. Period. No-IP was given no advance warning, court order, or anything. It’s totally wrong to essentially have any business you please just take over another businesses’ operations. It’s essentially like some pizza chain seizing UPSs delivery fleet, and UPS finding out about it the day it happens. It is SO wrong! Not only should this judge be personally liable for this (which unfortunately is not possible), but the laws that allow crap like this to happen need to be changed.

  162. ngo trang anh quan

    Thank you SO much for your service and support!

  163. John

    That is completely bogus. The fact is that Microsoft had *old data* and didn’t even know that the majority of these malicious attacks had already come and gone – thanks to No-IP staff. Network attacks can only be identified so fast and No-IP does top notch work in the industry compared to most. So during a sweep MS beat their staff to the punch by a few minutes? hours? days? on a few anomalies and took down a swath of domains. I wouldn’t point fingers without knowing how hardening implementation, monitoring, and mitigation even works. It is a constant struggle to keep ahead of loopholes that neither side will ever win.

  164. kobi

    Microsoft is a very bad company.

  165. Michael

    Looks like im going to finally become a paying customer.

  166. longtime customer

    You guys rock and I think that “cody” above is a microsucks shill… The no-ip team has given evidence that they DO react to malicious sites when notified of such activity. Why don’t you get lost cody? DON’T USE the services here and find you a “much swifter” (sic) service (as if such a thing even exist’s)
    THANK YOU no-ip for everything you do and congrats for standing up to the evil beast MS and coming out on top!
    A longtime customer

  167. Melidex

    Congratulations for surviving an attack from a multi-headed, bullying monster. You have shown honesty, strength, and restraint, all at the same time. Others, much bigger than you, were not so successful in the past.

  168. In an ex parte they should have giving NOIP 24 hour notice. What happened??

    Thank you NOIP for your service. Most of us wouldn’t be able to do the little things from your home network without you.

    The internet should be free. Like I have said open source is the way to go.

  169. It’s disgusting that a corporation like Microsoft can just arbitrarily seize someone else’s registered domains, and I’m amazed that this can be done legally. I hope you sue the pants of those clowns and make the idiots pay for disrupting our services. I hope you also start a lobbying campaign to change the law to prevent this sort of corporate abuse in future. Hardly anyone in the mainstream press has reported what Microsoft did, so anyone who has the contacts should please create a shitstorm to let the world know that their domains can be seized any time Microsoft or anyone else feels like it.

  170. Tom

    Imagine you have three children. ONE of these children steals a candy bar from the store. You, as a parent are not present and don’t know about it yet, but still, you were trying to raise your kids properly. And now imagine, that without your consent or knowledge, ALL three of your kids would receive jail time for 3 days and you would get only a notification by email.

    Would you be alright with that as well?

    This is what’s wrong with the legal system. If you’re a good enough sweet talker and/or have deep pockets, you can actually do ANYTHING legally. You can screw someone over without him even knowing about it until it’s too late.

  171. Jacques

    What I want to know is:
    1. How is it possible for Microsoft to ‘seize’ domains?
    2. How did a court allow that to happen?
    3. Should Microsoft not be paying damages to someone?

  172. SS

    Here’s how they did it,
    Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C. § 1030); (2) the AntiCybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (15 U.S.C. § 1125); (3) Nevada’s Unlawful Acts Regarding Computers and Information Services (N.R.S. § 205.4765); and the common law of (4) trespass to chattels, (5) conversion, and (6) negligence.


    Microsoft saving the world from trespass to chattels, conversion, and negligence, one dubious take-down at a time..

  173. I hope Microsoft pay a fine for damages to No-IP… This will learn them!!

  174. Tallan

    If you read and i quote “By filing an ex parte temporary restraining order (TRO), No-IP was prevented from having any knowledge of the case or offering any support in stopping malicious activity. Had Microsoft submitted evidence of abuse at any time, No-IP would have taken swift action to validate the claims and ban any accounts that were proven to be malicious. Instead, Microsoft wasted many months while malicious activity continued.” so basically microsoft didnt inform anyone of the situation so how could any company acted I thinking microsoft were right in what they were doing but went the wrong way about it which makes me think it could of been more that microsoft caring for No-Ip customers

  175. Jhonny

    Big companies act like they own everything and has all the true in their hands !
    Microsoft sux.

  176. groinksan

    Someone who never even read this statement. You just come here and immediately comment away without reading?

  177. anonymous

    Microsoft acted like a bully. I hope you made them pay for it.
    Still, your response wasn’t that great either. You never told us which domains were affected.
    As for the domain name registration system, yours or the root domain registrars, the biggest problem with it is the automated zero-day registration and trying for free. This is what gives the malware writers, etc. their domain names. Many registrars allow people to get a domain name instantly and try it for free for a few days. That’s just giving them what they need. For free.

  178. Gilles2

    The domains were down for a few days, but action as swift as this makes my trust in you guys INCREASE, not decrease.

  179. Thank you so much for your service! What a shame!

  180. Milton

    The domains might be back up and running but this is far from over. A simple join statement from Microsoft is really pathetic consider how many people they have affected due to their actions and they should be punish for it. If they really feel sorry, the least they can do is a clear apology statement on the Microsoft website but obviously they don’t seems to care.

    They should be held responsible for any losses caused by their action. No-IP should be filling a compensation claim for their disruption and also for customers who has been affected by the takedown. I have spent hours on the phone trying to find out what the problem was and Microsoft should be paying compensation for that.

  181. Simon

    ” this entire situation could have been avoided if only Microsoft had followed industry standards.”

    Like they’d do that. They never have, never will…..

  182. Ramir

    Thanks for getting it back! I usually use your service for my VPN servers. I waited for this moment that you will crush M$ from this stupid accusations! Congratulation also!

  183. I just use No-IP to keep connected to home security monitoring and NAS, so not a major impact, but really *pissed* by Micro$oft’s action, and indeed the courts, in causing such grief to innocent parties. Over here in the UK I’d say their actions, particularly their inability to handle the DNS, would amount to contempt of court and/or perverting the course of justice. If Windoze wasn’t such a security nightmare there wouldn’t be the problem in the first place. Long live No-IP and us little guys and gals 🙂

  184. Rohim

    Thank U For Your Services and Support

  185. Steve

    Were there damages awarded? How much? Irrespectve of any limitations that may be imposed by the TOS. Will no-ip be passing those along to those who were affected?

  186. i could put a thousand swearing words against Microsoft and in support for NO-IP but not today i guess. I hope M$ will pay for the damages they’d done. ●\\>♤■|| for them!!!!

  187. “By filing an ex parte temporary restraining order (TRO), No-IP was prevented from having any knowledge […] Instead, Microsoft wasted many months while malicious activity continued.”

    So how long before the outage did Microsoft file that ex parte TRO? Because “many months” is inaccurate.

  188. Mauro

    Thank you SO much for your service and support!

  189. Tzel

    Im 34 and an 18+ year IT Professional working in Network/Server Administration, Support, Databasing (SQL mainly) and development, Ive known of and used no-ip since almost the very start on varying accounts, of my own and my clients, through the years. This was way back when MS used to cooperate much less with the rest of the IT industry.

    I thought MS had changed a long time ago to a practice of working constructively, most of the time (I never considered them perfect), to achieve its goals. It turns out that there is still a part of MS that is rotten inside. That is a real shame. This is more the kind of tactic I would expect of off Apple with their ‘our way or the highway’ attitude and it can only be said that they went about this in entirely the wrong way. I hope MS get called out by the media/press on this because they have behaved disgracefully.

    No-IP…. You’ve been doing a great job for a long time…. Keep up the good work.. Ive used your services to link clients various offices around the UK via VPN and it ensures that my technical libraries and power of my home office setup is available to me whenever and wherever I am.

  190. My question is since when does Microsoft own the “internet” What right do they have to shut down another companies domains. Is this a sign of whats to come in the future? The Company with the most money controls the “internet” and by who’s authority? Last I checked The “internet” is in reality is a bunch of computers networked together, in simple terms. So who gives microsoft the right to control what I do or any one else dose with his or her computer?

  191. Florin

    For many years I used your services for free and have always been very pleased. I wish the same for the future. You did the right thing and hold it so far. Regards from Europe. florin

  192. I think it is disgraceful that Microsoft secretly did what they did, if they wanted to sort an issue out why not contact you direct? This is an example of them thinking they are above the Law and a monopoly who can do what they want, flexing their muscles so to speak.

    Keep up the good work no-ip!

  193. Just signed up for @NoIPcom Free Dynamic DNS. 100% Free and NO credit card required! http://noip.co/1nqkmMT #freeDDNS #dynamicDNS #NoIPfree

  194. Jeffrey Bastow

    I appreciate your service. Even though I have always used the free service in the past since I just use it from home, I have paid for 1 year of the service just to support you.

  195. Anonymous

    Thank you for standing up to Microsoft on behalf of your users. I take it for granted sometimes, but having a permanent hostname for my home computer has been really nice when I work remotely.

  196. I do not have a website. I use no-ip to be able to reach my IP cameras at home for security reasons when my ISP changes my home IP address. Microsoft killed my home security. The actions by Microsoft were out of bounds and they proved, once again, they were not able to handle the task. Thank you no-ip for your prompt notification of what happened and your handling of the matter.

  197. adnan

    thank u very much for support

  198. Today we tolerate secret courts and no-knock raids. What will tomorrow bring?

  199. Dave

    No doubt an abuse of power. Was this action because of all the flaws in Microsoft products that the giant can’t seem to control? In my mind, Microsoft has succeeded in turning more good folks anti-Microsoft. What goes around, comes around and I expect more lawsuits will come in the future as the giant continues it’s monopolistic practices.

  200. @Cody – are you kidding? Did you not bother to read the post? Only a fraction were operational, and Microsoft COULD have just said, “Hey, No-IP? Here’s a list.”

  201. Thanks to a Microsoft Corporation in promoting the site and I hope that it does not keep well Bngerci such as deleting or arrest Host Azawah thank you

  202. Turbor

    Please tell me how no-ip should be able to see which dns request belong to malware and which are legit usage. Microsoft is being a bully here. If its antivirus/antimalware software would be working correctly it shouldn’t have any reasson to use such low level harasments of other firms. So instead of having some decent software to protect their customers they simply steal other firms property(dns domains in this case). And just like in all the american military actions: “Sorry about the collateral damage”

  203. George Brotherston

    I’d like to thank No-IP for their prompt notification of the issue, along with their solution to address the issue with associated timeline.

    I wish No-IP well in their endeavors. Their DUC and DNS services are a valuable service to the internet community.

  204. Oh Cody, you are so quick to side with the bully here. Microsoft should have just informed No-IP. But no, they have to go and get the courts involved – a judge that most likely new nothing of the actual facts of the case. Microsoft is just wanting to control everything. That is why at my company we only use Apple products.

  205. bruno

    no.ip is the best type site, Thanks

  206. micky

    Thank you No-IP a long life

  207. Congratulations! You run a wonderful business and are one of the golden nuggets of the Internet. I’m delighted MS did not succeed in crippling you. Best of continued luck!

  208. big sanqs))) you are bests!

  209. As a customer since 2003, I’m glad to hear that you guys from No-Ip were resilient during that 10 days and fought for your users. TY too.

  210. Bef.D

    Come on guys, we are all with you ….
    It was a pleasure to support those who do not like you but it failed to offer its services without asking for anything in return.
    Thanks again for everything ….

  211. T.Life

    Always at the forefront with who offers her work as you always do.
    There are more than 9 years who are enrolled and never once disappointed by your services.
    It was a real pleasure …
    Thank you for everything ….

  212. Al

    I am personally glad Microsoft is taking efforts to help stop the viruses and Trojans infecting our PCs. I believe companies need to take a more proactive measure and not just give an IP to anyone, the purpose and intention of the IP should be disclosed to help reduce Cyber attacks and internet crimes that are targeted to get our private information and exploit our kids.

  213. We don’t give an IP address. An IP address is assigned by your Internet Service Provider. We just give an easy to remember hostname.

  214. Ralph Clark

    Your ridiculous astroturfing is fooling nobody -you are obviously being paid by Microsoft.

    Microsoft behaved reprehensibly in this case and there was absolutely no adequate excuse for what they did.

  215. Brian

    Yeah, cause nothing says “we were right in taking over to shut down illegal activities” like having your replacement service totally fail.

    M$: They’re not doing their job!!! Let us do it for them!

    ::Server burns down::

    M$: Oops.

  216. @ Cody: If you host websites that have bad actors and nobody tells you, how the f### are you supposed to do anything about it? Idiot.

  217. Stewart

    It took literally 5 mins of my time to change my host to something different. drag, point, click, done. Wasn’t a big deal for me.

  218. santa

    very good

  219. Gary

    No-IP provides a dns routing service, they do NOT monitor every website on every computer that the domains resolve to. For one, my domain resolves to a password protected, voice over ip service. Monitoring this would require hacking my computer, which is exactly what no-ip fights to avoid WHEN IT IS REPORTED. It is up to the end users to report malicious websites and up to the hosting service or domain redirect to take action when reported.

  220. Andre

    Someone who don´t understand DNS. M$ made a bad misstake, thats it. Thank No-IP for 2 years serving me.

  221. Jagannath Gummaluri

    I mostly use NO-IP for RDPing into my Lab Servers to learn things!!! And you guys do a amazing JOB!!! Keep it up NO-IP you fought for your rights and you WON!!!!!! ITS PARTY TIME @ NO-IP!!!! We are with you!!!!!!

  222. dezea

    Even though this caused my online businesses money loss, Noip offered me great services for like 10years.. I couldn’t change my dns provider for just 1 day of downtime. Everybody can have a bad day or week. I bet the prejudice was huge for the legit ddns owners which were cut by Microsoft and an multiparty lawsuit would be appropriate.

  223. Michael

    Thank you very much for your support!
    Actually what Microsoft did should not even be allowed :/
    I though it’s also very convenient for them to literally nearly shut you down as you could be seen as an opponent (somewhat) to their Office365 Services. I do not believe this was a generous act of fighting for internet security…

  224. Tom

    Dear Cody,

    You must be trolling, since I can not fathom anyone being serious when they make the claims you did. Anyway, I’m taking the bait just in case anyone else takes your trolling as being serious (not likely, but you never know 🙂 )

    What exactly do you expect No-IP to have been monitoring for? You do realize that they provide name to IP address resolution for the domains under their control, right? That is like a telephone directory service for telephone numbers.

    Imagine a large corporation like Nokia, shutting down an indepentant telephone directory services because some criminals uses this telephone directory service to obtain the phone number of various banks, in order to phone them to find out their working hours. Knowing their working hours, they know when to strike at the banks. Do you expect the directory service to ask/investigate each caller using the service, if their intent for getting the number is criminal?

    Argueing that Microsoft is protecting their clients by shutting these domains is just as silly. Imagine a city with no proper gates and defenses continuely being attacked by bandits using the good roads leading to the city. You can make these attacks less by completely destroying the roads leading the city, but that would simply be a very silly option (like Microsoft has done with shutting down the domains). A much better option would be to make your city more secure, won’t you agree? In case that anology is a bit over your head, the idea is that Microsoft make it more difficult for malware to be installed on their OS’s instead of breaking the Internet to stop malware getting to their OS’s.

  225. thanks no-ip team you have good solution. many routers of a many brands have dynamic dns support to no-ip. I believe service providers envy your services because they have expensive prices for static ip. And no ip helps who is starting online services or studying web development. Thank you so much you’re the best! And shame on you M$ demonstrate to the world who is the evil on technology. Cheers for LINUX

  226. Robox

    Respect you and your service. Greetings from Russia

    Thanks to you my friends can sleep at night and watch their school from their appartment by using an ip camera. The site is still not working correctly. Hope to see it work as ealier. Anyway,
    thank you for the service you’ve been providing me and my friends.

  228. I think, you should move your business away from the US where any corporation can terrorise anybody by misusing courts. The problem is not No-IP services not banning malware distributors “in time”. The problem is Microsoft being incompetent to fix their own product which is broken by design…

    Oh..and I see quite a lot of emails from @live.com which get blocked because they contain malware, spam and other s***. I think I should start a court process and seize live.com domain for a day to promote my business… I would give it back swiftly I promise! 😛

  229. viabril

    It would seem that Microsoft pays people to make up things and support them blindly without any knowledge of what they are talking about. It is also apparent that they advicate a closed web, rather then a free one. And are willing to use kids as an excuse to stupidity

  230. Thank you SO much for your service and support!

  231. Maybe Microsoft should spend more time on securing there software and making it right the first time instead of meddeling in the affairs of others. And leaving software as is for many patches and hotfixes to be added.I mean really don’t they have enough money….what multi billion dollars isn’t enough.I’m ashamed I have to learn Microsoft products just to receive my bs in network systems.

  232. @ al cyber attacks are going to happen regardless. So what if microsoft found some IP addresses that were malicious if there so afraid of a few malicious people trying to attack there systems. Then maybe they should have focused on there own security. Rather than interfere with another company. From the birth of computers there have been people spoofing IP addresses and trying to enter computer systems either to just see we if they can do it or for criminal activities. Fact is you will never stop it.and really maybe you should know what your kid is doing while on the computer…programs are made for this if your so worried about your kids.

  233. Dick IJzenbrandt

    @no-ip, Super werk dat jullie leveren.
    Hartelijk dank voor alles thumbs up

  234. Dave

    Would you like Microsoft to change the locks on the doors to your home because they thought someone might steal something? Leaving you, the innocent law abiding citizen standing outside your own home unable to get in?

    If you are unable to protect yourself from viruses, Trojans and other evil-doers on the internet – DISCONNECT. The rest of us do not have a problem and do not need anyone pretending to “act in our best interest”.

  235. Jack

    Stay strong No-IP!

  236. Tom

    I may not agree with the way it was handled by Microsoft, but unless there is a huge coincidence, somehow since the take down, my spam email has been reduced from a couple of hundred a day to less then 20.

    Any comments about how these may have been used by spam bots?

  237. Paulo

    Not everything in life comes with a manual but fortunately for you there is lots of information about IPs in the Internet. If you don’t know what an IP is, or how you get one, then you probably shouldn’t be posting in this blog !!!!
    Don’t get me wrong, I respect your opinion and ignorance but it may be better if you read a bit more information before saying some phrases out in the open

    A free Internet to everyone is beneficial for the world but like almost everything in life has disadvantages, bad people is one of them but when companies like Microsoft take this type of actions, they became “the bad guys” despite the good intentions.
    Lets not forget that many dictators had good intentions unfortunately the rest of the world did not agree with them.

    Is not a question if I like MS or not (I use MS office on my Mac), is a question of respect.
    My freedom was affected by the good intentions of Microsoft, I didn’t like it and I can’t understand how a judge from the “country of freedom” signed such document.

  238. campino64

    What people seem to forget in their levity is that any such service like no-ip’s needs “softwares” (be they “good” or “evil”) to be contacted from. Now you may ask yourself, which OSs are hosting such “softwares”, and who really is in charge for any “damage” that is done. I’d bet you’ll find an answer fast and easy …

    Just think before you judge!

    @no-ip: Keep up the very good and reliable work! 😉

  239. Wombat

    ” Microsoft took such aggressive action to protect it’s customers ” , you sir a re a fool… only thing being protected here were a whole lot of dollar signs.
    Another case of Microsoft steam roller tactics…

  240. Wombat

    * facepalm *
    In away your right, some people don’t deserve a IP Address…

    SELECT * FROM Users WHERE clue > 0;
    0 rows returned…

  241. Ben

    Oh, the irony! You do know that Apple maintains some of the most tightly-controlled “intellectual property” and DRM ecosystems in the world, right? Talk about “wanting to control everything”. If you’re using Apple products because you think that Apple is somehow morally-superior to Microsoft, then I encourage you go visit some of Apple’s manufacturing facilities around the world. (I loathe Microsoft, too, for the record.)

  242. Bilal Sayed

    Thanx No-IP you guys are great

  243. KrisL

    Ehh… Perhaps you need to think before commenting yourself, as you seem to be missing the point of most of the comments posted here.

    No one has any issue with Microsoft’s stated intentions. No one here is against Microsoft, or anyone else, wanting to lessen malicious internet activities. The problem people have is HOW Microsoft went about doing this.

    Microsoft should have brought this to No-Ip’s attention and helped them resolve the issue without negatively affecting many/any legit users. Microsoft would have gotten their positive PR story of “Microsoft helps stop bad internet people” and everything works out nicely.

    Had No-Ip been unwilling to cooperate with Microsoft’s request, THEN they are completely in the right for taking the path of legal action. This, however, should not be the first choice when trying to resolve something like this.

  244. Stein

    I really dont undrestand Microsoft’s logic here.
    It’s like shutting down the iron plant. Because Smith & Wesson makes guns of iron, that can be used for manslaughter.

  245. robert

    One more reason to hate microsoft, if we hadn’t a million already… They behave like the arrogant bully they always been, but now they are specially noisy because of their irrelevance vs fresher companies like google or apple.

  246. gany

    Merci beaucoup pour votre service

  247. This truly is ridiculous. Why does it seem like americans sue first ask questions later?

  248. This may be an example of a monopoly gone wild.

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