Streamlining Remote Access with Dynamic DNS: A Guide to Using No-IP for Hassle-Free Connectivity

Using Dynamic DNS with a service like No-IP can be a helpful solution for businesses that need to access their networks remotelyWith its easy setup, reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, No-IP is a great choice for home users and businesses of all sizes.

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End of an Era: Saying Goodbye to Internet Explorer

While the retirement of Internet Explorer marks the end of an era, it also represents a new chapter in the evolution of web browsers. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see new web browsers emerge and evolve, providing users with even better and more secure ways to access and interact with the internet.

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Switching to No-IP: A Reliable Alternative in the Wake of the Oracle / Dyn DNS Outage

oracle dyn dns outage

The recent Oracle / Dyn DNS outage has caused frustration and inconvenience for many businesses and individuals who rely on DNS services to keep their websites and applications accessible. For those affected by the outage, it has become clear that relying on a single DNS provider can be risky. In the wake of the outage,

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Meet Jason: Our VP of Operations and a Key Driver of No-IP’s Success – An Employee Spotlight Blog

Jason Puccinelli and his wife, Tammy, taking in the scenic views on a beautiful hike. We are delighted to introduce you to one of our valuable team members, Jason Puccinelli, who has been with No-IP for seven years as the Vice President of Operations. As a seasoned leader, Jason brings a wealth of experience and

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Protecting Your Website and Your Visitors: The Importance of SSL Certificates

Our last blog for the “Refresher” series is about something that offers the most underestimated layer of security: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates. What Are They? SSL Certificates are data files that create an encrypted and private connection between the web server and the web browser. However, SSL Certificates do a lot more than that:

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Valentines For the Tech Nerd in Your Life

Although a fancy dinner or a giant bouquet of flowers is nice, small gestures of affection can still create romantic feelings. Send a Developer, Coder, or Programmer in your life a little bit of love their way with our Valentine’s Day memes! Happy Valentine’s Day from the No-IP team – We hope these spark a

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You Shall Not Pass! General Tips and Tricks to Password Creation and Safety

How often have we created a new username and password on the fly? Creating credentials is a standard part of our daily lives as we download more apps, subscribe to more platforms, and open new accounts. There are common practices that people follow when creating a new password. For example, make it easy to remember

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The Magic of Port Forwarding – What is it and How Does it Work?

There is something about starting a new year that creates hope: you might look forward to new leaps and bounds in your start-up, want to finish your degree, or better organize your life. The same energy can be applied to better manage your IP network. It doesn’t matter if you are a certified Network Admin

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Phenomenal! Results for No-IP’s Annual Food Drive

Out of this world! The No-IP team and our generous users donated over $11,500 to our Holiday Season 2022 Virtual Food Drive for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada! This surpasses our last goal by over $6,500! The No-IP team also had a friendly bet going to get the donations started: Jason Puccinelli, our VP

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5 Days of No-IP – Day 5

5-days-of-no-ip-5Day 5 of 5 our “5 Days of No-IP” giveaway ends with a chance to win a $200 No-IP Credit! To enter, you must become a member of our Referral Program. Simply fill out the form below, click the link to join the program and you will be entered to win! Are you already a member of our Referral Program? Simply fill out the form below and send us an email, and we will add you to the giveaway. (Email is: press(at)noip(dot)com)

Please note: One entry per person, and 5 winners will be chosen; management reserves all rights.

5 Days of No-IP Giveaway – Day 5