Government Control of Internet Off Table For Now

Today, the House of Representatives voted unanimously for the Internet to “remain free from government control.”

“Whereas given the importance of the Internet to the global
economy, it is essential that the Internet remain stable,
secure, and free from government control;”

This is quite exciting news, especially since we have seen so many controversial Internet bills pass through the House this past year. This may just be a small step for the Internet, but hopefully, it paves a way for the future in keeping the Internet free of control. You can read the entire Resolution here. What are your thoughts on this Resolution? Are you surprised to see that it was voted for unanimously? I sure was.

One Comment.
  1. Hmm…just read the resolution. I’m going to postulate that this is a political maneuver. In my understanding, the Internet today is largely controlled by the US. The ITU will very likely seek to end that, among other things, and the US government is taking steps to prevent this from happening. Most nations have already expressed dissatisfaction in the past with the US’s “unfair” influence over the Internet. Also, keep in mind, this is a resolution, not a law.

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