No-IP Customer Highlight Series: BC Perigramma

Today we are starting a series highlighting some of the unique uses for the No-IP service.

BC Perigramma is an innovative Greek company that is cutting carbon emissions and providing cheaper power to thousands of people, and No-IP’s Dynamic DNS service is an important component of their Solar Park operation.

The design and implementation of 11 photovoltaic systems (PV systems) with a total power output of 1.7 MWp (roughly enough energy to power 2000 homes for a year) is no small task. The systems consist of solar panels from companies such as Suntech and Bosch, and over 150 inverters from SMA. The PV plants will prevent over 3,108 Tons of Carbon Dioxide every year.

Monitoring the parks and the thousands of sensors is another major undertaking. Up to the minute, information is crucial and allows for corrective and preventive maintenance to be performed as needed, avoiding costly outages of service.

“In every park, we place 3G cards to have information about the park’s performance,” stated Theodor Tsiolis, Mechanical Engineer- BC Perigramma.

With 3G modems in the field and No-IP updating the changing IP address, the BC Perigramma team is able to efficiently and effectively run the entire grid remotely.

No-IP is proud to be a world leader in Dynamic DNS services and we are happy to help you, whether your goal is hosting a Minecraft server or powering your city.