NANOG Conference in San Diego

I recently got back from the NANOG 54 (North American Network Operators’ Group) Conference in San Diego. It was a 4 day long conference filled with tons of information and collaborations for making the Internet a better place. It was a great opportunity to mingle with industry insiders and learn some new network techniques.

There was information on emerging trends on DDoS attacks, the controversial take down of Kim Dotcom, and how it had little to no effect on slowing down file sharing. (If they can’t get it one place, they will find it somewhere else) and we also got into a pretty heated debate about DNSSEC.

All in all it was a great time and it will help us improve our services we provide to you and help us stay as a leader in the DNS industry.


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  1. What was the consensus of the San Diego attendees regarding the transition to IPv6?

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