Valentines For the Tech Nerd in Your Life

Although a fancy dinner or a giant bouquet of flowers is nice, small gestures of affection can still create romantic feelings. Send a Developer, Coder, or Programmer in your life a little bit of love their way with our Valentine’s Day memes! Happy Valentine’s Day from the No-IP team – We hope these spark a

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You Shall Not Pass! General Tips and Tricks to Password Creation and Safety

How often have we created a new username and password on the fly? Creating credentials is a standard part of our daily lives as we download more apps, subscribe to more platforms, and open new accounts. There are common practices that people follow when creating a new password. For example, make it easy to remember

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The Magic of Port Forwarding – What is it and How Does it Work?

There is something about starting a new year that creates hope: you might look forward to new leaps and bounds in your start-up, want to finish your degree, or better organize your life. The same energy can be applied to better manage your IP network. It doesn’t matter if you are a certified Network Admin

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Phenomenal! Results for No-IP’s Annual Food Drive

Out of this world! The No-IP team and our generous users donated over $11,500 to our Holiday Season 2022 Virtual Food Drive for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada! This surpasses our last goal by over $6,500! The No-IP team also had a friendly bet going to get the donations started: Jason Puccinelli, our VP

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5 Days of No-IP – Day 5

5-days-of-no-ip-5Day 5 of 5 our “5 Days of No-IP” giveaway ends with a chance to win a $200 No-IP Credit! To enter, you must become a member of our Referral Program. Simply fill out the form below, click the link to join the program and you will be entered to win! Are you already a member of our Referral Program? Simply fill out the form below and send us an email, and we will add you to the giveaway. (Email is: press(at)noip(dot)com)

Please note: One entry per person, and 5 winners will be chosen; management reserves all rights.

5 Days of No-IP Giveaway – Day 5

Day 4 of 5 Days of No-IP

Day 3 – 5 Days of No-IP

Day 2 – 5 Days of No-IP

day 2 - 5 days of no-ipDay 2 kicks off with a 15% Coupon Code that is valid on RENEWALS! This is our last renewal sale of the year, so don’t wait, add the code during checkout to save big!

Coupon Code: DAY2




5 Days of No-IP – Day 1

5 days of no-ip - day 1Day 1 of 5 our “Days of No-IP” giveaway kicks off with a chance to win a $100 No-IP Credit! To enter, simply fill out the form below. Please note: One entry per person, 5 winners will be chosen; Management reserves all rights.

Remember: Check the page each day to find out what other prizes and steals we have to offer to celebrate this holiday season.

5 Days of No-IP Giveaway – Day 1

5 Days of No-IP Giveaways – Sneak Peak

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and because of that, we are launching our 5 Days of No-IP Sales and Giveaways. Each day from December 20-24, our website will feature a different sale or giveaway. You will have a chance to win No-IP credits and save on some awesome No-IP services. Be sure

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