[VIDEO] How to Create a Free Dynamic DNS Account

  1. Bill Novak

    I did all that and had a free account for a while. Then you canceled it for no apparent reason. So now I no longer have an account and I warn anyone thinking of going with a free DynDNS account that they can’t depend on the service.

  2. S J Hersom

    Hmmm. I’ve done this three times and each time I need to refresh the DNS I’ve got lost in your website and eventually abandoned it.

  3. I am sorry to hear this… Our Free Dynamic DNS hostnames have to be confirmed every 30 days so we know they are still being used. We send at least 3 notifications before the hostname is deleted.

  4. Scott

    I’ve been using their Free Dynamic DNS service since March 2012. I’ve had no issues at all… it works great! But one has to be diligent to renew your hostname every 30 days since this is a “free service”.

    I’ve proved the ‘concept’ myself and now currently working on setting it up for our small (9 users) non-profit home owners association.


  5. MyMoney

    I have been using Free Dynamic DNS service over a year with no problems. I only need to click the email and renew each 30 days.

  6. Henri

    It’s just great but only works it seems with the “access to ” (i.e http://) ?
    I have a Home Server and once the user gets connected, my IP reappears in plain.

  7. Daniel

    Should have a manual or video on how to put two or more computers registered with the no-ip on the same network.

  8. Have been using the free DNS service for many years now – have had no problems and can certainly recommend it – OTHER than the fact that some years after I set up my account NO-IP suddenly decided to establish that silly and ever so annoying … 30 day “if you don’t click here we will cancel your account” — that SHOULD be S T O P P E D !!!

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