World’s Largest Free Dynamic DNS Provider

Did you know that we are now the World’s Largest Free Dynamic DNS Provider? We are proud to say that we have been offering reliable, free dynamic DNS since 1999. Our Free Dynamic DNS ¬†includes not just 1, but 3 entirely FREE hostnames, no commitment required. Our free hostnames even come with a bunch of cool domains to choose from like, and many more! We hate to toot our own horn, but BEEP – BEEP.

What can you do with those 3 free hostnames though?

1. Love to play videogames? Play with easily with your friends by setting up your own video game server.

2. Have a pet, or someone at your home while you are at work or away? Setup a web camera and easily monitor your home remotely via the web. With DNS you will be able to point your dynamic IP address (one that changes and is not static) to an easy to remember URL to reach your camera.

3. Run your own FTP or email server from your home even if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks port 80.

4. Access your computer remotely. Need to access your computer from work or while you are away? Access your computer even if your dynamic IP address has changed recently.

So, instead of spending tons of money a year on a static IP address, or paying for a bunch of extra features you don’t need with the other guys, why not just sign up for a free dynamic DNS account with No-IP? Sign Up today! Need more hostnames than 3 or would you like DNS on your very own domain? Check out our Enhanced DNS or our Plus DNS services as well!