Minecraft 1.3 Patch Update : Port Number No Longer Needed On URL


In the 1.3 patch for Minecraft, there is an awesome workaround…

In the 1.3 patch for Minecraft, there is an awesome workaround for allowing users to connect to your hostname without requiring a port at the end i.e. minecraft.no-ip.biz:27165.
This is one of the biggest complaints that we hear from Minecraft users using No-IP’s dynamic DNS. With the new Minecraft patch, you can now use a SRV record, which acts similar to a Port 80 Redirect. Check out this easy tutorial for adding an SRV record to your hostname. Please note: an SRV is an advanced DNS record and is only available with our Enhanced Dynamic DNS and Plus Managed DNS services.

Check out our easy to follow tutorial.

Did you know about this update? Have you used a SRV Record before?


  1. Or you just set the port to 25565,right?

  2. If you are using the default Minecraft port (25565), you have never needed to specify the port in the server name, and still don’t need to. This port redirect affects those using a non-standard port only — and there are generally two reasons to change the port. One is because there are multiple servers behind the same globally addressable IP address, and this service will be of assistance in such cases. The other is for obfuscation, so that people sniffing ports seeking an vulnerability won’t know what they’re connecting to. In the latter case, you would prefer that users specify the port and not have it handed to everyone who wanders by.

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