7 Quick Ways to Make Your Windows Computer Faster and Perform Better Now


Every so often, your computer can seem like it is from the stone age.

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5 Ways to Choose a Domain if Your Top Choice is Taken


You’ve analyzed your great idea from top to bottom, worked through your business plan and are finally ready to take the leap and launch your new business.

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7 Things to Do If You Suspect Your Email Has Been Hacked

email hacking image

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you receive a text or call from a friend: “uh… i just got an email from you trying to sell me viagra.”

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Did You Know?

pop 3/ imap email management

Did you know that Internet users send 294 billion emails each day?

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Eight Keyboard Shortcuts To Work More Efficiently


If you aren’t using keyboard shortcuts, you should start now.

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Minecraft 1.3 Patch Update : Port Number No Longer Needed On URL


In the 1.3 patch for Minecraft, there is an awesome workaround…

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Tips • How To Make Your Wireless Network Faster

What’s the point of paying for an ultra fast internet connection if your wireless network isn’t up to snuff? Follow these tips to make sure your wireless network is as fast as it can be.

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Free Subdomain / Hostname with Our Free Dynamic DNS

Did you know that with No-IP Free Dynamic DNS, you don’t need to worry about your annoying dynamic IP address anymore?

Our Free DDNS points a free subdomain (hostname) to your dynamic IP address. This means you don’t need to remember your IP address or worry about it changing when you are leaving the house. It also means that you don’t need to give your IP address out in order for people outside your network to access your network, you simply give them your free subdomain / hostname and that’s that.

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How to Setup a Home FTP Server with a Dynamic IP Address

FTP sites (which stands for File Transfer Protocol) are great for file sharing and the ability to access and edit files remotely over an IP-based network.   You can easily download music, videos, and other large files that would normally be impossible to share via email. The only trouble is many ISPs only offer dynamic IP addresses, making it nearly

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[TIP] Register Your Own Domain Name

I just recently read a case that is currently being disputed in court. The claim? The complainant, TCR Business Systems, asserts that the Respondent (a former employee) registered a domain (under their direction) and the respondent is now claiming ownership of that domain.  The problem? TCR says that the respondent was told to register the domain,

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