What Was My IP Address Last Week?

Well, until now, you weren’t able to get that information from our site so if something changed and you needed to change it back we couldn’t provide that information in your management interface. Of course since I’m writing about it, something must have happened 😉

Starting June 8th and going forward, you can access up to 90 days of historical IP address information for a hostname from within your Plus Managed DNS account. Whether those updates were submitted by one of our software clients or through the management interface on the website, you can see them now.

In order to look at the update history for a hostname, start by logging into your account then click to modify a host under a Plus domain. Next to the IP Address field there is now a link to “Update History”. Clicking that shows all the updates that were submitted either by the update client or via the website in the last 90 days.

This service upgrade is only available as part of our No-IP Plus Managed DNS service at this time.

  1. I was blocked from fb and have had a nightmare setting up account agian, it now says my password is wrong even after the change and Samsung my phone says my email is incorrect and they have sent emails on to me on it…I did just make a recovery email for Google does this mean that’s the one I have to use on all accounts ?? I need to know if my IP address was used by someone else and if my account was jeopardized, and is my recovery email now the email I need use for my account or do I still go with my official email I’m confused thank you

  2. Hailee Vance

    Hello. You will want to fill out a support ticket so that our team can look into this issue. To fill out a ticket please visit http://www.noip.com/ticket or you can call our support team at +1 775.853.1883 and they will be more than happy to help you.

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