No-IP Upgrades

No-IP engineers have been working hard making tons of No-IP upgrades!

Over the past few months, we have upgraded our network hardware and servers and have added more load balancers to balance traffic more efficiently.  This quarter of a million dollar expansion will bring a quicker, more reliable  service to you that is able to transmit and handle a much higher load of capacity!

To our 11 million users,  thanks again for choosing us!!! We hope you like all of the No-IP Upgrades!

  1. Raymond

    NO-IP, you had never let us down on the excellent service. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you so much for you comment!

  3. David

    No-IP is one of those organizations you forget about – in over 5 years they have never failed me – not once – and for that reason they are almost always below the radar! Thank you No-IP for faultless service.

  4. Ghione Bartolomeo

    I’m using NO-IP from many years. It works very well, Perfect ! No problems.

  5. Alex

    Thank you. From Russia with love 😀

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