Windows DUC v3.0.0 Beta Available for Preview

The new Windows DUC (Dynamic Update Client) is almost ready. We’d like to invite anyone interested in trying out the beta to download it and give it a whirl. Please let us know what you think about it and if there is anything you can think of or if you run into any bugs please let us know. You can email if you would like to comment.

Some of the new features of the Windows DUC include:

  • Modern Interface, bye bye to the smileys 🙂
  • Client Tracking – A new feature coming to the site (although the web interface is not available just yet) giving some control to the client from our website, great for users managing multiple update clients.
  • Secure key based authentication, no passwords will be stored on the end user computer
  • Notifications of expiring services
  • DNS based IP check, less overhead when polling for your current WAN IP address

Download version 3.0.0b today!

Take it for a spin and let us know what you think!

  1. hello

    dear sir no ip
    good morning
    i have old vershion 2.2.1 ver 20 minute i got errore to update my ip
    where i can download noip beta 3.0.0b ?
    i got errore 404

    king regards

  2. Viju

    How can i enable the application to run as system service? where is the options button which was available in the previous version

  3. ddurrer

    If you go to File -> Preferences then click run as service.

  4. GeloN

    when i (with administrative privileges) go to file -> preferences and click run as service (run on startup – disable), then i have error message – an error occured while managing the service application .. service.log file is empty .. service does not start .. anyone can explain me how to fix this?

  5. ddurrer


    Thanks for the feed back. If you don’t mind send an email to beta @ with your issue and account name. We’ll take a look into your account and see what we need to do correct this issue.




    FYI, I have the exact same issue. Running XP SP3, installed the beta first, everything works except run as service. Installed stable, and EVERYTHING works, period, including service mode. So I’m temporarily stuck with the stable version, even though I prefer 3.0.0b otherwise…

  7. voor

    Is it possible to increase the period of time in between updater checks? Right now it checks every 5 minutes, but the old client (v2.2.1) ran checks every 30 minutes. Even better would be a user-definable interval (up to 24 hours, for example.)

  8. babine

    I have the same problem as GeloN ; service is installed and in auto but not starting at boot. Tried reinstalling and with admin privileges, no change (NOPI DUC v3.0.0b and Windows 7 64bits)

  9. fishbonepw

    Hello, the same thing happens to me as well with the new update client, after I check the “run as system service” checkbox and click on Ok, I get the same error message as GeloN. I’m posting a screenshot as well sending an e-mail to beta [at] no-ip [dot] com also providing some information.
    Hope it will get fixed soon, looking forward into no-ip!

    Thanks for the great services!

    here are the screenshots:

  10. ddurrer

    Try out version 3.0.1b. Its over on the downloads page.

  11. ddurrer

    Wow, nobody has ever asked to check less often. I’ll see about getting them to add the interval selector back into version 3.0

  12. Bad One

    I have the same problem with ver. 3.0.1. The service is set to ‘automatic’ but it doesn’t start in Windows XP. Re-installing the program does not fix it unless I uninstall it first, then re-install it. Then it works for a while again but eventually goes back to not starting. Then I have to repeat the uninstall, install again.

  13. Bad One

    Correction to last post: I am using ver. 3.0.4. Also, if I start the service manually I get an error message.

  14. We are currently working on a patched version for the 3.x client. The new version should be up in a few weeks. I would suggest that person open a trouble ticket. Windows XP one should work fine…

  15. Bad One

    Follow up to last post: I installed ver. 2.2.1 and so far it is working fine as a windows service 😉 .

  16. Evgeny

    I get problems with ver. 3.0.4 on windows server 2008 r2 64bit. service do not start. i tried ver. 2.2.1 and everything is o.k. thanks to Bad One.

  17. I am sorry to hear about your issues with the DUC. Please open a support ticket and someone will be happy to assist you. Thanks!

  18. no-ip cant not running as a windows service in windows server 2008 plz help

  19. Please open a support ticket and we will be happy to help you!

  20. F3TI STAR

    Hi.I have a BIG problem with duc 3.0. When Im trying to log in it says: An error occured, please verify username and password. What should I do now?

  21. malek

    i have a problem y DUC keep telling me ‘an error occured reqeust timed out

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