Want a chance to win a $100 No-IP Credit and a Swag Package?

Want to help us while helping others? Configuring a device or forwarding ports on a router can be tricky. We try to help when we can, but there are many different devices with many different versions of firmware which can make it difficult. This is where you come into play. Please help us build a comprehensive public port forwarding and device configuration tutorial library.

Create a video tutorial of you configuring your device. It can be any device that you use with No-IP’s Dynamic DNS. Setting up a camera for remote access? Create a tutorial on the setup. Setting up a device for remote access? Create a tutorial! Port forwarding a router? Create a tutorial!

If your video is high quality, easy to understand and follows all of the following guidelines, we will give you a $20 No-IP Credit. The best videos will be entered into a contest to win a $100 No-IP credit and swag package (including 2 t-shirts and stickers).

The best videos will be embedded on our website and/or our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus pages.

To receive the $20 No-IP credit, please follow these guidelines:
1. Make a detailed video tutorial of you port forwarding your router with on-screen or spoken instructions
2. Post it publicly on YouTube
3. Send us the link via support ticket (from your account at www.noip.com). Please include full router or device brand and model with your submission.

Mandatory Guidelines:
-Your video title must be: “Port Forwarding / How to port forward a [ROUTER Brand and Model]” or “Remote Access / How to access your [Camera Brand and Model] Remotely”
-Your video must contain a link to http://www.noip.com/ in the first line of the description and in the video’s tags.
-We reserve the right to disqualify any submission (offensive, unclear, misleading etc.).’
– DO NOT SUBMIT a video for anything ILLEGAL or unethical. It will be immediately disqualified.

Quality Expectations / Best Practices:
-Use screen recording software to record the video. Our favorite is Camtasia.
-Keep the video under 10 minutes.
-Do not use licensed music (even if provided by YouTube), if music must be used, pick neutral (elevator) music
-You must speak in the video and explain each step.

Want extra kudos? We have tons of international users so bi-lingual closed captions are a plus!

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your tutorials today. You could even win $100 (No-IP Credits) and a Swag Package!

Questions or comments? Leave them in the comments. As always, share this on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus!

*Management reserves all rights. Credits will be added to your No-IP account once the video has been approved. If your video fails to meet the guidelines or the quality is not up to the No-IP standards, your video will be disqualified.*