The Top Apps Your Child Needs for Back to School

It is time for your kids to go back to school. This means endless battles with them to do their homework, to go to bed on time and to make sure they are getting all the help they need to succeed. There are thousand of applications that your kids can use to get an extra boost in school. Below we talk about the three we think are the most useful. And who knows, they may even benefit you, the parent!


It shouldn’t come as a shock that most kids, especially those in junior high and high school have a hard time keeping track of their assignments. Between the tests, essays, quizzes and major projects due, it’s a wonder they remember any of it at all. This is where iHomework comes in! Back when I was in school, we used what they called a” planner”…well iHomework is the new planner. This app allows students to track their assignments, sorting them by due date, week, month or by class. By integrating with Questia they can also link class readings with each assignment. This app is great for parents too. You can input your child’s weekly assignments to help them stay on top of  homework, remind them of upcoming tests and keep yourself up to date on what is going on in the classroom. You can also track their grades and keep a progress report for each class.

iHomework is $1.99 and available for iOS at the app store.


This app is marketed as, “flashcards on steroids” which is exactly what it gives you. Students now have the ability to create flashcards themselves, and tailor them to the things they need to study most. It then places them seamlessly onto their touch screen tablet or phone, where they can be shared with other classmates through the use of a simple link. The app itself is free, but you can purchase pre-made flashcards for certain subject such as foreign languages, history and even physics. Now parents have the ability to help their kids study for tests by simply downloading the necessary flashcards, saving them time and paper.

The app is available for iOS in the app store.


No child, especially those in high school, are immune from the dreaded term paper. This means they need an easy way to cite their sources, in the correct format, both in text and on the “works cited” page. Ugh, sounds like a lot of work just to make sure a student is using the right sources. In walks EasyBib to make this process a whole lot easier. This handy app can scan the barcode of a student’s text book, and seamlessly input the information into the correct citation format. If that doesn’t work they can input the text name in the search bar and it will give them all the options that match the search. But that isn’t all, EasyBib can site 59 different types of sources including maps, website, movies and even federal documents. It also has 7,000 different citation styles, from APA to MLA and all those in between.

EasyBib is available for iOS or Android.

These three apps will help your child stay focused this school year at little to no cost to you. Help them stay organized, study more efficiently and save time by downloading these apps now. Have another app you think people should know about? Leave it in the comments below!