SPAM? Yeah we got that…

SPAM is no fun for anyone and we at No-IP are on the frontlines of the battle day in and day out. We filter or discard almost 5,000,000 (that’s five MILLION with an M) unsolicited or SPAM emails daily. 5,000,000 a day, every day.What does this mean to you? Why funny you should ask…

You can take advantage of our hard work and drastically reduce the amount of unwanted email in your inbox by using one of our filtered mail services. Each of our inbound Managed Mail offerings includes SPAM and virus filtering.

Our complete managed solution, POP3 Mail, is for you if you don’t want the hassle of running your own server. Incoming mail can be read with a standard Internet mail reader such as Outlook Express, Netscape Mail or Eudora. You can also use No-IP’s webmail service, in which case you need no mail client at all, just a browser. No-IP POP3 mail offers UNLIMITED email accounts, a “catchall” account, extensive anti-spam options, and virus protection. Unlike some lo-budget email services, No-IP does NOT attach advertising to your mail.

No-IP’s Mail Reflector service allows you to run your own mail server, even if your ISP blocks port 25, the standard port number reserved for Internet mail. No-IP Mail Reflector allows us to be the primary mail exchanger for your domain: When mail destined for your domain arrives at our servers, we forward it on to your inbound mail server, which can be on a different (and unblocked) port of your choosing. Mail Reflector also provides all the features of Backup MX, including virus scanning and RBL lists, so that even if your mail server is temporarily unavailable, mail will not be lost.

For a very low price Backup MX will give you mail redundancy on exclusive networks and our professional mail server admins monitoring the system 24/7. Not only that, but No-IP’s Backup MX servers filter viruses and employ RBL lists to help keep the junk from reaching your inbox. No-IP also allows you to provide a valid user list so that bad mail can be stopped at the SMTP level, saving connections and resources on your server.

So you see, there is a way to tame the unsolicited mail bound for your organization and No-IP can help. 5,000,000 junk emails a day are proof of that. 🙂