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Did you know that No-IP was an idea that was started in college by our founders? That small idea has grown into a great big idea with over 13.5 million users worldwide. We are proud to say that since 1999, we have been providing rock solid Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS , no ifs, ands, or buts.

Answer the following question for a chance to win a No-IP T-shirt or a Year of Enhanced DNS. 5 people will win. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, August 21, 2012. Leave your answer in the comments and be sure to Like this post and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

What No-IP service allows you to use your own domain name on our redundant and reliable managed DNS network?

  1. Dorian

    You know, that is sort of a trick question, there is no distinctive answer for that.
    No-IP DNS is free with a domain registration. This domain would be “your own domain”. You could also transfer “your own domain” to No-IP, but that you can’t do with all domains, only gTLDs are possible so far.
    The only way to use non-gTLDs with No-IP would be to use No-IP Plus and setting up the No-IP DNS servers with your registrar or root DNS, which also not all of them allow you to do.
    Last possible solution, use any No-IP DNS service and forward DNS via a wildcard CNAME record to your No-IP hostname(s) via your registrant’s DNS, but that doesn’t necessarily use a No-IP service to accomplish your goal. 🙂

  2. Lasse

    No-IP Plus

  3. No-IP Plus allows you to have your own domain name on your network!

  4. Fred

    I believe the answer is no-ip plus

  5. Erik Vonderscheer

    No-IP Plus

  6. Brian

    No-IP Plus

  7. Michael Whitehurst

    DNS Plus

  8. No-IP Plus

  9. Deltady

    Domain Registration(No-ip plus)

  10. Phil M

    No-IP DNS

  11. Andy

    The answer is No-IP Plus:)

  12. Andy

    No-IP Plus

  13. Dussed

    No-IP plus!

  14. Ben R

    No-IP Plus of course 😉

  15. Liam

    No-IP Plus

  16. Liam

    No-IP Plus.

  17. Boris

    No-Ip Plus

  18. No-ip plus

  19. mari


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