What You Should Be Hosting on Your Game Server

Playing games on your own dedicated game server is a fun and safe way to play with your friends. And with No-IP it is easy to set-up a game server. Minecraft is definitely the most popular choice, and millions of people play it daily, but it’s not the only choice. There are many other games you can play and as they say, variety is the spice of life. Remember, you have to have the server packs or server instances of each game, not just a single server for all the games. So try out these 4 other games that you can install on your dedicated server.


Quake is a first person shooter game where players have to find their way through medieval mazes, while battling mystical creatures. In the game players take on the role of Ranger, whose goal is to stop his enemy Quake. Quake has been sending death squads into a human dimension through teleportation and must be stopped. The game consists of 28 levels and 4 episodes that the player enters by using magical portals. The game allows for single and multiplayer game play. During multiplayer you can choose to play the single player mode as a co-op or play against each other in multiplayer. Multiplayer can be played in multiple deathmatch modes including free for all, one on one duels and team play with two or more players on each team.

Unreal Tournament

Also a first person shooter, Unreal Tournament is an arena FPS which features head to head deathmatches as the game’s focus. The single player version of the game, pits the players against bots in various arena matches. For multiplayer, players can play in a variety of modes including, deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, domination, last man standing and assault. In domination mode teams have to compete to control certain areas, the more areas you control the more points you win. Assault mode pits two teams against each other, one protecting their base and one assaulting it.  Whichever team, defends for the most amount of times wins the map. If both teams defend for the maximum amount of time the game ends in a tie.

Serious Sam

Serious Sam is a first person shooter and consists of two episodes, “The First Encounter” and “The Second Encounter”. The game takes place in 22nd century Egypt and revolves around Sam, being sent back to fight the aliens who have come to destroy humanity. It features a 16-player co-operative campaign mode, as well as 4-player split screen. It brings you back to the days of Doom where gameplay wasn’t about stealth. The goal of the game is to kill your enemies with one of the 13 weapons made available to you. There are aliens, humans and plenty of blood and gore (if that’s what you’re into). More to the point it’s a game for those who love action, not tactics. 

Starsiege: Tribes

Released in the late 90s, Tribes is a science fiction first person shooter. Unlike the other games mentioned above,  Tribes has no single player version. Instead it is squad-based multiplayer game, similar to the game Team Fortress. The game is set in the 40th century and the human race is living in different places around the universe. Conflict has broken out among the various tribes across the galaxy and the player takes on the role of a warrior in one of the tribes. The games is played on one of 40 different maps and players can compete against each other in 8 different modes. These modes include, capture the flag, deathmatch, capture and hold, defend and destroy, find and retrieve, multi-speed, paintball and open call.

While Minecraft will always be a No-IP favorite, these four games are also awesome choices to have on your game server. If you don’t have a game server but want one, you can sign-up for a free No-IP account today and then follow this step by step guide to create you very own!

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