WINNERS of Enhanced Dynamic DNS for a Lifetime

Last week, we launched our awesome new commercials, along with a contest that promised 3 lucky No-IP users the chance to win a lifetime of Enhanced Dynamic DNS.

Enhanced Dynamic DNS is the perfect solution for someone that has a dynamic IP address and wants to run their own server, remote access their home or office, or even monitor an IP camera from afar.

After thousands of comments, likes, tweets and shares, we are ready to announce the 3 winners of a lifetime of Enhanced Dynamic DNS.

drumroll please………..

Snotty Ron Andrew Pitchford
Whirly Bird Jordan Desmet
Party Favor: The Tattoo Kid  Roger

Youtube WInner


A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated, watched, shared and was possibly grossed out by our videos. (I still can’t eat cupcakes)
If you are one of the 3 lucky winners, please send your No-IP username, or email address that you use to manage your No-IP account to ngoguen-lifetime(at)no-ip(dot)com

Don’t be too sad if you didn’t win. In honor of the contest, we are offering 3 years of Enhanced Dynamic DNS for the price of 2!
Use coupon code: VIDEO342 at checkout! Follow this link to easily sign into your account and checkout.
hint, hint- this offer is VALID on renewals, which NEVER happens (Expires 10/4/2013, management reserves all rights)

  1. What a time to be stuck with no cash… :: bangs head repeatedly against hard object ::

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