What is the Difference Between a CNAME Record, A Record, and Redirect?

An A record is the actual record. The name is resolved to the corresponding IP address.

An example of this is www.no-ip.com resolves to

CNAME records (short for short for canonical name) map your hostname to another hostname. It is useful for pointing many hosts to the same place and updating them easily.

An example of this is:

www.no-ip.com to www.noip.com

This is a CNAME record because even though the domains are different, they still go to exactly the same place and follow the same rules that are in place.

Redirects are like CNAME records in a way, but different.  Use a redirect if you want one domain to redirect to another.

An example of this is:

www.yourwebsite.com redirects to yourblog.blog.com

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  1. Tommy

    I am not sure what the difference is between a CNAME and a REDIRECT. Please give more details on how a REDIRECT works.

  2. Hello There,

    I wanted to redirect my website to www version, and I have been told that i can add a records to point both french-recipes.net and http://www.french-recipes.net to the same IP address which i have done and it’s workign ok! but I wanna know if this will cause any issue in the future? and am i suppose to add cname instead of a record for doing this?




  3. If speaking about REDIRECT your browser switches to the redirected domain and you can see it in a while in a browser`s address line instead of the one you put initially. In a case of using ALIAS a browser`s address line does not change.

  4. Thanks for your help it is much appreciated

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