No-IP’s Dynamic Connections Week and the Value of Fun

Last week, the entire No-IP team, with both local and remote employees, got together for the ultimate team bonding experience! The No-IP Dynamic Connections Week was a three-day event filled with team-building activities, workshops, and networking opportunities.

The event was developed as a way for the whole team to get together, build connections, and develop skills to help achieve shared goals and embody our core values:

  • Get Sh* Done
  • Bring Up Others
  • Collaborate
  • Always Be Learning
  • Have Fun

At No-IP, we believe that by staying true to our core values and focusing on unlocking the potential of the Internet, we can continue to provide exceptional DNS services to our customers and achieve our shared goals.

However, it is safe to say that the biggest core value was “Having Fun.” At the end of the week, the biggest takeaway from the team was how much fun was had with local and remote employees and across different teams. No-IP used to be made up of mostly local employees who regularly worked onsite at the Reno, NV headquarters up until the pandemic lockdown.

Over the past few years, No-IP has put more feelers out across the country and worldwide looking for talent to match our roles and core values. Having everyone together during meetings and presentations last week was a great way to welcome remote employees and a nostalgic reminder of when the office used to be full of people.

One of our remote employees, David Jonas, our VP of Platform and Chief Architect, reflected on how it meant a lot to see everyone at the company take time away from their usual lives and get out of their comfort zone to spend time with their workmates. While technology these days makes it a lot easier to connect from a distance, it is still fun to get together in person.

Dan Durrer, our Founder and CEO, agreed, especially when they haven’t been together in the same location since pre-pandemic: “It was energizing to have us all together and made me miss the old days.  A lot of great conversations happened, and teams got to bond in various ways.  We learned a lot about what other departments did on a deeper level.”

The boost in morale and camaraderie will surely be reflected in teamwork to continue progress and service to our customers.

Interested in being part of the No-IP team? Take a look at our careers page to see if any of the open positions are a match – We’d love to hear from you. Maybe we’ll see you at our next Dynamic Connections event!