No-IP’s Formal Statement on Microsoft Takedown

We want to update all our loyal customers about the service outages that many of you are experiencing today. It is not a technical issue. This morning, Microsoft served a federal court order and seized 22 of our most commonly used domains because they claimed that some of the subdomains have been abused by creators of malware. We were very surprised by this. We have a long history of proactively working with other companies when cases of alleged malicious activity have been reported to us. Unfortunately, Microsoft never contacted us or asked us to block any subdomains, even though we have an open line of communication with Microsoft corporate executives.

We have been in contact with Microsoft today. They claim that their intent is to only filter out the known bad hostnames in each seized domain, while continuing to allow the good hostnames to resolve. However, this is not happening. Apparently, the Microsoft infrastructure is not able to handle the billions of queries from our customers. Millions of innocent users are experiencing outages to their services because of Microsoft’s attempt to remediate hostnames associated with a few bad actors.

Had Microsoft contacted us, we could and would have taken immediate action. Microsoft now claims that it just wants to get us to clean up our act, but its draconian actions have affected millions of innocent Internet users.

Vitalwerks and No­-IP have a very strict abuse policy. Our abuse team is constantly working to keep the No-­IP system domains free of spam and malicious activity. We use sophisticated filters and we scan our network daily for signs of malicious activity. Even with such precautions, our free dynamic DNS service does occasionally fall prey to cyber scammers, spammers, and malware distributors. But this heavy-handed action by Microsoft benefits no one. We will do our best to resolve this problem quickly.

The list of domains that were affected by this takedown are the following:

About No­-IP
For over 14 years, No­-IP has been offering the best and most affordable Dynamic and Managed DNS solutions. Our robust Anycast Network with points of presence in 18 different world­class facilities across the globe guarantees our 100% Uptime, because let’s face it, there are no upsides to downtime. No­IP is the preferred choice for users on the Internet for dynamic DNS compared to smaller, less reliable alternatives. Our DNS Experts will ensure that your website is fast, reliable and always available.

Natalie Goguen
Marketing Manager
5905 South Virginia Street, Suite 200
Reno, NV 89502

Support requests will not be answered via email. Please open a support ticket if you need assistance.





  2. Adivaldo Ferreira Alves

    Boa noite!!

    Decisão arbitrária que está prejudicando de forma contundente todos os meus hosts, sendo que nada tenho a ver com esta política arbitrária da Microsoft.
    esperamos sinceramente que esta situação seja resolvida com a máxima brevidade uma vez que o prejuízo que está causando é enorme, e com certeza a Microsoft não vai nos ressarcir.

  3. Bryan

    In other words: Microsoft used the legal process to hijack No-IP property because they were annoyed about other people breaking the law. Using that same logic maybe No-IP can get a court order to take the domain because you can find illegal content on it?

  4. Jason

    Time to switch to linux No-Ip!!

  5. Jamas dejen un servidor fisico como el que usaron para dar dns al mundo… fisicamente en EE.UU.

    O dejaran sin vos a medio planeta.

    Gracias por brindar el servicio No-IP Free

  6. Pablo

    remain reset when service or host that are in your hands.

  7. sue their asses

    hi all,

    you can do the same to them. hotmail/ is used to spread malware. get a court to shut it down. heck, even windows is used to spread malware. maybe some court could also windows removal from all computers, worldwide, just like this worldwide no-ip blackout they are doing, just to make way for their “cloud services”. “look, no-ip is no more and they are always down and full of viruses, our azure product is better, buy it for a stupid amount of money”.

    call your friends at cloudflare and other companies and sue microsoft. together.

  8. When will you fix this problem? How can we fix it ourselves?

  9. tiko

    What happend next…. should I wait for a week?

  10. Hi! I’m so greatful for your free domain service. It has been really convenient site for me. Hope you guys can get it back up soon! Best of luck!

  11. lizardfreak321

    This is terrible!
    My public server is experiencing downtime due to this!
    Please fix this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

  12. Hi,

    What’s alternative now? We are facing a big problem.

  13. Josef Habr

    Hi, sorry for that but can you please publish the list of those 22 domains?

  14. This is ridiculous how everyone is getting put off over this!! I NEED these domains back online! I have built my business around many of them! My clients DVR systems, terminal server connections, and even my remote connection software all depend on this!! My business is literally at a halt until this is resolved!! Thumbs down to Microsoft to pull this!!

  15. FUCK U MICROSOFT… I m not a malware or virus!!

  16. anthony

    this is really annoying

  17. Hi just wondering when this host will be back running again


  18. Rob Vatalaro

    What am I supposed to do? How do I tell Microsoft that my domain is one of the good ones? I cannot receive e-mail. My domain is “gone.” How can something like be done so poorly? How come I’m not seeing other comments?

  19. George Mouyios

    Yes this has affected our free hosts. My domain name is still resolvable. Thanks M$ for messing our service up >:-(

    Been with for years now.

  20. Who do I need to contact at Microsoft to correct this? This action is very bad for all involved.


  21. A user

    Your letter spacing is seriously fucked up.

  22. ottimo

  23. Sue Microsoft!!!!!

    Linux 4-Ever!!!!

  24. Ristic Sasa

    ok, and now sue their corporate ass off, for 1 billion dollars, and introduce an all-free service 🙂

    seriously, this is a denial/disruption of service of a epic proportions… I’ll recommend you transfer your service to EUropean servers… We have a lot more democracy here, than in the Corporate States of America 🙂

  25. The Manager

    Microsoft may not realise that I was looking forward to my daily spam, who are they to tell me I can’t have my morning malware?

  26. Woo

    Are MS so far above the law already, or how can they just go and seize two dozen domains they have no legal (i.e. trademark) claim to? Or can anyone in US claim any domain just by saying “I want to fight malware”?

  27. Can you give me an approx time for the matter to be resolved or what can be the alternate solution for it ?

    Nidhin Kurien

  28. greg

    I need to know if the problem in link
    will be resolved and when, or it will not be resolved?
    Best regards

  29. ミッコ

    Remove all microsoft products from your computers as a thank you to microsoft

  30. Simon

    So MS is serving court order and you were not aware that there is a case regarding those domains? Nobody informed you? 🙂 Thats weird…

  31. James

    Any chance of a link to the full text of the order?

    This is causing serious damage to the public and confidence in internet DNS infrastructure, which in the long run is much more damaging than some malware threat (Which is a threat caused by a Windows operating system issue, not a DNS issue)

  32. random

    I think this is hilarious considering how much spam comes out of hotmail accounts even to this day. This action has now prevented me from legitimately accessing my machines at home. I really hope you take action against Microsoft for this naive, ham-fisted approach and hold the US courts to task for allowing it. Even if you succeed in a damages claim against Microsoft that doesn’t remediate the hundreds of thousands of us affected by this. Class action time perhaps?

  33. Pero

    Which would those 22 domains be? Is one of them?

  34. random

    @NoIP: You should file for an ‘ex-parte’ seizure of Azure as an ‘asset used to perpetrate criminal activity’

  35. Anon

    Ok then let’s do the opposite, as M$ crappy OS is hosting malware and accounts for 99.9% of compromised systems, let’s get a court order to erase all of them from the earth as they represent a risk for all internet…

  36. What i can to do for resolve this situation?

    best regards

  37. If this the problem with Microsoft who is going fo pay for my down time. Can you start a form that we can direct our complaint to Microsoft?

  38. non7top

    Good luck in your fight with the bastards.

  39. Hi.
    And now what ? I have a bunch of office brunches down…lot’s of cnames to no-ip domains and PROFESSIONAL and SERIOUS services are being afected. Are those Microsoft guys dumb ?!?!

  40. Hello,
    our domain has stopped due to this issue, we are using your service to connect few workstation together, we feel very annoyed by this act of Microsoft and hope this issue will sorted out very soon.

  41. Incredible! They tore down my domain that I use for VPN between local offices and headquarters in the public employment services for data replication? It seems that Microsoft implements malicious activities on this case

  42. JHohn

    Thanks for the support

  43. plz statik this addresh

  44. This is the equivalent of a whole street full of residents being arrested because a couple of households are breaking the law!

    Any chance of a class action lawsuit to counter Microsoft’s actions?

  45. woke up this morning to see my website was down… thank you Microsoft!

  46. David

    Sue them! Dont let them get away with this bull. Sue them so they pay dearly.

  47. BigBrother

    Nobody should be shocked by what happened today.

    Microsoft is one of the most despicable companies left in the world today – they spent their career trying to exploit customers and reel in 80-90% of their profits off of just 2 programs in their massive lineup (windoze and office) and now that the world has (largely) abandoned BOTH of their platforms and been heading for clean waters and they’re left with an incredibly shrinking user base. – As a result of that they’ve been putting “their greatest minds” on things like this apparently – anything they can do to lie, cheat or steal their way to “the top” (which no longer exists for them) is on the table.

    Isn’t is funny how many of us struggle constantly with Microsoft (created) problems on a daily basis yet their (former) CEO still maintains the spot of the richest person on the planet – one would think that title would be reserved for the people who changed the world on a positive note. It just goes to show how this universe doesn’t reward good… it rewards greed.

    On that note – has anyone ever wondered why Bill Gates is hell bent on giving away all his money through charity? – because he knows damn well that he deserves NONE OF IT and he’s got a special spot in hell carved out for his rotting aging corpse – he stole it from everyone by selling them a false set of goods (this perception that Windows actually worked as advertised) and he realizes this and now is trying to wash the sins from his hands… good luck brother…

    Quite frankly this is the mentality of these pricks – bully anyone you can when you have all the $$$. When they can’t patent it and utilize the government as their bullies they go after people in any way they can utilizing any legal means available to them – pushing any boundary they can..

    Awe… poor Microsoft… as we all watch and wait for your ultimate demise, enjoy the ride down to the bottom… maybe you can sue some more people over Android patents when this action fails.

    Revenue by any means necessary….

  48. Suspicious

    The description Natalie has given doesn’t make sense.

    Why are Microsoft handling billions of queries from your customers?
    They not a root level provider so why is this an issue?

    Even if they blocked the domains in their own internal DNS servers, it may affect MS related services, like Hotmail, but it wouldn’t affect the entire Internet.

    More clarity is needed on the exact issue and chain of events.

    I appreciate the pain it’s causing.
    However, people crying foul and wanting legal action need to calm down until the full and true facts are known (if that ever happens).

  49. Chipz

    Sorry to hear of your troubles no-ip.
    It is a classic bully boy tactic from over bloated corporate entity that has gotten toooo big.
    Does this effect only free domains like hopto and
    Time to dump that POS Micro$oft OS in favour of Linux.

  50. Murilo

    the service will be reinstated when?

  51. Peter Iovine

    or, we can sue their sorry asses, get 2 billion dollars, and make custom ips like suemicrosoft.screwyou.fuck insead of using or something like that.

  52. Microsoft say to NO-IP “Please insert 25 cents to continue… ” NO-IP is all like fuck that we aint got time to give you more money after that shitty game you just pulled off.

  53. Alistair

    Except that would change nothing, since Microsoft were made the DNS authority and No-IP’s infrastructure was completely bypassed… In fact, I would be downright surprised if they weren’t already using Linux infrastructure.

  54. reckless32

    No-IP is offering you an unique service by free, so you are not allowed to claim them fix a problem that they has no fault. Please, be quiet and endure with it.

  55. Dixon

    The case where filed on June 19’th and a summons where sent to Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC (doing business as that same day.
    And you claim that you didnt know about this until June 30:th ?!?

  56. Just change the dns to , OpenDNS and now its work

  57. Ok, microsoft is really bad. But please no-ip, Let us know wich domains we can use. Because i’ve the paid account and I didn’t receive any information from you by mail and i had to be googling to check why some of my system didn’t work.

    So please tell us wich domains we can use and wich we can’t!

  58. You should post the complete list of domains seized by Microsoft.
    How are we, the customers, supposed to tell if our hosts are affected or not?

  59. The company’s reputation is shaken by this action of Micrisoft. My businesses also operate all based on … I have to adopt another solution is to not use more proprietary solutions …
    Sorry No-Ip
    A reputação da empresa fica abalada com esta acao da Micrisoft. Meus negocios tambem funcionam todos baseados em… Tenho que adotar outra solucao e nao usar mais solucoes proprietarias…
    Sorry No-Ip

  60. Marco

    Has the list of the 22 seized sites been published anywhere?

  61. MvG

    Since James asked about the full text of the order, has documents (apparently put there by MS) including the TRO.

  62. Ciccio

    MikroPork vergogna… resto verrebbe censurato
    MikroPork shame ….. the rest would be censored

  63. You all should stop looking to place blame on Microsoft, read the facts about the story and realize that the company you chose is at fault here for not doing anything to stop the spread of malware, viruses and more specifically, domains and customers that participate in cybercrime like identity theft and ransomware. We’re talking about millions of infected computers traced back to this company. They can monitor the traffic, they have the tools and means necessary to locate and shut down the abusers but they did absolutely nothing about it. You should be mad at your host. Unfortunately this comment will get deleted, or moderated out.

  64. MattiMo

    You can resolve the problem temporarily by creating an entry in your hosts file with the subdomain and ip address.

  65. Admin

    Microsoft must stop what you do because it does not looks at what we do, but from succulent

  66. Hello, i have seven host…. what i fu¨%&¨%(*& now????

    crist microsoft… u $$$$$$….

  67. Luiz Campedelli


    Ok, microsoft is doint that, but noip should give us a timeframe for when the service will be normalized

    Please tell us more

    Thank you

  68. Mil

    I have spent all day putting in place alternative safe no-ip enhanced domains for 4 of my clients today and our business has also come to a halt rectifying microsoft’s actions which realistically will take me weeks to put alternatives in place for the rest of our clients 🙁

    I’m still in shock that something like this can be allowed to happen. I mean penalising no-ip is one thing (not right) but to not consider the after effects on all the other millions of legitimate users and businesses… is just beyond me.

    Microsoft and all parties involved in todays action against the no-ip free domains must be penalised for the simple fact of how many legitimate users and business have been affected by this action. They also need to be held accountable and need to pay for the downtime and consequent loss of business for millions of others.

    Deep down i think Microsoft and other parties involved will go unscaved by their actions today. Time will pass, people will find alternatives and Microsoft and the others involved will get what they set out to get and in my opinion thats public dominance, stature, authority, the big brother stigma which in the end takes their brand to a higher level.

    Shame on you Microsoft and all other parties involved. Your actions today will stamp more authority but you have lost my respect and i will make sure my opinion on your actions today are heard with every business and person connected to me and i hope others like me will do them same.


  69. What the heck this situation? This is realllllyyyyyy fuuuuccckkkkinnnggg situation!!!!

  70. Шоколадный пидорас, прекрати бомбить Донбасс!

  71. Cleber

    MS, thanks for screwing my business! Your incompetence in solving problems of SPAM in your system is not my responsibility! What should I explain to clients who need this service to access your PCs, DVR, Alarm or other devices remotely?

  72. Bas

    Microsoft is the cause of all problems, No-IP is not.
    If Windows wasn’t so bad and poorly written, none of this ever happened.
    And don’t forget Hotmail and Live, they spam like no other service on the planet.
    Microsoft sucks BIG TIME!

  73. Marcos

    Who can we solve this problem?????
    so do we have to change all our noip account ???????

  74. Cleiton Silva

    Decisão que está prejudicando meu emprego, sendo que nada tenho a ver com esta política arbitrária da Microsoft. Espero que esta situação seja resolvida o mais rápido, uma vez que estou com prejuízo e com certeza a Microsoft não vai nos ressarcir. Como fica emu emprego.. ????

  75. MvG

    For people who urgently need to contact a host using one of the hijacked domains, and know a bit of DNS workings: you can query for the host name, and then use the found IP address to override the hijacking, e.g. by adding an entry to /etc/hosts, or by manually entering this into the address bar of your browser, or the connection settings of your remote access client, or whatever. Won’t help with strangers trying to find you, though.

  76. Looks like there was no way to create a patch to protect Microsoft systems from this malware, so the had to do this. Now, the next malware knows Microsoft has no other way to protect its customers, and the next malware will just use different technologies to put back the data…. actually Microsoft exposed its weakness acting like this. And btw, what if the court rejected to block the domains? Microsoft users were just unprotected? Seems yes….

  77. Thank you Microsoft (sarcastic). This is costing my company time and $$$. Punishing the masses because of a handful of bad actors. Very bad business practices!

  78. huylemusic

    Microsoft is not Fair play !!!
    Everything will be fine. I always believed in you!

    Thanks for your support.

  79. If you don’t have remote clients and it’s just for local or intra server communication, you can fix it by configuring the use of open dns servers:

    c:> netsh interface ip add dns name=”Ethernet” addr= index=1
    c:> netsh interface ip add dns name=”Ethernet” addr= index=2

  80. Thank you for having provided a GREAT service up until now.

    And hey Microsoft! You’ve shut down four million servers out there to catch a few malwares. Don’t you think it’s like killing an ant with a flamethrower? Sure, it gets the job done, but do we need to take such a drastic action with so much collateral damage?

    And as a matter of courtesy, Microsoft should be prepared to compensate us users in good faith. Court order or not, their actions have caused tremendous damage to the Internet community.

  81. IS this the end of world O_o !!!!!!!!!
    I hate Microsoft!! Really !!

    Wana cry !!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Christofer

    Já estou migrando os meu domínios infelizmente não tem como aguardar solução, pois vários clientes meus estão parados.

  83. Nigel

    You have my back on this No-IP. Screw you Micro$oft! Server-nappers!

  84. Cuanto tiempo nos tendrá Microsoft en corte de los servers, necesitamos el servicio urgentemente, tengo todos mis enlaces caidos, is time and money lllllllllllllllloooooooooooooossssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttt $$$$$$$$$$$$ Dinero y tiempo perdido, quien nos repondrá ese dinero.

    Alguna solución rápida y urgente…

  85. i understand this bad situation, and im so angry because microsoft doesnt think about good customers.
    i had paid a noip plus service. could you please automatically redirect all my “” domains to any active noip domains? i have an account with 15 domains, so if i move to other domain i need to change more than 500 client connections or computers, please help me!!!!

  86. Gianluca

    Can you give us more info on timing?
    I need to know if activate an alternative in short time


  87. Cesar

    Buenos dias tengo el sistema interrumpido desde ayer quisiera saber a la brevedad posible cuando pueden o van a solucionar eso. por favor notificarme o respoderme a mi correo gracias buen dia.

  88. CarmineG

    The list of domains impacted by the Microsoft suit can be found here:

  89. Marek

    Stop whining people. Send the complaints to Microsoft and the court which allowed this to happen. Don’t let those idiots get away with this!

  90. Carlos

    Tal vez Microsoft ya no sea la mejor opción ni el territorio donde se ubican sus servidores tampoco. Ya somos muchos lo que lo entendimos hace tiempo y hemos migrado hacia otras soluciones.
    Mi más ferviente apoyo en sus acciones contra este atropello.

  91. Mrtn

    This is just ridiculous, What an abuse of power by ms, really dissapointed in that company. Will avoid ms products in the future.

  92. segue…

  93. Martin

    A page of knee jerk reactions to a knee jerk reaction. Looking at this lot you’d think that everyone is more interested in revenge than fixing the problem.

    My faith in mankind is NOT restored.

  94. nvsc3p06

    Merci de nous communiquer au plus vite une date pour le rétablissement des services …

  95. Keith Taylor

    This is causing me some big issues and interfearing with my site to site stuff, thanks micro$haft

  96. Matt

    It would be nice if we could at least maybe get the last logged in IP address on our account pages so that we can use the IP instead of the domain name while this goes on…

    Won’t help everyone, but giving us that at least lets us edit our HOSTS files for the day…

  97. Simple guys……

    Stop using Microsoft applications!!! it will bring down microsoft bankrupt in lesse then 6 months!!!!!

    Go free LINUX OS, and apps, this will be the only way to erradicate microsoft for good, and all problems will go down too.

    If there was no microsoft, there would be no court order now, and no malware software against microsoft , so think about it!!!! be smart don´t depend on costly $$$$ buggy soft when u have free access to freee open-source!!

    it will be a downfall for no-ip but u can get access to other dns free servers available online!!

  98. Cody

    I can’t believe that they are still able to continue to do this. This is probably one of the worst outages i’ve seen yet, and this time not by a true hacker. It’s sad that our own government would give this company near monopoly power to do this, not to mention allow it to continue after so many reports of outages that should not have happened. this should be treated as an attack and microsoft should bear repercussions for their poor knee-jerk actions.

  99. Kevin

    They claim 93% of a certain malware’s traffic is resolved by no-ip. I claim that 100% of most malware is spread or implemented on Microsoft Windows software. No-ip should get a court order to seize Windows from Microsoft. Heck, maybe I’ll do it first.

  100. devilmickey

    I am very unhappy about this. I didn’t do any bad things!!

  101. Boa noite!!
    Decisão arbitrária que está prejudicando de forma contundente todos os meus hosts, sendo que nada tenho a ver com esta política arbitrária da Microsoft.
    esperamos sinceramente que esta situação seja resolvida com a máxima brevidade uma vez que o prejuízo que está causando é enorme, e com certeza a Microsoft não vai nos ressarcir.

  102. Creo que se pasan de soberbios los Microsoft, pero un dicho mexicano “EL VALIENTE VIVE HASTA QUE EL COBARDE QUIERE”, necesitamos hacer un frente común para abandonar esta plataforma, quejarse no resuelve nada, es momento de hacer algo.

    I think it’s superb pass from Microsoft, but a Mexican saying “THE BRAVE LIVE UNTIL THE FUNKY WANT” we need a united front to leave this platform, complaining solves nothing, it’s time to do something.

  103. Mark

    It’s good to know that Microsoft is on the job, and all of those sexy girls and Nigerian princes at Hotmail are protected

  104. Paul

    This is all well and good but i pay for this service. I am currently not getting a service i pay for.

    When will it be back up and what will NO-IP do about the cost of the outage through no fault of legitimate paying customers. Your front page still raves about the 24/7 reliable access. Thats clearly not the case at the moment.

    I don’t care whos at fault, i just wan the access to my server that i pay for.

  105. Realmente, estou passando por uma prejuiso indiscutível até então achei que era alguma manutenção dos servidores do NO-IP, há alternativa que nos resta é aguardar.

    Sabemos que a Microsoft não vai nos reembolsar é indignante essa situação.

  106. jocelino menezes

    Gostaria de saber quando que isso irá terminar para que eu continue a usar minha conta sem problemas, preciso que seja desbloqueado o mais rápido possível.

  107. Nadlo

    There is forecast for standardization of services?

  108. we were enjoying your great service past long years, now sadly our business is highly affected because of this problem. please find a solution for this quickly.

    Many thanks

  109. I’ve recovered access to my dynamic IP changing my DNS resolver to No luck with (public DNS from Google.)
    Far from perfect but at least now I can access my own system.
    Of course I cannot ask this to everyone else that will try to connect to my unresolved name 😉 !
    Probably this will be fixed after changes are replicated across all DNS servers?!…
    I hope all can be sorted out in a good way.
    Best day to all.

  110. Gavin

    Hi, can you please inform us of which domains have been ceased, and please tell us which domains work?


  111. Pablo

    Are you freaking kidding me!? I had to explain this to a lot of clients because the kids of Microsoft had a tantrum? Really? If I lost money because of this (like a lot of other clients I assume), we can lawsuit Microsoft back?

    PS: NO-IP owners. You need to think seriously in change the HQ to a Europe Country for example, Dunno… Any country not owned by Microsoft and Apple (like USA).

  112. I’ve called Microsoft to ask them to fix the problem and compensate me for the outage. I recommend you all do as well. Microsoft Pro Level Support – 1-800-936-4900.

  113. My business can’t operate without remote access to our server! I suggest everyone call Microsoft Technical Service 800-642-7676 and let them know what a problem they’re causing us legitimate users!

  114. I also have lot’s of domains being resolved via no-ip.

    Allthough my main stuff is just private, but this aint working.
    can’t we make microsoft pay for all the damage they do by seising no-ip?
    i myself would like to get compensated by microsoft for every order i miss, and every day my clients miss orderds , and so on, and so on.

  115. Will

    If anyone has started looking into a Class Action against MS… I’m in… since this isn’t their service they can’t use the terms and conditions to get out of it.. if 3 guys can sue over their XBOX not connecting I think we could find a great case in this…..

  116. It’s terrible.
    Is there a workaround other than wait that Microsoft ends its investigation ?

  117. mkris

    This is terrible!
    My public server is experiencing downtime due to this!
    Please fix this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

  118. Daniel

    Let’s prosecute Microsoft NOW! I’m losing a lot of work (money) right now, My suport isnt working.

  119. Have any forecast return of domains or not?

  120. Проклятье, эта Microsoft слишком много на себя берет!

  121. Will

    if anyone wants to track how long their IP has been down here is a small bat file I amended for the purpose.. I wrote it to monitor by old crappy ISP to get the off time deducted.. start a new txt file.. rename it to “whatever_ya_want.bat” and paste into it.. then change the line in the txt to your NOIP addy
    @echo off
    color 70
    :: NF02
    set CPM=0.001
    ping “%aw%” -n 1
    if errorlevel 1 (
    echo.%DATE%:%TIME%:%aw%:NO_IP OFFLINE:%CPM%>>”MS_HIJACK.txt”
    timeout 60 /NOBREAK
    goto START
    ) else (
    echo Connected
    timeout 420 /NOBREAK
    goto CHKF
    title Scan Done

  122. Jonathan Cary

    hopefully those of us PAYING customers will be reimbursed for our downtime.

  123. Humberto

    I dont believe that no-ip was not comunicated by federal court before.

  124. Andalucia

    Hallo meine no ip ist ausgefallen was kann mann machen ich brauche es dingend

  125. Rafael

    este problema esta acontecendo apenas com os domínios free ? ou com os pagos tambem é a mesma coisa ….

  126. Adrian

    Hi, I have a host with free domain finish and is dropped from what I’ve read it’s because of Microsoft due to a cause of Malware, however I need access to that host to work on it asap.
    When the problem is solved?


  127. Here’s another number for Microsoft, the corporate office: 425-706-7863, use option zero. Here’s also an email address for them:

  128. Rudi

    who have using OPEN DNS is working …

  129. Or just shut down bing service because i’s index robots are flooding the hosts of no-ip without authorization from no-ip and subdomain/domain owner.

  130. Gostaríamos de saber se existe alguma previsão para o retorno do serviço e caso negativo, temos alguma alternativa técnica para contornar o problema, até que o serviço possa ser restabelecido?
    We would like to know if there is any prediction for the return of service and if not, do we have any alternative technique to work around the problem, until the service can be restored?

  131. Thanks for the heads up but I must point out that
    Are bussiness is now losing orders and customers as they are unable to access their accounts
    I hope I am correct in thinking there will be some kind of reinburstments as
    my Domain you are hosting for me has been down more that 8hrs

    Sadly microsft is not a company they are an orignisation so they have Goverment backing to protect the of Internet and their systems and stupidly the whole world relys on their bugged systems

  132. Gawain

    Simply unbelievable that a court would order this. They clearly have no understanding whatsoever of technology. Good luck in sorting this out and I hope your business gets substantial damages paid to it in the end. As a Brit I’ve always been happy with the US controlling the worldwide domain name system but I no longer am.

  133. I agreed! A lot os services (profitable, legit and serious ones) are currently down! Who’s going to pay for the downtimes / profit loses? With this scenario, some people have the legal right to move court actions in order to protect their rights, and cover their loses!

    With this Microsoft “draconian” action, NoIP can face court cases within a near future.

    As a personal and more informal comment:
    AHHHHH, FUCK OFF MICROSOFT! You are drunk (as always)! Go home fix your crappy products!

  134. Incredible!!!. this is the point than we must fight!!!!

    How long time you will take for repair that!!!???

  135. Yo he pagado por mi servicio a NO-IP y no a Microsoft asi que quiero saber cuando me van ha resolver el problema

  136. FICKER


  137. nico

    microsoft …. shit guaranteed …

  138. Hi-
    I started several instances w/M$ regarding this issue.
    I found that their Legal team is not taking direct calls, so leave a message. The # is: 425-707-7863
    I also contacted their Business Conduct Hotline. You can submit ANY type of complaint here…
    This is a third party, and submits the “claims” immediately.
    Please include your name, and make sure that M$ is noted as the violator. Let them know that your domain/web/email is not working, and you are losing money.
    Their number is: 877-320-6738.
    I want to be part of a Class-Action Lawsuit if someone started it already. If someone can start it, great! If not, let me know: bob”at”mainstcomputers”dot”com
    Write down you case number. It’ll be helpful for the class action.
    Let’s flood these idiots with calls!!!

  139. Bear

    Блядь. Let’s drink.

  140. Noah

    We service a lot of companies through noip. How do I tell companies that their Windows machines will not connect because Microsoft took that privilege away?

  141. Please resolve this situation as soon as possible !!!

  142. Jorge Henrique

    Microsotf…Sempre Microsoft!!! Quer ganhar o mundo derrubando os outros, seja comprando-os ou afundando-os com atitudes absurdas como esta. Vide a estória do Kylix, a do Skype, Ajax, etc, etc… Agora mais esta, prejudicando tanta gente que com certeza só vai ter que arcar com os prejuizos!!! M$: The people of Brazil says to you: FUCK YOU!!

  143. alasis

    en realidad dan risa, porque no se van a salir con la suya jajaj de verdad se creen que van a joder a tantos inocentes porque les da la venada mental ?? es de chiste.. buena suerte Microsoft ajaj

  144. mantsif

    Please inform me about which domain is out of 22 otherwise I want my money back. Thanks

  145. Buen día
    yo tengo un servicio de paga con ustedes y realmente me esta afectando, yo se que no es asunto de ustedes, pero que solución nos pueden dar, ya que realmente nos esta afectando

  146. Neoshinji

    I perfectly understand is a “Microsoft problem”, but at the end as customers are not receiving the promised service.
    – Are you taking legal measures against Microsoft?
    – Are you planning any kind of compensation for premium users?

    I suppose you are working to restart your normal service, but what can they do the affected users?

    I do not see an active solution to this problem. It’s not to offend but from my humble opinion: “you are reporting after coffee and walking the dog in the park”

  147. why why why why we need no ip active we have 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 problem wht is thas bad or we change from no ip via domine

  148. Sorry by the inconvenience, if I buy my account with you can I have back my domain?

  149. abraham

    buenas mis host son solo usados para interconeccion de dos empresas que manejo ademas tengo instalado en mi pc cortafuegos que impiden la utilización de software maliciosos por favor podrían ser reactivados

  150. My business is suffering! Can you imagine the money that is being lost by all of us legitimate users?

  151. Tom

    Awesome, I run my whole golf course irrigation via No-ip! It’s been a fun morning!

  152. Maxime D.

    Microsoft, stop listening without judgment your lawyers rather listen to your brain.

  153. jimmyk

    For those who may not know: it seems like your no-ip clients will still update the no-ip website with IP addresses. So you can pull the IPs from the website, and reconfigure your services to use the IP address rather than the host name until this is resolved. It’s not a great solution, but at least you may be able to get things running again.


  154. Dario

    Hi, there are news about that ?

  155. Manuel

    Is there a way to ask for the return of the money that I paid for the service?
    If we have to claim Microsoft to give us our money back, will Noip support us to claim this money?

  156. 本初秋子


  157. Time for an Emergency Motion for Rehearing. I would read their pleadings carefully. Odds are there are some statements made in reckless disregard of the truth. If they used the DMCA take down procedures without judicial approval look at your contest remedies.

    I would also serve the upstream providers a counter-notice. That notice must contain the following elements:

    1. A physical or electronic signature of the subscriber.

    2. Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the material appeared before it was removed or access to it was disabled.

    3. A statement under penalty of perjury that the subscriber has a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.

    4. The subscriber’s name, address, and telephone number, and a statement that the subscriber consents to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which the address is located, or if the subscriber’s address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which the service provider may be found, and that the subscriber will accept service of process from the person who provided notification.

    When a counter-notice is filed, the host must then notify the person who filed the original notice and then, in a time between 10-14 business days, restore the work that was taken down. In that time, the filer of the notice has the option of seeking resolution in the courts and obtaining an injunction that will keep the work offline.

    You can also file a file a suit against the filer for damages including attorney’s fees and court costs. Lastly, I would recommend figure out where the signatory is and hiring a former Assistant United States Attorney from that federal district. They had to sign a notice under penalty of perjury. Usually people blast through this with robosigned notices with little or no care. I think you might have a great federal perjury prosecution using a wilful blindness theory. You’ll need someone who knows the insides of the office to lobby them to bring the action.

  158. Mike

    We NO-IP customers should start a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft for restricting our businesses and personal internet usage.

  159. Will

    To whom it might concern at No-IP..
    If you’d be so kind as to find a class – action attorney… it would be far simpler since No-ip has the Users lists.. of those affected…

  160. Yeah me too! Try getting a free domain at , and use cloudflare dns while noip is down!

  161. Hernan De marco

    mis clientes me llaman porque no pueden acceder a sus DVR… que solución hay?

  162. Dennis

    Time to file a lawsuit against m$ AND the judge who issued the court order. Ask for $1M per day of outage plus legal expenses.

  163. bruno

    Tenho uns 20 domínios e inúmeras pessoas a reclamar que não podem trabalhar… Nem tinha noção da dependência que tinha em vocês… Alguma previsão para quando estará funcional?

  164. dave

    Thanks for the support

  165. Joao

    For When the resolution this issue????

  166. Aaron

    I agree that this is a terrible move, but placing your business in the hands of external entities is your own fault. Sounds like you need to build your own DDNS server for your clients…

  167. wagner Lima

    O que acontece ? espero que seja resolvido com urgência.

  168. My radio works on one of your dns … I paid for the service 20$ , please let try to solve the problem.

  169. Peter

    Bryan – You are spot on. I thought I was going crazy as to why I could not get resolution on my redirects.

  170. Aaron

    Why are you using a dynamic DNS service for your e-mail?

  171. It’s not too much of a reach to say that my civil rights have been violated by this takedown.

    I certainly do have a right to conduct lawful business using’s lawful services using our mutual agreement that pre-exists prior to the action by Microsoft.

    It seems to me that my business is being harmed through no fault of my own.

    There has to be some ambulance chaser out there who would file a class action lawsuit on our behalf…………. any takers?????

  172. Aaron

    I don’t approve of what Microsoft is doing here, but you’re neither a professional nor are you serious if you’re using externally controlled domains for your critical services.

  173. Sam

    I’m always completely perplexed as to why people decide to create businesses around such a service. Yes, noip is a great service… for your standard home user. How people can rely solely on such a service for their main source of income just baffles me. If this was so important to you, where’s your business continuity plans? Where’s the fail over? Hell, if it was that important to you, why didn’t you get static IPs so you didn’t have to worry about it?

    Just find peoples complete lack of forethought very perplexing.

  174. this is the end, my only friend the end….

  175. Aaron

    I’m amazed at all these comments whining about critical service X or Y being disrupted by this. Yes, it’s an inconvenience, but this is part of the risk you run when you don’t control your own infrastructure.

  176. Nick

    Absolutely sue them. This is absurd. Apparently the courts will grant Microsoft carte blanche as long as they’re not going up against another megagiant tech company.

    I cannot believe a judge granted this. Microsoft files ex parte, no notification, nothing. Judge grants this because he’s afraid to admit he doesn’t understand what’s happening.

    Sue the crap out of them.

  177. Daniel

    We all are basically speechless… M$ reasons for this takedown, doesn’t make any sense. And in a court of law, common sense should prevail to anything else.
    I guess that have the list of the 22 affected domains would be really appreciated.

  178. Aaron

    Perhaps some more capital letters are needed. Buy a domain and set up DDNS if you’re so heavily impacted by an external service being shut down.

  179. Shawn

    Sounds like we need to file a class action suit against Microsoft.

    Microsoft has done a lot of things over the years to alienate its customer base, but this one takes the cake and will not be forgotten. Ever.

  180. My company have since removed all MS products from our company and will no longer support MS we will be passing this over to our lawyers to press charges against MS for damages to our business as our business is reliant on online software that use noip and most business comes from our web applications. I recommend everyone else do the same.

  181. John

    Only idiots buy Microsoft junk! Stop doing that and bring them down 😉

  182. WOW, this is CRAZY! why wouldnt they have contacted you and let you sort it out (quicker and easier). Ifg this affected a Dr office or somethign just as serious, this could harm a person. wow.

  183. Aaron

    Sue them because a judge granted an order? I somehow suspect that isn’t going to work.

  184. I am talking to Microsoft to complain and to check if what np-ip says is correct.
    I will let you know what happens.

  185. alan

    fuck off ananda & MS

  186. Damian Fell

    Does anyone have any links to Microsoft’s dynamic dns status? as it seems they are now operating my DNS service I’d like to find out how ot report service impacting icidents to them, and get an update on when they will have sorted out the mess they’ve made of my web presence.

  187. Bonenfant

    fair enough… from Microsoft point of view we are all guilty… THAT is JUSTICE !

    This kind of actions should be punished. Microsoft must be sued…

  188. Manuel

    They basically ignore me and send me from one place to another.

  189. Roman

    When will the problem be fixed?

  190. Mike

    Any way to find the IP address that was last registered ? I use this service to remotely monitor the safety of my elderly relative, via IP camera, and am now blocked. Microsoft is endangering their safety with this. Please can you provide details of the order, and the contact info for their lawyers, I will consider bringing action against them if anything happens to my relative as a result of their negligence.

  191. rpakin

    More reasons to pirate MS software

  192. Royal

    We need to know the 22 affected domains. Thank You for your notification but it was insufficient without the affected domains listed.

  193. oye no me da la no ip nadies se puede conectar ami server ayuda que paso

  194. This is extremely irritating and extremely disruptive to my personal business. I really hope M$ realizes the BS they are putting legitimate users through.

  195. Rolf

    Criminal Microsoft fuckfaces.
    Linux 4 ever

  196. RDio

    As a PAYING tech support person that uses no-ip’s excellent PAID-for services (for several years), I think Microsoft has revealed too much about their supposed communication with no-ip previous to the incident. Would they not have inquired to no-ip as to the paid vs. free accounts, and filtered accordingly, notifying no-ip of possible nefarious activity from PAYING accounts, so that no-ip could persue it? That would have been nice of them.

    Links to stories on this, as well as a supposed list of subdomains that Microsoft was interested in (and none of mine are on that list) can be found on my meager facebook page. Feel free to like, or just go there for the info.

    ~ A devoted no-ip PAYING customer

  197. so can somebody start the ball rolling on a class action suit against microsoft for Denial of Service?

  198. PeePs

    Let’s keep the pressure on Microsoft, and keep tweeting about the takedown using #FreeNoIP! If we are loud enough, maybe they will listen!

  199. mw

    I have no idea what MS is doing there and why a court has approved such a strange request by them. I hope your service can continue soon. Meanwhile can you please issue a list of domains that have been “legally” captured by MS so that we can detour to another one. Many thanks.

  200. oswalco

    lo que se puede hacer es crear nuevamente unos nuevos host, yo ya lo hice y solucionado el problema.

  201. GLaDOS

    Where I work we have another analogy : It’s like nuking a city because there are few terrorists in it.

  202. Akash

    Now Microsoft has made me hate it’s service more……

  203. Isabelle Struk-Thibert

    I am in the same boat as you. 🙁

  204. Marcin

    Sue Microsoft! this is ridiculous!!!

  205. Héctor

    Le recomendé a mi cliente vuestro servicio y ahora tienen problemas para trabajar de forma remota. Saben cuando estara solucionado el problema o podrian almenos facilitar el cambio a otro dominio que si este disponible? Gracias.

  206. microsoft eres un asco, un mal jugador y siempre con miedo….. y con mucha razon hoy en dia un pequeño equipo puede hacer cosas maravillosas y tu con toda tu infraestructura no puede mas que hacer porquerias.

  207. This is just another reason to dump microsoft, and move to linux as Jason as suggested. Microsoft is a goliath, that refuses to take backtalk from anyone. They have millions of faithful brainwashed windows supporters, who fall into line like lemmings. This is outrageous, and an outrage that microsoft would sue a good company, and besmear their name simply because of ludicrous charges they probably cannot even fully prove.
    Microsoft lost me as a customer about a year ago, and this just makes me realize how bad their company has become. I hope someone on MS sees this thread and realizes they are polarizing people against them. Soon, I hope they will lose people by the droves for their poor, incosiderate business practices.

  208. Decisão arbitrária que está prejudicando de forma contundente todos os meus hosts, sendo que nada tenho a ver com esta política arbitrária da Microsoft.
    Esperamos sinceramente que esta situação seja resolvida com a máxima brevidade uma vez que o prejuízo que está causando é enorme, e com certeza a Microsoft não vai nos ressarcir.

  209. Jack

    this is ridiculous , no comment

  210. benitz

    Been with for years now

  211. Coming from Norway, this seems surreal that a private company can do ANYTHING to a domain they don’t own. Here in Europe, corporations do not possess such powers. Reminds me to never to adopt US legislation culture over here. My domain (a has nothing crucial running, only private stuff, but for business users this must be agonizing. Especially because there be a long time before this is resolved. Shame on US legislation!

  212. Cuando pueden liberar este problema.
    Nos urge una solución.!!!


  213. tfrancis

    We depend on our internet what’s the timeline look like to be back up?

  214. After 20 minutes on the phone, waiting, Microsoft Germany confirms that they know the issue but they say that they don’t have an official statement yet.
    They say that they will issue a statement tomorrow.
    The telephone number to which I called it was: +49 (0)1806672255

  215. Cesar

    Tengo varios host en, nunguno me funciona, ¿cuando creen que vuelvan a funcionar? Me super urge 🙁

  216. kyms

    ont do that plz i kill my self

  217. Why did you do that MS? you event don’t thought that your useless ms servers won’t able to handle such a queries?! fuck your useless m$ “products”

  218. loaded

    is there a list of those affected domains to review?


  219. Cambia el host por otro y va a funcionar, no todos estan caidos, no es lo mas comodo pero te sacara del apuro

  220. George

    What a nightmare. We have had customer after customer calling in over this who have legitimate infrastructure built out on For example, we have doctors who are now unable to provide their field agents and physical therapist assistants access to the data that they need immediately and urgently. We are now having to switch them over to other dynamic DNS options due to their urgency and at great cost to themselves.

    What an absolute disaster.

  221. Thanks so much for purchasing the United States judicial branch, Microsoft. Now I can’t connect to my home VPN…


  222. marcio barros

    we have vip host i hope this probleme will sorted very son

  223. Bryant

    entonces que pasara ya no habra mas no-ip y necesito mis host funcionando.

  224. This is just another reason to hate Microsoft.
    However, I wish would give us some idea of – and post it on the website – whether this is going to be resolved soon (e.g. Today) or whether this is going to be going on for a while. All of my customers are paralyzed and I need to know if I have to find an alternative or if I should “wait it out.” I don’t blame for any of this, but I need them to update their “formal statement” to let us know what the prognosis is for getting up and running.

  225. Now I can not play бля

  226. GJB

    OK, so this was why things would not work this morning.

    I added the OpenDNS servers to my search list and my site immediately started resolving.

    So everybody, you need to go public with this. Facebook, Twitter, whatever… Just show that MS wronged people here by acting badly. Public shaming of a corporation is worse than a lawsuit to them.

  227. mk


  228. renemayer

    all domains of hosts in “appendix a” are blocked.

    “IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Registry Operators must:
    a. To immediately, on all authoritative name servers for the .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, and .INFO top level domains, change the Domain Name System authoritative name servers for the No-IP domains associated with the malware, listed in Appendix A, to “” and “,” and remove all other authoritative name servers for the Malware Domains. The Registry Operators shall reasonably cooperate with Microsoft to implement this order through one or more of the foregoing changes, as may be necessary to effectuate the terms of this order;”

  229. Now I can not play counter- strike

  230. +1 for this More spam, malware and adware originated from Microsoft Internet Explorer than anything else I know. Counter action!!

  231. Danilo

    É um absurdo o monopólio dessa microsoft, também tive prejuízo com o bloqueio desses Hosts, sempre ofereci serviços que ajudaram a rede como um todo e agora recebemos essa noticia de que alguns spamers foram responsáveis pelo bloqueio dos Host e que seremos tratados como tal. Frente a incapacidade de uma empresa desse porte de bloquear as instruções recebida de pequenos hosts me sinto ofendido pela microsoft e sinceramente esperava mais do No-IP.

  232. Please post phone numbers for Microsoft. When 1,000’s of no-ip users call to complain they just might realize the harm they have caused.

  233. micro

    get back my account .

  234. My service satellite tracking, is affecting my clients Microsoft will pay me damages.

    is incredible


    Outrageous!!! Who do these dummies think they’re? They’ve completely lost the plot. Noip is a good service. Disgusting…

  236. Carlos

    Existe algun dominio que funcione?
    There is some domain (sytes, noip, etc) working?

  237. I get more SPAM from hotmail than any other mail service provider. Go counter sue them, and hi-jack their domains just like they did here!

  238. exactly what 22 domains were seized and what does that have to do with other domains not seized? what 22 domain names were seized. this cannot be done without icaan proceedings. there is a due process of service involved in this.

  239. My servers run on No-IP and my gaming-server is my only income of money at the moment. When will this be fixed?

  240. ElbowJoe

    Wowzers! Thank you No-IP for providing so many years of great service. This is truly ruthless of MS.

    Any chance of determining which domains weren’t impacted so we can find a work around for our hosts until this mess gets sorted out?

  241. thats not going to do crap!?! it still relies on the services.

  242. ????huh???

  243. Yep, this one is still working!

  244. Ron

    Learn to build a OS and this won’t happen Microsoft!

  245. Microsoft = How to waste the money of honest workers, thinking only of their own interests!

  246. Puffertle

    Just another reason among countless others to avoid Microsoft and its products and services. My legitimate use of No-IP’s service has been interrupted (specifically I am unable to VNC or transfer files from my home computer while abroad).

    I hope that No-IP seeks and is successful in receiving compensation for this blatant harassment and abuse of authority. And, shame on the federal courts for participating in this corporate cronyism. Once again, whoever has the most money and attorneys can get the government to kowtow to their whims. Where’s the due process in all of this?

    Mr. Ian McLean said it best earlier in this comment thread: “This is the equivalent of a whole street full of residents being arrested because a couple of households are breaking the law!”

    I second the call for a class action suit.

  247. Wagner

    I Think Microsoft is the only responsible by their own security leaks.
    Any other companies must not have their service suspend because Windows lack of security

  248. Peter

    Is there any official Microsoft address where I can send my complaint? The official Microsoft blog entry on this matter doesn’t allow for comments but perhaps I should address my complaint to Richard Domingues Boscovich via the “Email Blog Author” link on their page?

  249. Mark-E-Mark

    WHAT ARE THE EFFECTED DOMAINS??? I need to change my hosts to get running again!

  250. vitor

    Quando vai ser resolvido isso….precisamos de solução e de previsão de estabilidade…tenho cliente sem acesso as câmeras preciso dar alguma previsão há eles…

  251. peter

    Just change your DNS to opendns IP and you are able to resolve anyhostname you want

  252. Microsoft, estúpidos, no saben la cantidad de problemas que esto me genera, lo único que puse hacer fue poner la ip publica directamente y estar monitoreando para salir de la contingencia, ahora, que dominios se pueden hacer, para hacer las re-configuraciones lo antes posible?

    quiero apelar una queja y que me reparen el tiempo y dinero perdido mediante esta acción.
    ¿Donde puedo Quejarme?

  253. Please send us an email with the status.

  254. george

    First at all, I am very thankful for NOIP service, which never let me down.
    Today I am very angry with Microsoft. Because they left me without my redirector which is VITAL for me as it is the connection between me and my mother which is very ill, and this is the way I am in contact with here at any moment. TODAY I cannot contact her because of this and I dont know how her health is. NOIP should sue Microsoft. I would say millions of NOIP users should do the same. They believe they are the owners of millions of computers of the world, and with the excuse about spreding virus, they shut down an excellent redirect service, whey THEY THEMSELVES withtheir Microsoft products were spreading troyans and virus thru their software too!!!!!..

    So I am VERY VERY angry today… Never more any product of Microsoft. So should do all people who use microsoftd products too.. They believe that can comtrol the whole world. and THIS SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED IN ANY WAY!!!!

    When will be this serious problem solved now? I WANT MY NOIP redirector to work !!!!!

    Which NOIP addresses are involved? so i would change it to another working one.
    Thank you

  255. Here is a link to what Microsoft is saying about this:

    they accuse no-ip of actually helping in creating the malware, virus, etc. WOW. Read MS’s post and rely here to keep the thread going.

  256. peter
    Open DNS ip

  257. Jose

    Why not create a petition to close microsoft domains.

  258. JORGE


  259. em… no es ningun problema noip se tiene que cerrar por microsoft leete todo el post

  260. Francisco

    Increible!, por varios años he estado utilizando no-ip free, y nunca habia tenido problemas, porque su servcio DNS es muy confiable y el servicio excelente.

  261. Alexis

    Estimados emitan un comunicado de una solución que nos puedan dar ustedes, ya que nosotros hemos contratado sus servicios y no los de Microsoft o publiquen los dominios que se puedan usar a la brevedad, ya que están afectando el trabajo diario de nuestra empresa.

  262. RoboMWM

    So much ignorance in these comments… Take a look and evaluate the whole situation before you criticize Microsoft because of what No-IP claims.

    Microsoft’s post:

    Neutral article:

  263. Jamey C.

    This is just wrong on Microsoft’s end. If any illegal activity is being performed on a network companies must be informed so they can take action to fix the problem. Microsoft is not the internet police. I use No-Ip for personal use. I use it so my friends don’t have to remember my random IP numbers whenever they connect to my teamspeak server or to any game server I may be hosting. This is another black spot on the record for Microsoft. Seriously they need to stop acting like they own everything.

  264. What happend next…. should I wait for a week?

  265. Could you please update your note to the main page so I do not need to sign in every time to get some nonupdating information. I want to know how long this shit may take. As this is not noip’s fail I understand that this can be tricky, but could you give us even some information how long this break can last ? Actually you should send email about the issue atleast for all paying customers like me.

  266. no-ip is sheet

  267. Quien le da el derecho a microsoft de hacer esto cuando en realidad su basura de sistema operativo es el virus mas grande que existe.

  268. no-ip is the bad service at all

  269. HLOV

    Due to your null support in this issue, we changes our services to Dyn Dns…

  270. yaoc

    yo utiliso un server y sea bloqueado por que

    no puedo conectarme y perdere muchos amigo
    puesto es nuetro lugar de comunicacion

    nesecito ayuda
    yaoc MALAGA

  271. i

    On June 19, Microsoft filed for an ex parte temporary restraining order (TRO) from the U.S. District Court for Nevada against No-IP. On June 26, the court granted our request and made Microsoft the DNS authority for the company’s 23 free No-IP domains, allowing us to identify and route all known bad traffic to the Microsoft sinkhole and classify the identified threats. The new threat information will be added to Microsoft’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (CTIP) and provided to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and global Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) to help repair the damage caused by Bladabindi-Jenxcus and other types of malware. The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit worked closely with Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center to identify, reverse engineer and develop a remedy for the threat to clean infected computers. We also worked with A10 Networks, leveraging Microsoft Azure, to configure a sophisticated system to manage the high volume of computer connections generated by botnets such as Bladabindi-Jenxcus.

    As malware authors continue to pollute the Internet, domain owners must act responsibly by monitoring for and defending against cybercrime on their infrastructure. If free Dynamic DNS providers like No-IP exercise care and follow industry best practices, it will be more difficult for cybercriminals to operate anonymously and harder to victimize people online. Meanwhile, we will continue to take proactive measures to help protect our customers and hold malicious actors accountable for their actions.

    This is the third malware disruption by Microsoft since the November unveiling of the Microsoft Cybercrime Center—a center of excellence for advancing the global fight against cybercrime. This case and operation are ongoing, and we will continue to provide updates as they become available. To stay up to date on the latest developments on the fight against cybercrime, follow the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit on Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft provides free tools and information to help customers clean and regain control of their computers at

  272. Mick

    So where is the compensation coming from? I paid for a service I am not currently getting. Whose fault it is, is immaterial to me – who is compensating me?

  273. Parabéns MICROSOFT por mais uma vez prejudicar os usuários ao redor do mundo utilizando medidas arbitrárias. Como os meus servidores poderam ser acessados agora, pois para a troca por IP fixo demanda algum tempo. Quem vai arcar com o prejuizo.

  274. egf

    And here I thought that this was my problem!

    Damn, I have been working for about 2 hours this morning, trying to get mail thru No-IP’s SMTP service. Since it is the first of the month, I thot it might be possible that I had not performed the required monthly reset of my domain (for a non No-IP Enhanced customer) this new month. I finally logged-in and stumbled across this message about Microsoft effecting a block and takedown.

    And I am NOT a user of Microsoft products. I use Linux and *BSD exclusively in my shop!

  275. Rahul


  276. Exacly… And once no-ip is not hosting the webpages, they mostly should turn against the hosting companies that allow this. and if this is a home host they should turn against the owner of the pc-server. i dont get why they did that and yes bing is the stupidest search engine ever existed
    Bryan i completely agree to what you said.

  277. C64

    I hope you are able to restart your fine service. Shame on you Microsoft.
    I think it is OK to fight SPAM and malicious software but not like this. What would happen if every domain that has been used by people to spread SPAM, Viruses and Trojans is being shut down?
    IF that _would be_ acceptable you can stop,, and many other domains for that reason and say bye bye to the Internet.

  278. I have been using no-ip since +- 2004 its one of the first and free dns redirect, after years using it free i purchased an account to supply the increase of my customers. I always had a bad impression of microsoft, now they are showing us what they can do, and i dont understand why the US court has approved this, because hackers can use any domain in world, they use a lot of hotmail emails, i already received a lot of spams coming from microsoft domain. Well since today i will not indicate the use of any microsoft products to my customers, and i suggest you guys do the same if you can, do not purchase products of microsoft, they are always trying to monopolize the market. I hope the people read this and take a side, only by not indicating microsoft softwares and searching for alternatives and maybe someday they stop doing this kind of shit

  279. Mike

    Here is a link to the list of the domains taken down.

  280. Hola, antes que nada gracias por seguir ofreciendo el servicio gratuito de dominio dinámico.
    Por otro lado ¿cuando creen que quede solucionado este asunto?

    Saludos / Regards

  281. wilmer granados

    hola, primero gracias por todo lo que hacen, cuando se podrá dar solución a este problema???


  282. seeeker

    As a temp workaround for some, use the last IP registered on the system to access your stuff directly.

  283. Giuseppe

    It’s always the same story. The big fish eat the small one. We all are the small fish.
    It’s time to switch to a free OS like LINUX.

  284. Hola a todos.
    Espero que soluciones este problema lo mas pronto posible, ya que este esta afectando en grandes proporciones a mi empresa, obviamente Microsoft no me va a pagar las perdidas que me esta ocasionando este problema.

  285. Thanks, Natalie. What a bunch of morons.

  286. chibuzo

    What is wrong with this microsoft? Sue them so they pay dearly. A lot of my hosting not working properly. Dont they use hotmail for malware? Microsoft are all idiots

  287. davetherave

    We were very surprised by this.

    Dont talk rubbish you new that mostly it was used for malware nice cover up, but microsoft saw right through you enjoy the take down.

  288. Charles Mattioda

    Switch to GNU\Linux & BSD !

  289. Dilem

    I don’t know why you deleted domains and and now there are worst domains that I don’t like… I hope to put them back.In addition, I hope to soon put them or but would be worst ever no-ip.

  290. Please fix this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

  291. Patricio Ahumada

    Tengo un servicio implementado para la empresa en la que trabajo el cual me permite realizar monitoreos en linea de la situacion de un servidor ubicado a 1080 km de la oficina central, gracias Microsoft por ser como siempre … cuando estara de arriba el servicio, hay algun fecha estimada ??

    Saludos y gracias.

  292. abi

    Y entonces cuales son los dominios que estan funcionando se que este es un problema muy grande para varios usuarios como yo pero como se arregla este problema y lo mas importatante cuales son los dominios o sub dominios que en realidad estan funcionando POR FAVOR RESPUESTAS.

  293. hello, please fix soon, we paid you a safe and reliable service, as your promotion service, I work with this service you also, please fix as soon as possible.

  294. Danny

    Terrible, my business down for 1 day already.
    Stop this please MS !!!
    You are shooting on a mouse with an elephant gun

  295. Jon Mithe

    A work around for some folks out there who use this to get around dynamic IP’s is to use your IP address directly, your services are still out there running / accessible its just the name isnt resolved to the IP address.

    So your equipment, router etc is still reporting its assigned public IP address to no-ip, and this is available in the host section of your no-ip account.

    This is up to date and is not likely to change often so to “get things working” for now, you should be able to change your configs for the specific IP, or remote to your ip:port or do what ever you do.

  296. ทำไมต้องปิดทั้งหมด Microsoft ทำเกินไปหรือเปล่า
    host name cctv เนี้ยนะ จะเป็นมัลแวร์

  297. Quando o serviço estará ativo ?

  298. Anderson Porto de Santana - LINK Manutenções

    Ja tem previsao pra normalizar?

  299. Raymond

    FUCK M$

  300. Microsoft delenda est

  301. Dennis

    Dear No-ip,
    I am an innocent party harmed by M$ failing to keep their word to the judge that they would continue to resolve the hostnames of innocent no-ip users. Please start a class action lawsuit against M$ and I will join it. What they are doing is nothing short of THEFT of a domain name and they should have to pay punitive damages as a result.

  302. Jim Tew

    Do I just need to move on to another service? Is no-ip dead, dead, and really dead?

  303. maskitto

    This has nothing to do with the OS.
    Do you think Windows would be able to handle the amount of traffic generated at No-Ip? If it was possible, the domains would still be working.
    In this case only some Unix/Linux flavor can handle the service accordingly.

  304. BenJeremy

    Can you all say, “Class Action Lawsuit” – Microsoft has some rather large pockets that it can use to settle with us. Malicious Denial of service, defamation (I’m not doing anything illegal with my no-ip host, but Microsoft implies it by blocking my service), legal misconduct…

    I think a few thousand in our pockets might settle this matter nicely for no-ip customers, and might give others thinking about doing this sort of thing again some food for thought.

  305. I wonder who was the actual target in this attack…microsoft obviously had an issue with someone. Hope you guys get it worked out soon, awesome company and great services.

  306. Kostas

    I am sorry to hear that but i pay for your services so please inform us when and if this problem will

  307. Amazing that MS can get away with this, can you please give an estimate on downtime we potentially face as this is seriously affecting my network services.

  308. Jigsy

    Who do Microsoft think they are, the City of London Police?

  309. ElbowJoe

    Whooops, nevermind I see the five free domain names that are available. Will just transfer to one of those for the short term. Good luck fighting these M$ goons!

  310. Ma solo perchè si chiama Microsoft pensa di fare quello che vuole. Propongo un azione legale collettiva. CLASS ACTION contro Microsoft!

  311. Jayson L

    We have the right to sue them ourselves for damages. I am a small business and also a premier paid user who is using multiple domains for clients, VPN and remote backups. M$ IS LIABLE for damages sustained as a result of something like this . Already contacted our internal lawyer who confirmed their liability. Drawing up civil lawsuit as we speak. Contact me at NOIP.CLASSACTION@NLTNET.COM if interested in being included.


  312. Robert Whiller

    Don’t moan just fix it I run a paid accounts for security equipment and all my re-directs are down.
    My customers are not interested in the antics of bloody Microsoft they just want ME to make this stuff work

  313. Edit your address, replace the name, by the Ip Address:
    And continue working in your remote office.

    To obtain your IP Adress, open this webpage at your Browser:
    The big red numbers, is your Actual IP Address

    Good look

  314. Edit your address, replace the name, by the Ip Address:
    And continue working in your remote office.

    To obtain your IP Adress, open this webpage at your Browser:
    The big red numbers, is your Actual IP Address

    Good look

  315. Alexander Lai

    Get a Mac.

  316. Damn straight! 😀

  317. Incorporal

    Who is affected from this…i mean, some of my friends can connect to the TS3 Server, some not. Why?

  318. I wonder if a “Class Action Law Suit” is a possibility.

  319. Robert Whiller

    Oh where are my manners I forgot to say please!
    Its time we all voted against the Monster that Microsoft has become and pay or not to pay for the better alternatives, you I T guys will know what I mean

    Very Pissed off right now, VPN’s down CCTV camera servers un-reachable
    Gona be a long night But I promise I will be fully Linux & OSX by the end of August.
    Enough is enough


  320. Bill

    what a genius idea to make people move to your (n)save cloud service Microsoft. Thanks for that!

  321. Dale

    microsuck Still messing with me even tho I don’t use there crappy windows flake.

    I cant get over how they managed to get your domains.

    Guess when you run a cyber crime unit with the USA you can do what you want ffs

  322. Andrew

    I think everyone should start calling Microsoft demanding support for their domains that are now seized by M$ If you have a M$ store near you, go and demand to speak to a manager and waste their time and money just as they are wasting ours.

  323. jojo

    I will never buy anything MS again hope everyone else can do the same
    SOD U MS

  324. jw

    I just paid a week ago now no sevice

  325. Shame US DOJ. What’s the legal framework for this to happen?

  326. This is dyndns revenge allied with MS to take back customers migrated to noip.

  327. It would have been nice to have some sort of notification by email for those of us that actually pay for a higher level of service from NOIP.

  328. Ronald

    As I am a paying customer, it would have been nice to get informed about this outage by mail — befiore I spent hours to search for errors in my VPN tunnels… :-((
    Okay, the problem are the stupid f*cking idiots at Micro$oft, but a little bit more information would have been quite useful.

  329. Andrew

    I use this service to host my website including my resume. I’ve just applied for about a dozen jobs and provided them with a link back to my resume, and now they cant get to it because Microsoft wanted to get rid of some competition by using ‘legal’ means.

    Message to Microsoft:
    You are costing me my future job. STOP IT! go back the the deep dark place that you came from.

    Message to No-IP:
    Thanks for fighting for us! and we got your back!

  330. abc

    Ya sabemos de el problema, hagan algo para restablecer el servicio o minimo una opcion, no solo se limiten con el comunicado

  331. André

    Fuck YOU MICROSOFT fucking Bastards

  332. This piss me off. this is hurting my income. if this don’t get fix soon. someone will be paying for lost income. see this all Microsoft doing. they on top of my DAM LIST! i have never support virus or spam EVER! and that Fuck up copyright notice i got. why the hell do i want run a download server for free movie. are you fuck out of your goddamn mind. this where it cross the line. someone WILL PAY FOR ALL HARM!!!

  333. The reason you would need to contact Microsoft about this is because Microsoft obtained a court order to seize these domains, which means they are no longer in No-IP’s hands. No-IP no longer controls them. Microsoft controls them for the time-being, and they are redirecting all of the domains making them unusable.

    Thanks, Microsoft, for taking THOUSANDS (if not more) of legitimate hostnames offline.

  334. Tex

    Microsoft’s actions make no sense. You have my sympathies and support.
    I do have a concern that if the recommendation is for those that have lost access to move to new domains, then the malware users will move there as well and there will be another seizure.
    Microsoft’s approach and the government involvement must have some unstated agenda or motive beyond stopping the malware. Even an anitcompetitive attack doesnt seem like a strong enough justification for this.
    Is there a reason the seized domains are not listed in the blog?

  335. This made me laugh so hard. +kudos.

  336. EternalTear

    =( Why?…. and now i must reconfigurate all my 103 stations!!!…. Thank you Microsoft… and FU!!!

  337. DTDNS is affected too, so noip and dtdns are being abused by microsoft brainless policies, my game servers are getting down thanks to this

  338. Pablo

    Thank You Microsoft,
    sorry… FUCK You Mocosoft !!!

  339. Fuc* MICROSOFT!

  340. Chriss

    Oh Excellent !
    I laught a full minute after reading your post.
    So short, but still, so accurate and logic…
    Maybe they’re jealous of the success of noip, so they break the toy of the others…

  341. luis

    I paid for one year and have two dns not working. that’s how they want to keep customers? not working and is the same.

  342. cyberstation93

    Cuando estarán listos de nuevo para poder usar mi host :'(

  343. Cesar

    What is the workaround prepared for this? This is causing lack of controls.

  344. Can not believe that I had to go to my distance office and see that the issue was not the router itself. In other Word I spent money and could not get things done. NO-IP should”ve sent us an email reporting that problem.

  345. AK1

    I am in for a class action.

  346. M$sux

    May the armpits of every microsoft executive get infested with the fleas of a 1000 camels.
    We all should never ever buy a ms product again and tell all our friends to do so + file a class action suit

  347. -.- Mein kompletter Metin Server & Homepage ging gestern nacht down und saß jetzt den ganzen tag daran warum meine DB keine Connection mehr über die noip adresse aufnimmt zum glück hab ich das jetzt hier gelesen und werde eine neue adresse nutzen.

  348. Tony

    The big beast feels she can do what ever she wants do.
    Above the law, above everything. Wrong.
    That is why i use Mac and the day they purchased skype i deleted the account immediately. Microsoft as usual is the benchmark of how not to do business.

  349. Stephen Cupp

    Microsoft didn’t seize the domains. Apparently no-ip is using Microsoft services and Microsoft received a court order or a knock on the door from the law. You can’t blame your super if the FBI shows up with a search warrant and the super lets them in. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of those domains were hosting kiddy porn and the law wants to catch the people trying to download that crap. Also you can’t sue Microsoft for acing on a legitimate court order.

  350. forgotten man

    I’n not one for calling the lawyers usually but don’t we have a case of “duty of care” that legitimate users (I’m on a subscription) have their dns resolved while under the control of MS?

    x around 4million?

    This has already stuffed up a day of my time (unpaid) alone , I’m sure the (collateral?) damage is in the $0.5B and counting…..

  351. Ridiculous. Download a NoIP takedown notice from Microsoft.

  352. Robert Rock

    Can someone please post the e-mail or phone number to those in charge of this mess at Microsoft. I think the millions of customers deserve the right to take this to their doorstep. Their operating system is the #1 cause of virus spread so if they want stuff shut down because someone finds a way to improperly use it then their operating system should be outlawed and Microsoft held liable for every single virus their OS gets.

  353. Boa tarde, tenho alguns servidores que uso como radioamador e preciso do no-ip, que sempre funcionou muito bem. Agora estou sem servidor de dns e avisando a todos os usuarios que conectem-se com ip externo para que não fiquemos sem comunicação. A Decisão arbitrária da Microsoft está prejudicando a muitos usuários que só querem se comunicar via rádio com nossos aplicativos que usam servidores dns. Espero que seja resolvido o mais rápido possível este problema.
    Cordialmente , pu1jre- ribeiro – Rio de janeiro -Brasil

  354. Jim

    This is the lawyer at Microsoft that has spearheaded this takedown and others against legitimate services – see action.

    Richard Boscovich

    Fellow No-IP users, you may want to let him know how this is harming you directly.

  355. Dan

    You Can’t Sue them when they have a court order.. It isn’t like they did it without permission. Look a the other side of the story:

    Two Sides to every Coin. Perhaps No-IP wasn’t doing enough. Maybe they were.. The problem the general public has is that they comment on forums fueled by emotion rather than fact. There is a lot of evidence that is not available so we should not sit in judgement. And I can tell you that this didn’t come as that big a surprise if legal action action was taken on the 19th of June. No-IP could have at least let their customers know it was possibly coming and that they should make alternate arrangements.

  356. Michael B

    You are lying.

    Cisco Called you out in February over the abuses at No-IP. You even replied –

    You keep saying “We would like to be on the record to state that at No-IP, we have a very strict abuse policy. Our abuse team is constantly working to keep the No-IP system domains free of spam and malicious activity.”

    If this is the case how come so much the Botnet traffic is originated from No-IP DynDNS? You HAVE to be able to see this in your queries. Why aren’t you doing something about it yourself? Cisco and Microsoft both have had to contact your company. There is no way Microsoft just went to court, got a TRO against you, without at least some contact.

    Also, Nice cheap shot at the Microsoft infrastructure.


  357. Gustavo

    If Microsoft feels it has the right to seize a legal service because two persons were abusing it, why can’t you seize hotmail or outlook domains, since they have also been obviously misused by spammers and other types of “cybercriminals”?

  358. Questo ha dell’incredibile. Non pensavo che si potesse fare una cosa del genere. Sono anni che mi servo di questo servizio gratuito ed è sempre stato perfetto come un orologio svizzero.
    Quale potra essere il rimedio?

  359. Jason

    You see the problem with dumb comments like this…
    First of all, if you remove ALL of Microsoft products from the earth, what do you have left Linux and Apple.
    So ALL those people developping malware need a new platform to target, what do you think happens next?
    The “lets get rid of all Apple platform” petition…

  360. uriel

    1 razon mas para descargar los productos de microsoft y usarlos con toolkit

  361. Gary Balkam

    Apparently, in the US you can sue for pretty much anything, if you can get a judge to hear your argument. For example, I have been using firefox for years, because BING hijacked my browser search engine in IE, bringing search results based on “buy *search term* at *microsoft paid advertising link*” For example.. I want to know what a Jabberwockey is… they return.. “By Jabberwockey at..” Like WHAT THE HELL??? That is hijacking at the best, and blatent FRAUD at worst. Since there is NO WAY they can produce the promised Jabberwockey…

    Now, they are claiming some people are using no-ip to promote malware sites, well for years, I have been getting viruses and malware because of flaws in microsoft OS. As well, Java Deployment Toolkit (click-to-play) has been blocked for your protection. Yet has microsoft gotten a court order against Java? Seems they tried THAT one in the past and got their fingers slapped. (remember MS Virtual Machine?)

    I use my no-ip domain to connect to a private mumble server to do voip for gaming, so because of microsoft action, I can not use this service. This constitutes a denial of service attack directly against ME by microsoft. If any class action suit is pursued, I would be happy to add my name to it.

  362. Dan

    Perhaps you should thank No-IP. Legal action started on June 19th. No-IP would have known this was coming and did nothing to warn customers.
    Microsoft is a big target, but when was the last time someone secretly filed for a court order without the other party knowing anything about it.

  363. Junior

    I recommend the services of Cloudns!

  364. Disgusted by this action, my dev site is down thanks to microsoft, assh@les

  365. Max

    So… Microsoft fears home cloud, who needs a DDNS account to be reachable from outside, and arbitrarily asks to block No-ip saying lies about attacks…
    DW stuff… outside US your service will survive. Why don’t you ask to a judge to block for the big amount of spam you receive?

  366. PiccoloGenio

    ora mi dovro preoccupare come essere rimborsato di 2 anni di host che schifo

  367. 3t3r34

    Estoy seguro que podemos hacer algo para darle un escarmiento a microsoft , quien este conmigo escribame.
    Estamos con ustedes equipo de no-ip.

  368. Mike

    One thing I’d like to thank you for is the quick workaround afforded us ..I like others believe Microsoft has acted harshly to the detriment of your customers .If there is any way we can add weight to your complaint please advise us .

  369. We are paying customers. Looking to join any class action lawsuit against Microsoft for this egregious action.

    I am also VERY concerned about what facts they gave the courts – I can not see the courts allowing this to happen if given all the facts of the service. It feels very unconstitutional.

  370. po

    OpenDns have not blocked my adresses at and

  371. jan

    seems that is down
    pls fix soon!

  372. Not a cheap shot. MS is not forwarding traffic on my domains, which NEVER did anything with malware. MS fucked up.

  373. You may still look up your IP manually querying no-ip’s DNS servers:
    nslookup “no-ip domain goes here”
    nslookup “no-ip domain goes here”
    nslookup “no-ip domain goes here”
    nslookup “no-ip domain goes here”


  374. Please please please, be quick, I build all my business on this IP, and I’m losting money because of you.

  375. Paul

    I’d add a few $ to lawer to raise the court process against Micosoft regarding this issue.
    Any idea about fundraiser, or something?

  376. I am having issues with some of my redirects that are using my own domain. are the DNS host them selves still working? I am not using a free domain but my own domain name.

  377. Hi,my question is : will Microsoft close or they just filter the subdomains and everything will comeback again as before? thank you

    we need to hack microsoft sites to teach them how to make laws fuckers

  378. I use free DNS for my minecraft servers and now that this has happened I have 0 players online. I have worked for over a year In trying to get a player base for my servers using the free hostname. This has devastated my server and now I have to change my ip and start all over from nothing and entire year of work is gone. Thanks for ruining everyone’s hard work Microsoft. You are a bunch communists

  379. It seems to me that Microsoft may have had good motives, but have botched this up big-time – firstly by going behind Vitalwerks’ backs with this court order nonsense, and then stuffed up running the filtering DNS service. Presumably they’re using Microsoft’s own DNS server instead of a real one, which was unlikely to end well.
    I’d say Microsoft owes about four million people and major apology, and some compensation to Vitalwerks’ – say 25c per users affected. And a lot more if it persists, as there’s going to be a lot of reconfiguration and disruption to business worldwide. The judge was obviously an ass in granting Microsoft the ability to do this. However, American’s love a class action, don’t they?

  380. Vasja

    and what do with known addresses by clients ? call them individualy and explan that theri idiotic – paid windows OS is reason for outage ?

  381. This is beyond outrageous. How dare they, and by what right? I strongly second the suggestion that everyone affected show their displeasure at Microsoft by removing MS Windows, MS Office and the rest of Microsoft’s lousy, lock-in, only-used-because-of-inertia software from every system they own, and upgrading immediately to GNU/Linux, LibreOffice and other user-respecting software.

  382. bruno

    Para quem estiver com o mesmo problema, recomendo os serviços da Cloudns:

    Eles são os melhores!!!

  383. Iain

    Nice one guys – thanks for the update and the workaround. Should be back once the cache’s flush. Any ideas about how we can help you get back at Microsoft lets us know.

  384. Fardoel

    el sigue funcionando en algun momento dejara de funcionar o solo algunos sitios dejaran de funcionar?

  385. rygar

    Can you say class action lawsuit
    In the meantime install linux and help everyone you know do the same.
    btw. who died and made m$ god ?
    and where’s anonymous when you need them

  386. Ian King

    Disgusting corporate bully-boy tactics. No need for this behaviour at all. Microsoft you have angered Millions with this behaviour, fu** you.

  387. Helionicus

    So, if It is someone’s opinion that the company is complicit or willfully negligent, that justifies taking over their domains and then doing a piss poor job at insuring continuity of service?. Are you aware of an alternate narrative because the one I’ve seen so far (which may be incorrect) suggests that Microsoft did not even attempt to engage with noip. Collaboration happens all the time between companies and is more fruitful in the long term than simply bulldozing your way through. This sets a dangerous precedent that if a company decides that another is not behaving in a way it agrees or if it merely states that while acting under an ulterior motive, then it can use it’s legal resources to attack them.

    The same justification for this take down could be applied to many other companies including Microsoft, I’d sure like to get some Windows updates pushed that fix all bugs and design faults that virus writers have exploited over the years. I’ve not asked them to fix them personally of course but I’ll go ahead and assume they’re in on it and justify myself under some bogus cyber cop manifesto.

  388. Christian

    You can sue them if you are in my case and did not get any notices or compensation for down time in my business. They can give notice so that we can find other solutions instead of destroying businesses, we have since removed ms products from our company.

  389. Ontem e hoje tivemos muitos problemas por conta deste ocorrido, por favor volte o quanto antes, pois o No-Ip é essencial para nossa empresa.

  390. Geo

    hi please solve the problem with

  391. Vida longa ao Free No IP #FreeNoIP

  392. Peter

    Use opendns on your machines, them u can acess any hostnames
    just change your dns ip to opendns
    problem solved

  393. Ian King

    it’s odd. I cannot get my address’s through my mobile phone provider but I am still getting them ( cctv) on my home (sky) internet.

  394. Ted

    Fuck Microsoft

  395. Ty Rolia

    It’s called an ex-parte filing and it happens all too often in the American legal system. If you were to actually read the court documents as I did you would see that Microsoft went to great lengths to make sure no-ip did NOT know this was happening, and the judge went right along with it.

  396. No-IP has provided one of the most reliable web services I have ever used, far surpassing my ISP, web server, email etc.

    When my monitoring went off to say there was a glitch, it was a fair amount of time before I realised the domain was down.

    NO-IP, I stand behind you, this is an improper use of the justice system, and (like the EU Cookie law) has been enforced in completely the wrong way just to punish the people who can find easy work arounds.

    I can see that Microsoft want to reduce the number of people abusing the web, but this is not the way to do it.

    The CCTV guy who has many customers set up using this service must be so angry.

    How has this court order been actioned? Has NO-IP been forced to take down its offering, or has Microsoft managed to ban these domains in its OS somehow? My linux boxes can not resolve the domains.

  397. So Microsoft the bullies upset many kids trying to play there favorite game of Minecraft, I guess since Microsoft was losing control of being on top and the only OS out there they had to try to control something.

  398. your just lucky they didn’t also demolish your family home.

  399. jaldo

    could u plz provide da list which dns id’s are down.
    if this problem fixed n a day or two ? or we go for alternative dns…?

  400. Bombonerias Royal

    Justice of USA is completely not reliable because responds only to large corporations. Thank you for your efforts but i will have to work a lot with your solution. /// La Justicia de USA no es confiable porque sólo responde a las grandes corporaciones. Gracias por sus esfuerzos pero deberé trabajar mucho con su solución.

  401. Daniel

    C’mon man, seriously… what the point of asking people to switch to Linux or whatever else in relation to all this.. I mean, you Linux guys keep fighting this “OS war”, even while talking about what eat at dinner… you’re so pointless.
    Please, give a rest. Really.

    Cosa cavolo c’entra quale sistema operativo usi, con il fatto che Microsoft ha ottenuto da un tribunale un ordine esecutivo di sequestro (o meglio inibizione/blocco) di 23 domini?
    La tua mi sembra una cantilena logora ed abusata, di chi tra l’altro non ha capito un cavolo di cosa è successo oggi.
    E sia chiaro, non difendo M$; dico solo che il tuo commento (passate a Linux) è insensato e non ha alcuna attinenza di merito.
    Giusto un commento degno di un bimbominkia…

  402. Porque estan caidos los hots ‘? fue hoy , quisiera una respuesta cuando se va a solucionar ?

  403. Oh dear, as a paying customer (wildcards) I’m left with …
    900+ lines of php referencing the broken
    No functioning airfield security cameras,
    No hosted WEB sites accessable/working.
    No mail server (I’m emailess)
    No SMS-Email system working.
    No weather station.
    there’s more …
    And absolutely NO respect for Microsoft.
    Who to I bill for the loss of services, time and chaos to repair?

  404. krypton pl

    write here your disappointment:

  405. tengo todos los link caidos ayuda please

  406. Absolutely typical Microsoft balls up, which is why I will never buy another Microsoft product while any alternative exists. This has caused me extreme inconvenience as this host name and others that I use are for security cctv and alarm systems and have put my properties at considerable increased risk. I am appauled by Microsofts automatic assumption that I am some sort of cyber criminal and their lack of appropriate planning to ensure that innocent persons and companies were not put at risk as a direct result of their negligence for which we should all hold them financially liable. This is an absolute disgrace and someones head MUST roll.

  407. Latest update suggests that its completely up to Microsoft. NO-IP doesn’t have direct control over the resolution but they’re doing all they can.

  408. I don’t follow — at what point does Microsoft have access to your networks or domains ? Microsoft can not simply seize another companies property, so I assume you are hosting in their environment and/or using their server hardware, not your own. It was under this guise by which Microsoft, as your ISP, is able to re-mediate it’s own property.

    I am sure that with your reputation, you must be able to rectify this situation. Also, how long has this been going on ?

  409. ^ Yep.
    The sense of entitlement is strong.

  410. ok gusy no ip why why why ? Or ask yourself What about the people? Who play online server and you Delete host ??? what this ??????????????? We respect your opinions, please, please bring all of them deleted by Domains Thanks ……….

  411. KBill

    Thank You Bill!!
    what can innocent Linux user for your buggy M$ OS? Nothing!

  412. smack17

    They have a list of all the sites that were created for malicious intent

    I wonder why they just shut down those instead of the 4 million that they did.

  413. G.Scott H.

    The court orders were sealed until Microsoft could execute the take down order. No-IP wasn’t officially served papers until 7 am local time at the CEO’s residence. The damage was done before No-IP even had a chance to notify customers.

  414. echo “nameserver” | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf > /dev/null # will resolve the issue for ALL no-ip affected hosts, it is Working

  415. scorpus

    Stupid microsoft admins! they could block all noip domain on their systems. before blocking millions of noip users from all kind of services.

    i think this is only kind of gymnastic bull shit comming from microsoft to try to sniff noip domain. because this stroy haven’t sense. like if their admin is beginer on system administration !!

    add them in /etc/network/interfaces
    like this dns-nameservers

  417. micro$oft sucks the big green one

    Lol you could just create a Skype account and wait for the sexshow scammer bots to flood you with messages. Micro$oft lost me as a customer with the release of Wangblows 8, and now, I won’t even use their “free” services. This is fucking ridiculous.

  418. LD

    Thank you Microsoft for being the beacon of freedom and american way of life!
    Thank you Microsoft for using your billions of dollars to fight evil in all it’s forms, be it malware or hundred of honest people using NO-IP to earn a leaving.
    Thank you USA and your legal system for being an example of fairness, justice and equality for all the (free) world.
    Bless you America!!!
    And then… you wonder why the rest of the world hates you?
    A Class Action is in order!

  419. Can someone say Class Action Lawsuit against Microsoft.

  420. Nick

    Nice to see Microsoft throwing their weight around again. I hope this action costs them dearly and that all the companies in America that they have probably cost millions in lost business take court action against these assholes and the f**kwit judge that gave them the court order.

    Myself i haven’t used any MS bloatware products for well over a year. My whole computer setup is now run on Linux and i have never looked back and neither has my bank account. You don’t need MS products, there are much better alternatives out there that aren’t affected by Viruses and malware. Take note Microsoft, you have gone too far this time!!!!!!

  421. Gonçalves

    Realy? Do you use cloud? I hope not… You coud loose your files.
    Normaly I trust a service that claims 100 uptime… That’s just me.

  422. micro$oft sucks the big green one

    Once you get into the botnet, you don’t get out. Might as well switch to OS X/Linux if you havn’t already.

  423. Marti

    I wanted to briefly share with everyone a short, real life, true story about a Microsoft (M$) encounter that I recently experienced.

    Since I deal with a bit of the law I sent a set of PDF documents to certified legal entities in my State. Unfortunately two of the four servers bounced the emails back because they had a policy in effect saying 10MiB was all they would accept. So I tried again but with split PDFs…

    What ensued next surprised me beyond belief. M$ deactivated my access to send emails via hotmail that I had for well over 15 years and claimed that my account had “Suspicious Activity” on it. As I’m a veteran of the Internet I was appalled at the insinuation that somehow my account had any other activity other than my own. After a full investigation I found that M$ was blowing smoke. So I contacted their support and their response was change your password and log into the website and they would consider reactivating outgoing. I regularly change my password so again I was thinking what is M$ smoking this time.

    After a couple more emails from their alleged support I finally gave up and redirected my business and my clients to another real email hosting service within a few days. Turns out that M$ ignored all of my emails and then terminated the account without provocation or any further notification within a few days of my redirecting everyone.


    Another quick, short, true story… M$ continually encourages malware in any and all commercial products. Being a former MSDN developer for them over the years they currently and historically make no effort to discontinue this practice. This is why I have mostly left the M$ world for much greener pastures. I have observed activity, seen closed-source from certain commercial entities and much to my initial shock they are the worst offenders. e.g. commercial entitities that promote closed source.


    Yet another one… I recently acquired a notebook… and I needed to restore the notebook to factory OS settings. Well much to my dismay before it would allow me to do it M$, and not the computer manufacture confirmed from the metadata, was attempting to make me to agree to terms that I DO NOT AGREE to… e.g. the bing toolbar installation. If you read the terms it basically says they’ll take any and all information and report it back to them. I was not happy with this and promptly removed the entire operating system from all the affected systems.


    And another one… back in the day I decided to try out a “free” internet hosting service on dialup (yes I’m that old and much wiser now). Well it turns out that M$ allowed this ISP to download 100% of my Copyrighted software that I was developing… e.g. M$ turned the other cheek and said it wasn’t their problem.


    In summary M$ has been hiring from the lower end of the gene pool and doesn’t know a thing about how to code or handle the law. I believe strongly that NoIP has a strong case against M$ for violating several business related laws… not to mention the lack of morals and ethics that M$ represents. There is legal precedence indemnifying pass through providers (think ATT and other telecom service providers) from being implicated… look into it because that is what NoIP is imho… e.g. NoIP is not ultimately responsible in any fashion for domains that its customers/users point their DDNS names to.

    Thank you NoIP for all of your services and I hope that you have a continued success against a monopoly that doesn’t do credit to the industry.

    And a note to anyone at M$ if they are reading this I DO NOT AGREE TO ARBITRATION!

  424. EU Logic

    Here in Europe our court fucked MS several times because of their practices.
    I believe that they like it and they cannot live without it.
    We will FUCK them once again for a big big orgasm!!!!!

  425. Tjareson

    Considering that this blog update seems to be from July 30th, are there any updates regarding the current status of the service and next steps that will be taken to get everything working properly again? google dns are still not resolving * host names.

    One issue is a service impact, a second one can be the information strategy about it.

  426. lizardfreak321

    That is what i am doing, but the thousands of people that use my server only know the no-ip domain.

  427. lizardfreak321

    I am personally using my .tk address now. But this is bad because thousands of clients try to connect the server with the no-ip domain.

  428. If i purchase a domain, can i still use the free dynamic dns? If yes, how do i go about doing so?


  429. gerrit308

    The lack of intelligent comment and ideas shown in the above 400+ postings is seriously frightening for the future of the world.
    Take a close look at the reason this was done, e.g. READ the court filings. Doing so of course will require you to read and comprehend, which takes some effort. And that is the real issue with the comments, everything needs to be digested down to a snippet or it is too complex to understand.

    As to using a free dynamic dns for your business(es), well that just proves the above.

  430. Eric

    C’est un cas de recours collectif contre Microsoft pour les pannes volontaires aux systèmes légitimes que cela implique.

    Effectivement, beaucoup de connexions à distances ne fonctionnent plus, beaucoup de connexions à des systèmes de caméras DVR non plus ou des systèmes de backup en ligne.

    Bref, Microsoft volontairement en toute impunité nuit aux petites entreprises et cause des pannes sachant très bien ce qu’ils faisaient. Ces mêmes PME qui font vivre Microsoft en achetant leurs produits…

  431. Space

    $ rm -rf Micro$oft

  432. scruz

    Bas, you are RIGHT!
    I´m a computer technician, and I so tired of how easily Windows is hijacked by malware. Micro$oft never never took security seriously. It is really a shame. Shutdown Micro$oft please!!

  433. Robert Dohrenburg

    I pay for a service that I’m not getting right now because Microsoft unilaterally ‘decided’ that there are ‘bad’ people using the no-ip service?

    This is unacceptable as right now I’m trying to connect with a client that needs my assistance, what should I tell him? Oops? I rely on security cameras to keep an eye on my home and an elderly person living with me, what happens if my mother needs assistance or somebody is burglarizing my home?

    NO-IP SHOULD be talking to their lawyers and be ready to sue that IRRESPONSIBLE company. I can’t change hosts for something I’m not responsible. Can Microsoft PROVE that my hosts are responsible for malware? If not I WANT my hosts back… NOW!

    It is like some company decides to confiscate all GM cars because somebody robbed a gas station and run away in a chevy impala.

    UPDATE Day two and sitll getting not found: 3(NXDOMAIN) Is microsoft so inept that they cant manage a DDNS service… don’t answer, it was a rhetorical question.

  434. Anyone caught up in this, I want details of just how much time/money/whatever you’ve lost thanks to Microsoft’s heavy-handed attempt at Internet security. Check out the blog post at and comment/email me your outage war stories!

    Don’t let M$ ignore the damage they’ve caused!

  435. smbarbour

    And if you don’t have the remote IP address because it changes periodically? This is the entire reason DDNS services exist.

  436. smbarbour

    The legal action was filed ex parte (which under US legal doctrine means “a legal proceeding brought by one person in the absence of and without representation or notification of other parties” How could No-IP let their customers know, if they did not know themselves?

  437. Sufnok

    I hope No-IP will win the fight! Good look to u guys!

  438. Robert Dohrenburg

    That worked, thanks.

  439. Bad One

    This fly’s in the face of the supreme court ruling that you can not go after a carrier for what it’s users do. You don’t shut down the phone company because some one uses the phone to plan a bank robbery! And Microsoft tried to word their case in a way that makes it look like no-ip was in on it with the malware priates.
    What a crock Microsoft. Why don’t you fix your operating system first!

  440. Bad One

    This is a great find! My domain is not on the list and it was taken down! Thanks smack17 !

  441. Kyle

    if the microsoft products failed please correct them, let users noip alone.

  442. How about as a stop gap measure site offer a web page that allows a manual lookup of a DNS name to IP address so we can access our site using a direct IP address?

  443. As a user of this service and a free domain i tried to set up a duck dns ( with the ability of changing my forums and what not, but i’ve encountered a few issues my support system has been down for almost 3 days now, and there is nothing i can do but wait….This isn’t fair on those who are using it legibility, while i agree with such comments that MS should check their home server before pushing it on to others, i myself don’t care about how big the organization is, the systems should have been down what 12 hours and the 22 domains removed!

  444. that’s the reason why you sould never use Microsoft or Apple services. You don’t control the infrastructure. Are you stupid? I bought devices from worldwide wellknown producers that relied on no-ip. Why should I imagine that a court can make Microsoft business mining DNS infrastructure? Are you aware of what it means? they can control DNS. Maybe you don’t understand what’s the problem..

  445. critical services usually are based on 3rd party software like windows, linux or bsd. Do you think we should write our own code and connect with our cables? What the hell are you talking about? no-ip is famous worldwide for its services and everyone had the right to consider it with the same right as Microsoft.

  446. if a class action will start I will subscribe it. Let’s try this way!

  447. Robert Whiller

    It is good news all my re-directs are
    all these started resolving at about 13.30 GMT+1 and have been fine ever since which is very very good news indeed, saves me reconfiguring all my mobile devices.
    Microsoft are great! they blunder in where mere mortals fear to tread, good intentioned I’m sure but they never get quite right do they?
    Well its a good job they don’t run the military because instead of millions being inconvenienced there would have been millions dead!
    The comment from no-ip “DNS isn’t easy” is quite correct
    I think Microsoft might understand this now, tough lesson learned at our expense!

    Regards to all

    good luck!!!!

  448. michelle

    “It is like some company decides to confiscate all GM cars because somebody robbed a gas station and run away in a chevy impala.”

    I think your statment above says it all……….

  449. Lennos

    Class Action suit against Microsoft anyone. You can use the law to make Microsoft take notice. How many people were affected by this? It should be a hell of a payout.

  450. I

    No-IP has been a great free service i use to view my security cameras over my home network which has a dynamic ip address. I do not host any web sites or files through this connection. I can’t believe Microsoft was able to seize their domains because of a few people who violated the terms of service. If every domain on which a few users violated the terms of service where seized over half the internet would go down. Should we start shutting down every site someone can make a free account on just because the hackers are better coding than Microsoft’s software engineers?

  451. Cancelor

    Microsoft should be shut down for the same amount of time.

    To interfere with a world wide network is not legal. Microsoft have put themselves in a bad light and the ‘legal’ process that allowed this to happen in an even worse light.

    They should also pay compensation for the loss of business that so many innocent people have incurred.

    This is a very bad day for world freedom.

  452. Cancelor

    No one in their right mind does anything else.

  453. Cancelor

    You are right, the underlying issue here is freedom.

  454. This doesn’t work for me; perhaps I have other problems and/or don’t understand DNS lookup. I can ping my site OK, but not connect to it as a server. My ISP is AT&T via their Uverse service.

  455. You should have created your own DNS server for your DVR and Computer Repair customers. I also do DVR installations and Computer Repairs, but on my area even though the major ISP rarely changes customer’s IP address, even though they are “dynamic IP’s” I just setup my customers remote application with two IP address 1) The Private “192.168.x.x” labeled as “Private Internal Use Only” that they understand that they will be able to see the cameras on their laptop, PC, Iphone, or Android when they are in their office or house connected to their own wireless router directly. No need to access a 3rd party DNS for name resolution when they are at home – much more faster access time.
    and 2) their ISP ip address “example: 96:55:12:253” labeled as “For External Remote Access” with the understanding that this label is for use when they want to see the cameras when they are away from their office or house. There I can use DDNS or plain simple IP address.

    Recently, my DVR software maker has created their own DDNS service just for their DVR software and I have started using it, this qualifies as having your own private DDNS service, except that its being operated by the DVR software maker, maybe you should check to see if your DVR software maker hosts their own DNS server that you can use for your customers. Most stand alone DVR comes with their own version of DVR, such as Q-SEE Q[x], etc I have seen.

    I would suggest that you pay a courtesy visit for all of your customers and perform necessary changes based on the DNS choices available for the DVR. If you build your own DVR (like I do) – PC based DVR, you will have infinite options at your disposal in how to remedy this dilemma, and you can consider obtaining a TeamViewer license for future “headaches” so you can be able to log in to your customer’s DVR to perform administrative duties when ever necessary.

  456. Maybe he is using his own Windows/Linux personal PC at his house to run his own Mail Server using free open source software and wishes to keep everything as free’er as possible and this includes not having to pay the yearly $10 domain registration fee.

    How, he can just use his IP address for his email.

    Or host his own DNS service using more free open source software. Time for Googling…

  457. If its the lack of the start menu to access your user installed programs that its bothering you in windows 8.1 (it did bothered me by the way) you can easily fix that by installing Classic Shell Freeware, there, your exact windows 7 start menu back! – and get to boot straight to desktop by defauit while leaving Metro UI in the background if I want to run a Metro app, Problem solved.

  458. Who told you that once your Windows PC gets into a botnet you don’t get out. You can get out as easily are removing the trojan horse responsible for joining your Windows box to the botnet. Malwarebytes, Avast, etc and you can boot the windows pc off a Windows PE or Live Linux DVD and see what strange things you can find in c:\users\* where typically these trojan likes to place themselves and delete them aside from running malwarebytes, avast, etc too.

    So, point here is that joining a botnet is not like joining a gang where once you join it there is not escape. The elimination of ONE *.exe (in most cases) is all it takes to remove a PC from a botnet.

  459. A super profitable customer should be running their own DNS or having purchased their own domain name by now.

    If I were making, say, $5,000 a month thanks to running my website using the first thing I would do to celebrate my success after the 1st month is purchase my own domain name and gradually move/continue operations from thereon.

  460. Eddy

    If we all switch to Linux we’ll have a lot less problems, better performing PC’s and we’ll get rid of the M$ arrogance! 🙂

  461. geo

    Why not create dns name?

  462. Andre

    Mine work probably because i use my own domain name and rely on no-ip for dns and ddns

    When its free ……..

    Good luck to all

  463. Andre

    Especially at around 30$ a year

  464. Eric

    Hey Microsoft , Listen We protest

  465. Eric

    Good idea

  466. Reggie

    Plenty of folks who paid for their dynamic DNS were impacted as well.

  467. What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity concerning
    unpredicted feelings.

  468. Evaldas

    Damn M$, that’s so not cool… not saying they have ever been cool — it’s a classic example of how they do “business”. Lets spread this article around as much as we can — the more people see it the better.

  469. Please stop buying M$ products, switch to Linux and lets make a change.
    Enough is enough.

  470. microsoft lost their mind long time ago

  471. Saxxxx

    The Domain is blocked ?

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