Welcome Dyn DNS Customers!

It was just announced this morning that Dyn DNS has officially shut off their free dynamic DNS service.

Although we do understand their reasoning behind this decision, we would like you to know that we have no plans to turn off our free dynamic DNS service. Since 1999, we have been offering rock solid services to our users and although there have been some minor changes, our free dynamic DNS has basically stayed the same.

Never heard of No-IP? Why not let us take a few minutes to tell you who we are.
No-IP was started in 1999, 18 million users later this amazing journey is still thriving and growing at a pace we never could have anticipated. From our beginnings as one of the first dynamic DNS companies to becoming one of the world’s last free dynamic DNS providers, we’ve always stayed true to our values that helped us grow from the beginning. In addition to our robust dynamic DNS network, No-IP also features an Anycast Network with 17 points of presence located across the globe to ensure that your Managed DNS service never encounters any downtime. Guaranteed.

We Are Grateful
Delivering an easy, exceptional experience for our users, who are our biggest advocates, we owe a huge thanks to everyone who has helped No-IP on this awesome journey and for helping us become the company that we are today. We hope that you will continue to be a part of our story.

Ready to sign up for a free dynamic DNS account? It’s easy, oh and did we also mention that a credit card is not required?
When we say free, we actually mean free – no credit card required, ever. Our free dynamic DNS is so awesome that over 18 million people in every single country worldwide trust it and use it everyday. Sign up Now to start creating your free dynamic DNS hostnames!

Need more than our free dynamic DNS service has to offer? We are also offering 25% off all of our other services… Use coupon code SWITCH25 at checkout to receive your discount! (Offer not valid on renewals and expires on June 30, 2014)

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 🙂

Haven’t heard the news? You can check out Dyn’s release here… 

  1. Bob

    You no-ip dic simply doesn’t function correctly with Mavericks 10.9.x – when will that be fixed? Neither the app nor the daemon startup correctly…

  2. walter lucas

    Quantas contas posso ter , livre?

  3. lanfranco

    sono molto contento del vostro servizio gratuito mi serve per la videosorveglianza di casa mia
    no ip numero uno !!!!!!!

  4. Nikola

    Hahahaha, nice one, that is the reason I switched 😀

  5. Just started using the free service 1 week ago, since it expire every 30 days it does mean that have to change my domain every month? in orden to continue with the free service? What I Have to do ?

  6. @aris_lpn

    Thanks full for free dns and its help me. I’ll used this free dns all the time. Thanks noip team. GOD blessed you all.

  7. Is fremor.no-ip.biz

  8. No you do not need to change your domain every month, you simply need to confirm that you are still using the hostname by clicking a link every 30 days.

  9. We are aware of this issue and are looking into a fix now.

  10. Thank you NO-IP for being truly free. I use your service just to be able to access Raspberry Pi remotely to program while traveling. Can you please push Netgear to offer other choices besides DYNDNS like NO-IP. Thanks to DYNDNS, my Netgear router is practically useless without a free dynamic DNS option. They should have grandfathered those already signed up. I think their actions are despicable and the explanation was lame at best.

  11. dias atrás remeti mail a vocês perguntando quando devo pagar a taxa anual pelo uso do hostname; ou seja, quando devo apresentar o meu cartão de crédito. Gostaria de ser informado para que o meu hostname valha por um ano.



  12. Frustrated

    Are you aware that it doesn’t work with TP-Link TL-WR1043ND routers ?…

    It remains stuck in “Connecting…” 🙁

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