New Windows DUC Available for Download/Update

No-IP recently released a new version of our Windows Dynamic Update Client (DUC). The new version 4.1.1 has corrected certain features and added new ones. Check out all the DUC updates below.

4.1.1 features include:

– Corrected hard drive detection method to now allow installation on hard drives larger than 2 TB.
– Added System Service as a default setting on installation which can be de-selected before finishing. (This means if you leave System Service as active the DUC will run automatically when the computer is turned on without you having to add this as an option when first logging in.)
– Added support to allow the app to run with .NET framework 4/4.5.
– Added refresh for Notices/Alerts
– Now prompts for host selection when first logged in or if a hostname is not selected.

You can download the new DUC here.